Super Son-in-law Chapter 2793-2794

Chapter 2793

“Can we solve this problem?” Lin Yan looked a little sad, these were all her students ah.

Lin Hao nodded, “It’s easy to solve this problem, but treating the symptoms is not the root of the problem, this girl is also dragged into this because of me. Those people who want to mess with me want to use her as a lead ah.”

Lin Yan instantly realized, she had been involved before, so she naturally knew what Lin Hao meant by that, those mysterious people, although she had never really come into contact with them, she knew how powerful they were.

Lin Yan also wondered a little, how could those mysterious people have the guts to deal with Lin Hao, a man that even the gods needed to look up to? The key deities were all afraid of Lin Hao, so it should be easy for Lin Hao to tackle those mysterious men.

Lin Yan didn’t dare to ask, even if he did Lin Hao wouldn’t answer, it wasn’t a question of the same nature and he was subject to many restrictions, moreover Lin Hao felt that this Heavenly Dao Palace was deliberately left to himself to play with.

With that guy Chen Bei Xuan’s ability, even if he didn’t know the exact location of the Heaven’s Path Palace, he definitely knew about the existence of this organisation.

Lin Hao walked over to Chen Yuan’s desk, her desk mate covered her mouth to keep herself from crying out in shock, and gently poked Chen Yuan with her elbow.

But the table next to him was so anxious, didn’t you want to see Mr. Lin Hao so badly? You, now Mr. Lin Hao is here, but you can’t wake up, what is this matter?

Lin Hao gently shook his head towards her deskmate, the spiritual qi in his body converged from his limbs and bones to his hands, Lin Hao gently placed his hands on Chen Yuan’s head, his five fingers lightly and softly ma*saging Chen Yuan’s head, in fact, he used this way to transfer the spiritual qi into Chen Yuan’s body.

At the same time? Xiyi Sei Zha Lu Yi Shan Zha? It shook away the Yin Qi in her body, but there seemed to be something inside her that was producing a constant stream of Yin Qi. Although it shook away the Yin Qi in her body, there was still a constant stream of Yin Qi that appeared, albeit slowly, but in a few days, she would have to return to this situation again.

Lin Hao searched around and could not find the root cause of the Yin Qi, so Lin Hao had to give up, even if he could only treat the symptoms but not the root cause, he had to restore her state first.

Everyone was holding their breath as they watched this scene, and many of the girls were even more envious.

Chen Yuan’s body trembled gently and woke up with a cry.

Is Mr. Lin’s ma*sage so divine?

If Lin Hao couldn’t even solve this little problem, then he wouldn’t deserve to be so admired and feared by those gods.

Chen Yuan woke up leisurely and felt a hand on her head pressing her head, Chen Yuan subconsciously lifted her head, only to see Lin Hao who she had been longing for day and night, Chen Yuan was instantly confused and froze in place.

This girl’s pale pretty face, coupled with her dumb look, was simply too stupid to be true.

“This didn’t even wake up? Looks like the pressing didn’t work, no more pressing.” Lin Hao laughed.


Chen Yuan jerked awake, shrieked, and hugged Lin Hao’s waist all of a sudden, so excited that she cried, “Wooo, Teacher Lin Hao, I thought I’d never see you again!”

“What should I do, oooh, Xiao Yuan is going to die, Xiao Yuan is afraid that she won’t be able to see Teacher Lin once before she dies.”

Lin Hao: ????

What the hell are you talking about? Is it that stupid?

Besides, what’s the point of seeing me just to die? It would be better to spend more time with my parents.

“What are you talking about, you idiot? Just now the teacher pressed the acupuncture point on the top of your head, feel it yourself, did you feel better all of a sudden?” Lin Hao scolded with a smile.

Chen Yuan was dumbfounded, felt it carefully and let out a surprised cry, “Hey, it really seems like it! It’s not that uncomfortable anymore.”

After saying that Chen Yuan shook her head in a serious manner again, “But Xiao Yuan doesn’t feel like that, Xiao Yuan must be dying, just because she was happy to see Teacher Lin Hao, it created the illusion that she was already well, I’m returning to the light, it’s over, Xiao Yuan will really never see Teacher Lin Hao again.”


Chapter 2794

Lin Hao was made to cry and laugh by Chen Yuan’s sudden reversal, what a return to light, little girl, you know a lot!

“Alright, seeing how pitiful you are, teacher take pity on you, let’s go, teacher treat you to one last meal to see you off.” Lin Hao said without good humour.

Next to her, Lin Yan however glared at Lin Hao, the little girl was sad to what extent, you still have the heart to joke?

“Huh …… envy the individual.” The cla*smates next to him were up in arms, with real envy in their hearts.

Chen Yuan raised her head in surprise and weakly looked at Lin Hao: “Is it really the last meal? Can I hold on a bit longer and die later, it’s good to have one more meal.”


Lin Yan and the others were all amused by Chen Yuan, even her tablemates were laughing their heads off.

Chen Yuan was just a bit stupid, but not silly, and reacted with some wonder, could she really not die?

But all this time, she had felt like she was going to be finished, dead, countless times.

But now she feels fine and is more energetic than she was before she got sick, so she’s not going to die? Is she going to die? The first time I saw it, I felt like I was going to die, right?

The first time I thought of this, I was so nervous for Chen Yuan that I looked at Lin Hao with tears in my eyes, “Teacher Lin Hao, if I don’t die, you won’t stop eating with me, right?”

Lin Hao held his forehead speechlessly, “Why are you focusing on something strange? I’m really convinced by you too.”

“Come on, I’ll take you home first.” Lin Hao was rendered speechless by this stupid girl, and said hello to Lin Yan, so that if he didn’t get back in time for the afternoon PE cla*s, he would first switch with another teacher.

Chen Yuan, however, was still confused when her tablemate poked her before Chen Yuan jumped up with a shriek, grabbed her school bag and ran happily out of the cla*sroom towards Lin Hao.

Because Lin Hao had come to school by taxi, it wasn’t time for school to end, so naturally Xu Lin didn’t come to school either.

Luckily, Lin Yan knew that Lin Hao hadn’t driven over and handed his car keys to Lin Hao, who took a look at the car keys and exclaimed, “Lin Yan, rich people.”

“Bah, do you want a face you?” Lin Yan rolled her eyes, not bothering to pay attention to him, there was no such irritation, as far as Lin Hao was concerned, he was not the one who lacked money.

Lin Hao asked Chen Yuan quite a few questions along the way, such as who she had been in contact with recently, or what strange people she had come into contact with, however, this Chen Yuan guy was still dizzy in the head, answering the wrong questions, and couldn’t come up with any answers even after half a day of asking.

This made Lin Hao really depressed.

He couldn’t even ask this stupid girl about her birth date and simply shut up, but Chen Yuan was happy, chattering like an oriole that couldn’t stop.

Lin Hao finally arrived at the Chen family’s villa. Just after entering the villa, Lin Hao could see at a glance that something was wrong with the Chen family, and that someone had tampered with it! The villa was surrounded by Yin Qi, and the four directions, southeast and northwest, had all been placed under someone’s hands, and the Yin Qi surrounded and enveloped the entire villa.

In such a situation, even the strongest person would have to be constantly eroded to the end of the ball, it seemed that the other party had not just made a move on Chen Yuan this time, but had bet on the entire Chen family.

Lin Hao could see that something was wrong, but could not find a solution for the time being, the other party had laid the Yin gathering formation, but if he could not find the eye of the formation, the formation could not be broken.

“What’s wrong teacher Lin Hao? You’re not going to back out, are you?” Chen Yuan was thinking of having a meal with Lin Hao, she hadn’t had a meal with him yet, she had arrived at home and saw that Lin Hao was not willing to go in, she was afraid that Lin Hao would regret it again.

Lin Hao to this girl whole speechless, but also quite good, too smart instead of good, add trouble.

He also wanted to ask Lin Hao for help. The Chen family’s matter was originally solved by Lin Hao.

The Chen family’s matter was originally resolved by Lin Hao’s help, but this time the matter could not be solved by other people, and he also looked for Lin Hao, but by coincidence, he was wrong.

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