Super Son-In-Law Chapter 2833-2834

Chapter 2833

Lin Ruoshi even shouted, “Daddy is great, Daddy I love you!”

The people around also heard it, but no one said anything, after all, in these days, there is nothing strange about such a name ……

The only feeling is, this little girl is quite wild, others want to call him husband, but you open your mouth and call him daddy~! It’s pretty tough! “Thank you, thank you all for your support.” Lin Hao laughed, “I only found out two days ago that this girl sent me nine years of letters and tickets to her concerts, I didn’t expect that the girl who was so good at the beginning was so good now.”

“I feel like you’re lying to me, you’re afraid of misunderstanding.” Nan Ge, however, said sullenly.

Lin Hao shrugged helplessly, “That’s not really true, ask Lin En and the others if you don’t believe me, I’ve been away for ten years, no one can contact me, and now Old Jun and the others don’t even know I’m back, the only ones who know I’m back are those three or four people.”

“Wow, really da, I’m actually one of those three or four people. Suddenly happy again.” Nan Ge was happy like a child.

It was a joy to watch the fans too, wishing Nan Ge from the bottom of their hearts.

Some fans were even chanting in spite of themselves, “This? Serve Woo Dye Chak Dye Steak Ai Woo? We agree to the marriage! I invite you to get married in situ, as the boy and the girl are so beautiful!”

Some even chanted, “One kiss, one kiss!”

The corners of Lin Hao’s mouth twitched, and Nan Ge was dumbfounded as he spoke with a bitter smile, “Brother, do you think sister-in-law will make you kneel on a cactus when she finds out?”

“Cactus? Just kidding, I feel like I might be made to kneel on iron nails ……” Lin Hao cried and laughed.

The plot had suddenly reversed itself against all odds!

The fans were wooden, numb and dumbfounded!

What the hell?

A married man?


Their last names are completely different too!

Two people genuinely love each other they bless, but they really can’t accept their goddess being with a married man, not to mention that they don’t want their goddess to do something to destroy other people’s families!

Lin Hao picked up the microphone and flirted with a smile, “Are you guys thinking too much? This is a good friend of mine who I haven’t contacted for a long time, like my sister, and I’m bringing my daughter-in-law and daughter here today.”

“I mean, isn’t it only nine years since I accepted your goddess’s invitation to the concert? You guys don’t have to mess with me like that, do you? Going back is a matter of kneeling on iron spikes! Can you kneel on that thing?”

The scene burst into laughter, and what had been quite an awkward atmosphere was defused by Lin Hao’s three words, which also made everyone laugh.

Nan Ge also said with a smile, “Lin Hao is right, Lin Hao is my big brother, he has helped me a lot, it’s been ten years, sister-in-law and Xiao Shi are here, please come on stage together, I haven’t seen Xiao Shi for a long time, she should be a beautiful girl after ten years of absence, right?”

The spotlight hit Lin Hao’s spot just now once again, Shen Xiyan and Lin Ruoshi happily stood up and walked towards the stage.

Lin En looked away in embarra*sment, but Nan Ge still saw him, and Nan Ge immediately shouted, “Lin En, you son of a b*tch! Come up here, you liar, did you know that Brother Lin Hao was back before I did.”

“Nonsense, I didn’t, I wasn’t!” Lin En cried and laughed as he got up a piece and walked over.

The crowd laughed again, although Lin En was not a member of the circle, Nan Ge’s friends and fans were aware of Lin En’s existence, the two were quite close, occasionally appearing in Nan Ge’s Weibo, and the two often disliked each other across the air.

Many people previously thought that the two were a couple and were ready to make an official announcement, but it turned out that everyone has since learned that the two are actually just good friends and do not have that kind of relationship.

“Hello sister-in-law, great, long time no see.” Nan Ge gave Shen Xiyan a big hug and didn’t even let Lin Ruo Shi go: “Wow, Xiao Shi has grown so big, oh my, she’s really getting prettier as she grows up!”

“Wow! My idol is hugging me, haha. Hello sister Nan Ge.” Lin Ruoshi was so happy.

Shen Xiyan smiled, “My daughter and I love you so much, you are our idol, because we don’t remember what happened before, we only found out recently that our idol is our friend.”

Chapter 2834

Nan Ge froze and then reacted “So Brother Lin Hao disappeared for ten years because of this?”

“Probably, probably.” Lin Hao smiled and covered up the situation.

When the fans below saw Shen Xiyan’s mother and daughter, they had nothing more to say. It was obvious for all to see how beautiful Shen Xiyan was, not inferior to Nan Ge in the slightest, and even much more beautiful than Nan Ge.

Their daughter, Lin Ruoshi, in particular, was still young, but she was an absolute beauty!

This is also a family with a talented daughter, a pair that matches each other, and even Nan Ge’s fans feel that it seems nothing strange that Nan Ge can only be Lin Hao’s sister, after all, she doesn’t stand a chance when his daughter-in-law is so beautiful.

Many fans even strongly requested them to sing a song together, and even the fans felt sorry ah, because they are completely fan of this family of three, in terms of face value is not inferior to the real stars, plus Lin Hao and so funny and interesting.

At the fans’ enthusiastic request, and with such a warm atmosphere, as if the concert had just started, Lin Hao asked Shen Xi Yan for their consent and the three of them sang a song together as special warm-up guests.

After all, they are all vegetarians, not professionally trained and don’t sing often, so naturally they can’t all be like Lin Hao and open their mouths and kneel!

It was only after Lin Hao flirted with Nan Ge for a few moments that fans were shocked to find out that Nan Ge could actually play the guqin, and that her attainment was not low.

Nan Ge sighed: “To be honest, I don’t really want to play the guqin on such an occasion, after all, Master Qing Shirt said that she only plays the guqin for herself and not for others. But Brother Lin Hao wants to hear it, so I’ll play a piece.”

The fans were overjoyed and said that they had been blessed by Lin Hao.

The sound of the zither immediately drew everyone’s attention, and the after-tone continued for three days, even before the end of the song, people were deep in it and could not forget it for a long time.

Lin Hao couldn’t even help but sigh, “It already has a few shades of Qing Shirt back then, it reminds me of Qing Shirt ah.”

“Who is Qing Shirt? The sister who also likes you?” Shen Xiyan whispered and muttered in Lin Hao’s ear.

Lin Hao held his forehead, “Qing Shirt is Ling Yun’s sister, and has left, forever. It used to be Nan Ge’s guqin master.”

Shen Xiyan’s expression changed slightly, “I’m sorry, I didn’t know, I was just joking, I didn’t expect ……”

“It’s alright.” Lin Hao comforted Shen Xiyan.

“Hey, hey, brother Lin Hao, isn’t that a bit much, my concert eh, my home turf ah, why do I feel like it’s your turf ah. I’m playing the piano over here, is it too much for you two couples to be spreading dog food here?” Nan Ge smiled as she looked at Lin Hao and the others.

The whole room burst into laughter.

Lin Hao laughed and shook his head while Nan Ge picked up the microphone, “The concert should have ended a long time ago, we’ve all benefited from Brother Lin Hao’s light ah, sang a few more songs, and met my sister-in-law and brother’s divine face, as well as my beautiful niece. That’s the end of the concert for today, oh.”

The fans were sad about Nan’s voice, but they couldn’t let the show go.

Maybe after this, it would be hard to see them again.

“So, are you still retiring from the circle here?” Lin Hao smiled and raised his eyebrows, “I’m thinking of entering the circle, I think, although I’m a bit narcissistic, I should be considered quite handsome.”

“Puff, brother, do you call that narcissism? You’re too modest, you’re not handsome, you’re simply handsome.” Nan Ge couldn’t help but laugh, then she also looked at Lin Hao with some confusion, “Brother Lin Hao, are you really planning to enter the circle? Didn’t you never like being famous and getting noticed like this before?”

“If it wasn’t for the fact that I haven’t seen you in ten years and was excited to see you, I wouldn’t have dared to shout for you to come on stage just now, after all, you don’t really like this.”

Those fans who didn’t want to leave the stage had their ears pricked up to listen, there’s a door!

They all hoped that Lin Hao could persuade Nan Ge? Dye Wu Di Er Dye Chia Wu Pao? not to quit the circle, although in their hearts, they were a little less than satisfied with this operation of Lin Hao’s family.

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