Super Son-in-law Chapter 2797-2798

Chapter 2797

Lin Hao was completely unaware of these things, and was currently worried there.

The difference between himself and the person who had set up the formation was not ordinary, and just now he was barely able to hold on by relying on the treasure left by Wang Sledgehammer.

Xu Lin was pleasantly surprised to find that the gloomy aura around him had improved a lot and was not as gloomy as before. It seemed that what Lin Hao was fiddling with was having an effect.

Xu Lin excitedly went to look for Lin Hao, only to find him in the backyard holding the wall, getting up and shushing, wiping the blood from the corner of his mouth, while there was still a puddle of crimson blood on the ground, obviously just vomited.

This scared Xu Lin enough to rush over and help Lin Hao: “Mr. Lin, what’s wrong? Did someone attack you? How did you get it so badly!”

“I’m fine, it’s not serious. This situation of the Chen family is somewhat alleviated, there is not much of a problem for now, but my solution is also the original solution to treat the symptoms but not the root cause, it will only last for a while.” Lin Hao was quite helpless, Wang Sledgehammer was afraid that he would be too greedy to chew, so he didn’t dare to give him too much learning of the art of celestial calculation at once.

Now he was relying on the only six-non finger, and this little ram’s horn hammer to hold up the scene.

“Then, Mr. Lin, the next time you do this. Just ask you to come through again, is that what you mean?”

Hearing Xu Lin say this, Lin Hao spurted out a mouthful of old blood again, do you think you can’t die if you spit up some blood again after a while or what?

You can’t make people feel this way!

With this hammer, Lin Hao clearly felt that the surrounding forces were gradually receding, the four-way formation was not as strong, and the surrounding Yin Qi was dispersed.

Lin Hao raised his hand in a flash, tapping his fingers together and quickly began to deduce.

Lin Hao turned around expansively and looked towards the villa where Tian Lao Jiu had just been hiding, his gaze revealed a look of realization, “So it’s nearby, it seems to be a first encounter with the Heavenly Dao Palace, I never thought that I, Lin Hao, would one day be able to fight with someone across the sky.”

The initial encounter had taken a considerable advantage, although he himself had suffered a backlash and was badly injured, he thought that the other party was no better, otherwise with Lin Hao’s current deduction level, it would have been impossible to deduce the other party’s traces.

Lin Hao wielded his hammer once more and was about to hammer down when a sudden disturbance of Yin Qi surged around him.


Chen Yuan’s miserable scream suddenly came from inside the room, scaring Lin Hao’s hand to shake and hurriedly put the hammer away.

It still didn’t work, if they wanted to break the formation, they had to disarm the formation eye, otherwise there was no way to deal with this matter.

“Bunch of sons of b*tches.” Lin Hao put the hammer away and ran into the villa with Xu Lin, finding Chen Yuan muddy? Serving closed cover Ai Yi Er Yi? lying in the living room covered in blood.

Xu Lin was so frightened that he hastily picked up the dust rim and put his aura into Chen Yuan’s body desperately. Lin Hao looked at Xu Lin in surprise, how come this Xu Lin felt more worried about her than Chen Yuan her father?

Lin Hao looked into Chen Yuan’s body and quickly stopped Xu Lin, “Elder brother Xu, hurry up and stop, if you keep pouring spiritual qi into her endlessly, it will only burst her!”

Xu Lin’s body trembled, and only after Lin Hao’s reminder did he suddenly wake up and hastily stop channeling his spirit energy, he also reacted to the fact that Chen Yuan was only an ordinary person and could not withstand spirit energy at all, even his purest origin spirit energy.

Chen Yuan’s body was not seriously injured now. Just now, he should have broken the formation and triggered the agitation of the formation eye, which caused Chen Yuan’s injury.

Chen Yuan was still in a coma and had no intention of waking up.

Lin Hao was quite surprised, “Elder brother Xu has a great relationship with Xiao Yuan, huh?”

“I’m sorry to make Mr. Lin laugh, but Chen Youde was kind to me and once saved my life, and Xiao Yuan is the one I grew up with, and I’ve always treated her like my own daughter.” Xu Lin sighed, he just didn’t know who had offended him to treat the Chen family so badly.

Xu Lin also knew that it could also be because of Lin Hao, but it was not Lin Hao’s fault, rather Lin Hao had helped the Chen family a lot.


Chapter 2798

Let’s say that last time, after Lin Hao reminded him, Chen Youde mentioned? The ground Shanxi service dyeing the ground closed? It was only by withdrawing from the market beforehand that he avoided being sniped along with the Shui family, with all the shares becoming a bubble and going up in smoke.

Chen Youde left the field early, saving most of his strength, and later, with the help of Junmen Technology and Tianji Medicine, and the Lin En family a piece, jointly opened a new company, as long as these two giants do not target them, their two future value will certainly still have to grow ten times or even a hundred times, and become a real behemoth.

Of course, all this is an afterthought.

“Give me an address, I’ll go and see Old Brother Chen and the others, you stay home and look after this girl, her situation is still unstable right now, at least, I haven’t solved the problem with her yet.” Lin Hao was also quite helpless, although he had the treasure in hand, he had no clue to crack the formation eye on her body.

“Please trouble Mr. Lin.” Xu Lin handed Lin Hao the address where Mr. and Mrs. Chen Youde were hospitalised.

Lin Hao didn’t stop and went to the hospital to meet Chen Youde and his wife. Chen Youde was also quite surprised and excited to see Lin Hao, and when he learned that Chen Yuan’s condition had been relieved, the couple was so grateful that they got up from the hospital bed with great difficulty and kowtowed to Lin Hao.

Lin Hao couldn’t stop them, so he had to accept their big salute in the end.

Lin Hao found that the couple’s condition was not serious, as the root of the illness was not in them, but was only serious enough to warrant hospitalisation because they had been attacked by Yin Qi for a long time, and because they were ordinary people with weak bodies.

Lin Hao once again waved his hammer to disperse the Yin Qi in their bodies. The situation was solved almost instantly, and their faces slowly regained their redness.

Originally, Lin Hao suggested that they recuperate for a while, but the couple could not rest a*sured that Chen Yuan would not be able to go back, so they insisted on going back again.

As a parent, Lin Hao did not advise much, solved these things and rushed back to school.

Lin Hao sat in his own seat in the office, curiously playing with the small hammer in his hand, how he did not expect that such a small, seemingly unattractive thing, but also a treasure.

Lin Hao was even thinking, “If such a small thing is so powerful, then Wang Sledgehammer is too stingy to give the smallest one.

I didn’t know that the power of a good thing is not based on its size.

After looking over and over, Lin Hao suddenly noticed that the small hammer had three small characters in ancient seal script on the handle, which were already a bit blurred and could not be found if he did not look closely.

After careful identification, Lin Hao recognised the three words: Heaven-shaking Hammer!

“Such a small piece of crap, but it has a powerful and overbearing name.” Lin Hao couldn’t help but chuckle and tease, placing the small hammer in his hand like a spinning pen and playing with it.

“Lin Hao, it’s work time, where did you just run off to for so long? I’ve searched for you several times without finding you, and you ended up running here to play with the hammer?” Qin Yan’s cold voice rang out, the charm in her words was gone, as if she seemed to have regained her former high coolness and her body was full of the aura of a stranger not to be approached.

What’s wrong with playing with hammers?

But this appearance of Qin Yan, on the contrary, made Lin Hao feel much more comfortable: “Hey, this appearance of yours makes people much more comfortable, you don’t know how scary that appearance of yours before really was.”

Lin Hao sighed, although he didn’t know what the hell this woman was up to, it was definitely related to those b*****ds.

“I asked what you were doing there.”

“Something happened to Chen Yuan in cla*s 6, I sent her home and got delayed, do you need anything?” Lin Hao was a bit helpless, no matter what, this Qin Yan thing, he still couldn’t seem to escape from it.

One couldn’t avoid it at all!

“It’s still about my aunt.” Qin Yan’s tone became a few degrees colder.

Ding bell!

The cla*s bell rang abruptly, coincidentally it happened to be Qin Yan’s cla*s, Qin Yan coldly stared at Lin Hao: “Wait for me after school this afternoon, I need you to give me a reasonable explanation, I have the right to know the truth!”

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