Super Son-in-law Chapter 2795-2796

Chapter 2795

Xu Lin was also embarra*sed to look for Lin Hao again, feeling that Lin Hao was deliberately avoiding them and did not want to get involved.

Who knew that today Chen Yuan had brought Lin Hao home, making Xu Lin that happy, it seemed that Xiao Yuan still had great face.

“Mr. Lin, welcome, it’s great that you’re here.” Xu Lin excitedly shook Lin Hao’s hand.

“Uncle Xu Lin, aren’t my parents home?” Chen Yuan couldn’t hear her parents move, the whole Chen family was cold and lifeless.

“Your parents have gone to work, so they have so much time to stay at home all the time, you go in first, I have some things to talk to your teacher Lin.” Xu Lin was full of helplessness, but he didn’t dare to say anything too heavy to Chen Yuan, after all, among the Chen family, the most serious one was Chen Yuan ah.

However, Xu Lin could also see that Chen Yuan was now in a much better condition, her physique was all a bit better, her face had some blood in it and looked a lot rosier, Xu Lin naturally knew that this was due to Lin Hao.

“Okay right, then Mr. Lin Hao, I will go to the kitchen to prepare the food first, you are not allowed to run away later oh.” Chen Yuan was still afraid that if she wasn’t here, Lin Hao would take the opportunity to leave directly after chatting with Xu Lin, she had managed to catch Lin Hao with great difficulty.

Xu Lin looked at Chen Yuan and then at Lin Hao with some surprise, a little confused as to what this was all about.

After Lin Hao nodded, Chen Yuan happily walked into the villa. The moment Chen Yuan stepped into the villa, Lin Hao’s eyes suddenly narrowed.

Lin Hao was shocked to realise that he had found the eye of the formation! Chen Yuan was the eye of the formation! And the true formation eye that allowed Chen Yuan to move the entire formation was the thing that was constantly generating Yin Qi within her body.

Now well, the formation had been found and the eye of the formation had been discovered, but Lin Hao was still embarra*sed when he was still unable to do anything about it.

Because Lin Hao had checked twice before and knew that something was messing with her body, but couldn’t find out exactly what the messing thing was!

“What’s wrong Mr. Lin, is it that you can see what’s going on?” Xu Lin noticed the change in Lin Hao’s demeanour and hurriedly enquired.

Lin Hao shook his head helplessly and did not reply.

Xu Lin sighed and told Lin Hao that in fact, these days, the Chen family was quite miserable, in fact, Chen Lin’s parents had not gone to work, but were in hospital.

Lin Hao glanced at Xu Lin and expressed his understanding, he could see that with such a dense Yin villa, it was natural to have problems after living in it for a long time, Xu Lin’s situation was also a bit serious now, his breath was a bit weak.

The servants in this villa had either been sent away or something had happened, otherwise it wouldn’t be so cold and lifeless, after all, even Xu Lin had problems now, and if it wasn’t for the rich spiritual energy supporting him, I’m afraid he wouldn’t even dare to live here.

Originally, he wanted to take Chen Yuan out of the villa so that she would not continue to live here, but strangely enough, as long as Chen Yuan did not spend the night in the villa, she would be in pain, even as if she was enduring boundless torture.

But as Chen Yuan’s body became weaker and weaker day by day, it was heartbreaking for everyone to watch.

The good thing is that today Lin Hao came, Chen Yuan’s situation has improved, although now Lin Hao is not able to solve the problem of this family for the time being, at least alleviate the problem ah.

“Someone has moved around this villa, the problem is a bit troublesome, can you contact Chen Lao? Ask him to give me the family’s birth date and eight characters, I’ll see if I can find out what the problem is.” Lin Hao couldn’t decide either, he was just afraid of forcing the formation without permission and causing harm to others, that would be more than worth the loss.

“Okay, everything is under Mr. Lin’s arrangement, wait a little while I will go and make a? Yi Yi Er Di Zero Ai Yi Xi? phone call.” Xu Lin was so excited that he hurriedly went to call Chen Youde.

Lin Hao was unaware that in a shadowy corner of a villa not far from the Chen family villa, there were three pairs of grim eyes staring straight at him.

“Hehe, he really found out the problem and learnt two hands from Wang Sledgehammer, but even if it’s Wang Sledgehammer himself, he can’t have a huge achievement in the short term, this formation is to test his depth, give it to him to break, can he break it!” The man in black in the middle had a gloomy and cold gaze, and his words were full of disdain for Lin Hao.


Chapter 2796

“Ninth Senior Uncle himself, he wants to break it too? Are you kidding, if we talk about fighting we may not be his opponent, but when it comes to deduction and formation, our Heavenly Dao Palace is the true ancestor, he, ah, is far from it.” The two black-clothed men next to him said in successive compliments.

On Lin Hao’s side, he had already obtained the birthdate of the three Chen family members, and after a burst of deduction through the birthdate, Lin Hao’s face became more and more gloomy, Mud, these guys are really bad!

They had set up a yin formation here, and they had even set Chen Yuan as the eye of the formation, but they had even forcibly changed the fate of the three Chen family members, and Chen Yuan had automatically become a person with a yin fate, complementing the formation.

To put it bluntly, Chen Yuan became part of the formation, and the formation could not exist without Chen Yuan, who was also inseparable from the formation.

If time goes by, Chen Yuan will be drained by the formation and killed.

The key to breaking the formation lies in Chen Yuan, but if he wants to break the formation, he will have to change Chen Yuan’s fate against the heavens and change her destiny back, which would undoubtedly be tampering with her destiny again, not to mention the consequences of this, and Lin Hao alone is not capable of doing this at the moment!

The key is to do so, obviously against the will of Heaven, the repercussions may not only be his Lin Hao, but also the entire Chen family, that’s why Lin Hao cursed these b*****ds for their lack of virtue.

Lin Hao gritted his teeth, “D*mn you, if you’re so immoral, then let’s get you guys into some trouble! I don’t want you b*****ds to think that I’m really this? I don’t want you b*****ds to think that I am really this? So easy to bully!

Lin Hao took out the ram’s horn hammer, recited the incantation and started pacing back and forth in the four directions of the villa, and in one direction where the Yin energy was the densest, Lin Hao waved the small hammer and gave him a hard blow.

When the hammer came into contact with the Yin Qi, it rose several times and became the size of a normal hammer. When Lin Hao hit the hammer hard, there was a muffled sound, as if something had suddenly been hammered, and the sound was very dull!

A hammer came from all four directions, and for a while the Yin Qi around the whole villa was shaken away a lot, but Lin Hao didn’t take it well either.

Every time the hammer went down, it was as if he had hammered a big hammer into his own heart door, could it be that this was the backlash of forcibly breaking the formation?

This time was also the first time that Lin Hao and these guys had exchanged a handful of blows by the same means.

The moment the final hammer fell, Lin Hao’s body shook tremendously and a mouthful of blood sprayed all over the ram’s horn hammer, which absorbed the blood Lin Hao spewed out in a fiery manner, and a faint fluorescent light shone even more on it, glowing crystal clear and emitting a surplus of precious light.

Lin Hao wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth, “What this guy left me is really a treasure, this blood was not in vain, it was worth it!”


As Lin Hao spat out blood, the three people hiding in the shadowy corner of the villa not far away, staring at the Chen family villa, all spat out a mouthful of blood at the same time, and their breath abruptly shriveled up.

They were all terrified, especially the middle one, Tian Lao Jiu, who couldn’t care less about the blood gushing out of his mouth as he cursed in a low voice in terror: “Wang Sledgehammer son of a b*tch! He gave him the ancestral hammer of the Wang family, isn’t that a scoundrel? Is he not able to play, gra*s, don’t play if you can’t afford it!”

“It’s a good thing this kid isn’t very good at this, otherwise if this fell into his hands, none of us would be able to escape today! Let’s leave here and move at night, report this up, the elders will definitely not let go of the rule-breaking Wang Sledgehammer!” Gritting his teeth and holding his breath, Tian Lao Jiu finished his words and left first without looking back.

There was no other way, if he held on any longer, it wouldn’t be as simple as spewing a mouthful of blood later.

It was true that Lin Hao couldn’t break this formation, but if he acted like this a few more times, the formation would not be broken, but they would be ruined.

Once they were ruined, wouldn’t the formation break itself?

Therefore, they had to strategically retreat first and wait until Lin Hao left at night to remove the formation.

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