Super Son-In-Law Chapter 2817-2818


Even Ao Dog’s pa*sive ignoring talent was useless, as long as she was within two meters of her, she had to suffer a piece of bad luck with her, as if there was a strong bad luck aura surrounding her within two meters.

“Bullsh*t, I’ll count you as a coward if you make it home by yourself! Hey, look, there’s a car.” Before Ao Dog could finish his sentence, he was surprised to find that a car was heading towards them, speeding over quickly.

Ling Yun saw the car in the distance getting closer and closer, its speed increasing instead of decreasing, its speed getting faster and faster, its engine emitting an ear-piercing roar, Ling Yun and Ao Dog’s faces changed drastically, “sh*t, no way, here we go again!”

They realised that something was wrong and ran to avoid it, but they were too anxious and tripped over their feet and fell down in the middle of the road with a thud, and the car was already close at hand.

It was over!


Ling Yun turned into a parabola and was directly knocked away by a distance of more than ten meters. Just in the nick of time when she was about to be hit, Ling Yun kicked Ao Dog away, which allowed Ao Dog to avoid a disaster.

Otherwise, if Ao Dog’s body strength were to be knocked out like this, he would have been killed.

Ling Yun was knocked out and the car rolled several times before toppling over underneath Ling Yun, who was knocked away and hung directly on the high voltage line.

A moment of real sparks with lightning, high-voltage power lines, ah, the fire splashed, burst a burst of ear-splitting roar, Ling Yun on the wire a straight jerk, every inch of skin is shaking violently, the body of the hair instantly scorched black smoke, and then a big fire.

Ling Yun couldn’t die, but the painful feeling of being furiously electrocuted by high voltage electricity was not lost at all. The painful torture lasted for a few minutes, she wanted to die but simply couldn’t hang up.

She wanted to die, but she couldn’t. Especially after her beautiful black hair went up in smoke in the firelight, Ling Yun’s heart was dead.

Shaking and trembling, Ling Yun fell from the high voltage power line and just smashed into the car that crashed into her, followed by an explosion that drowned the car and Ling Yun in the flames together.

“It’s over, this whole thing, it’s designated that it won’t survive.” Ao Dog, who was lying on the ground, saw this scene and involuntarily shivered, it was too frightening, this would not be a torture that people could bear.

However, it didn’t take long for a dark figure to walk out of the flames, like a superwoman coming out of a roaring fire, valiant!

Unfortunately, it was her image that was less than flattering, so dark that she looked like a Kenyan absentee.

Ling Yun walked towards Ao Dog step by step as if she had lost her mind.

“OMG, don’t you come over here!”

“Forget it, I’m scared, I promise you, you’d better go home by yourself, your body is resistant, my body is not, I’ll slip away.” Just now, Ao Dog was really scared.

The whole person was like a puppet on a string, walking forward step by step with a mute expression, suddenly crouching on the ground and crying with a headache as she walked.

“It’s gone, it’s gone, it’s gone, it’s my beautiful black hair.”

Ling Yun in grief in the suburbs roadside to give sleep, or by the pa*sing motorbike to crush awake, pain, Ling Yun straight jerk, but other than that, but no other feelings, hair is good than a woman’s life ah.

“My, my hair, it’s back?” Ling Yun stood up with a mute expression, but suddenly found that her hair had risen back overnight.

Ling Yun laughed loudly and jumped and jumped, excited like a child.

Ling Yun hadn’t been excited for long before she screamed in terror and ran away, rolling up her snakeskin bag to cover herself, even though she was so black that she couldn’t have been seen without anything on.

The reason why Ling Yun reacted so much was because she heard Lin Hao’s voice.

Lin Hao looked at Ling Yun at this moment with a dumbfounded face: “Ao Dog you didn’t lie to me? Chashan steak closed Lu Yi Shan Ai? Are you sure that this black thing is really Ling Yun?”

Chapter 2818

“How is it possible …… that Ling Yun could become like this? Dyeing the land Westland land er whisk? , don’t bullsh*t.” Even Shen Xiyan, who followed, was equally unconvinced.

Ao Dog just wanted to say something, but Ling Yun shrieked and hid, using a snakeskin bag to block her body, and hurriedly shouted, “I’m not, you guys are mistaken for someone else!”

“Holy sh*t! Is it really her?”

It was fine if Ling Yun didn’t open her mouth, but once she did, she instead made the couple confirm that this was Ling Yun.

Ao Dog stretched his hands helplessly, “Hell knows what kind of bad luck she went through after I left last night!”

Lin Hao looked at Ling Yun and finally understood why the Heavenly Dao Palace had suddenly released her, this was to put a time bomb around him.

Lin Hao pulled out a set of woman’s clothes from his consciousness space and walked over to give them to Ling Yun, what the hell, he had to put them on first.

These were Shen Xiyan’s clothes, the two of them had similar figures, so it was appropriate to wear them.

“Don’t you come over, don’t you come over!” Ling Yun hurriedly backed away, right now she was a complete disaster, whoever came near was unlucky.

Lin Hao shook his head and took the Heaven Shaking Hammer out, his right hand opened, the Heaven Shaking Hammer was spinning rapidly in Lin Hao’s hand, the potential around Ling Yun was suddenly stirred up, the bad luck around her body was also dispersed, not to mention that Lin Hao also had potential around him.

The two auras stirred together, and Ling Yun’s altered aura was also affected, appearing much more disordered, which in turn eased her bad luck attributes.

Lin Hao handed the clothes to Ling Yun: “Go wash in the river below first, here are the clothes, don’t worry, I broke the game just now, at least for today, you won’t be so unlucky for the time being.”

Ling Yun took the clothes over in faith, she had great trust in Lin Hao, but how can I put it, she still had some palpitations and was not very relieved.

After all, the previous experience had really cast a heavy psychological shadow over her.

After meeting Lin Hao’s sincere gaze for a long time, Ling Yun then nodded heavily.

Although her luck was still bad and she had a lot of bad luck, compared to how much the whole world was against her before, she was simply too happy now.

“Lin Hao, I feel like those b*****ds deliberately let me back just to use me against you.” With a bitter face, Ling Yun told Lin Hao that before letting her go, a very strong mysterious person had suddenly taken some blood from her body, as well as her hair.

And the moment these things were taken away by the other party, Ling Yun felt all out of sorts, shivering with cold, like she had lost her soul.

The problem was that it wasn’t like she had lost her soul. Spirit Rhyme had been around for years, and had a long history of understanding these evil ways.

The only thing they didn’t know about was the Heavenly Dao Palace. When the Immortal Court was around, the Heavenly Dao Palace didn’t dare to venture out and mete out a complete death.

Lin Hao shook his head, “I know, but don’t worry, come to me every day on time, with my current ability, there’s no way to completely cure your problem, but at least I can maintain this current condition of yours from getting worse.”

The corner of Ling Yun’s mouth twitched, “This is fine now, after all, you don’t even know how to take two steps …… ah ……”

Lin Hao turned around expansively, where was the person? How did people disappear?

Suddenly from the sewers came Ling Yun’s angry roar, “Lin Hao you son of a b*tch! You lied to me!”

The three of them looked at each other and Ao Dog shrugged, “Pedestrian, pedestrian. Don’t panic.”

In the following period of time, Lin Hao focused on solving Ling Yun’s problem, but the person who did it to Ling Yun was quite high in Daoism, Lin Hao had tried his best, but still failed to cure the problem, instead he suffered several repercussions and was quite lightly injured.

What killed him was that he had more contact with Ling Yun, and even when he was not around her, he was equally unlucky along with her.

Lin Hao had a headache enough, how come this thing was still contagious?

Another headache was that Qin Yan had resigned. The sudden departure of Qin Yan, who was nowhere to be found, did not even give Lin Hao the chance to apologize to the other party.

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