Super Son-In-Law Chapter 2837-2838

Chapter 2837

Nan Ge waved her hand, “There’s nothing good about being a star, it’s just like that.”

However, everyone looked at Nan Ge with a speechless face, “You’ve become so popular, of course you’re saying that.

Nan Ge noticed everyone’s gaze and coughed awkwardly, hurriedly changing the subject.

Shifting to the topic again, even Lin Ruoshi jumped up a bit, she used to envy Xiao Yuan, who was sitting on tens of billions of a*sets, and now because of Lin Hao’s reminder, instead of shrinking, their a*sets had even gone up quite a bit.

What turned out to be dumbfounding was that in the end, they themselves were richer than their family, and this sudden contrast still left them a little confused.

When it came to filming a variety show for TV, Lin Ruoshi also wanted to go.

He was refused by Lin Hao, and only allowed Lin Ruo Shi to take a holiday or a break, and only be able to participate if it did not interfere with her studies.

Lin Ruo Shi wanted to cry, study a hammer ah, she is now even freshman year courses are almost finished, college entrance exams are not something she should consider and worry about, but Shen Xiyan and Lin Hao repeatedly insisted, she can not do anything.

The people talked about the whole night, discussing with director Chen and them, and almost did not decide on the spot the specific itinerary. Chen was even quick to call and put off everything, even if it was to follow Lin Hao’s foolishness, as long as he got it right this time, he wouldn’t need to worry about anything else.

The day dawned before everyone could go back to rest, Lin Hao was more excited, feeling the more fun the conversation was, as for the Heaven’s Path Palace side, they are not making things happen? As for the Heavenly Dao Palace, they’re not doing anything, they’ll be done when they come to the door, these people are much more anxious than he is, this is Lin Hao’s obvious advantage now.

However, as the crowd was falling asleep, the internet was in an uproar.

Last night’s concert, which was originally Nan Ge’s exit concert, was suddenly stirred up by Lin Hao, and Nan Ge suddenly changed her mind about not retiring!

Qing Ya directly exploded ah? Ishan serve er Yi Xiwu whisk? The hotel had smashed everything in the room!

“b*****d! b*tch! This b*tch! Why? Why did you say you’d quit and then not quit again? Why did you say you’d quit and then not quit? Qing Ya’s face was so fierce and furious that she wanted to go and kill Nan Ge!

The a*sistant spent the whole night trying to persuade her, but she couldn’t.

“She said that she would only hold concerts occasionally and that she would not act in any other dramas, movies or variety shows, except for that show that Lin Hao made. When she fades out of the limelight, she can be given a reputation of being unworthy of her position.” Qing Ya’s a*sistant pulled Qing Ya and hurriedly dissuaded her.

The result was a slap to her face: “Go away! You don’t know sh*t! She has been in the business for nearly ten years, how many popular songs have she sung? How many cla*sic movies and TV dramas have she done? As long as she doesn’t leave the industry, she’s a hundred foot worm that won’t die, even if she has a wave of memories, she can become a hit, what do you know!”

To be honest, it’s because Qingya is scared, compared to Nan Ge, she has nothing to compare with Nan Ge, to say the least, her position as a diva is even more watered down!

Besides, she knows better than anyone how she came to be a diva, she slept her way to the top, plus went to Tiger to raise Little Samuel!

And Nan Ge? She had worked her way up through the ranks!

“Then what should we do, Sister Qingya, if she doesn’t quit, we can’t force her to quit, right?” The a*sistant also had a headache.

Qingya brightened up: “Yes, we should force her to quit! Nan Ge claims to be innocent and noble, doesn’t she? Then she should do what she says! You don’t need me to tell you how to do that, do you? No matter how much money you throw at her, throw the marketing team at her and pour dirty water on her until she quits!”

Chapter 2838

The a*sistant’s eyes were also glowing, that’s right, words spoken and water spilled cannot be retracted, they had a bunch of such professional teams under their hands for messing with the right family, plus what happened last night, how many things could be done?

“I know, Sister Qingya, I’ll get right on it!” The a*sistant quickly left and started contacting professional teams, with financial support at all costs, there was nothing that couldn’t be done!

And last night’s concert, last night already rushed to the top of the hot search, a lot of eyes were red for the big cake that Nan Ge held, if she retired, the cake she left behind naturally some people wanted to divide it, there were already obvious unfavorable remarks about Nan Ge.

The team’s actions have led to a lot of criticism on the internet. The company’s team has been working on the internet for a while. There was a flood of curses.

The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you want to do.

The actual fact is that the Diva’s concert is a script, and the actual fact is that she is pulling vegetarians into the circle to make bad money. The tone is getting lower and lower!

There are even hot searches for suspected divas interfering in other people’s relationships, and all sorts of negative things have been staged, but these opponents are madly trying to dig up information about Lin Hao, but they can’t dig deep at all, and they can’t find a single bit of relevant black material.

Just know that Lin Hao is a physical education teacher in Jinling Middle School, Shen Xiyan, the female president of a large group, Lin Ruo Shi, a junior student in Jinling Middle School, especially the information related to Lin Hao, can not be dug out at all.

But it doesn’t hurt that the wind is now blowing, with pa*sers-by and black fans of the opposite family, calling out Nan Ge for going back on his word, and even playing with scripts for concerts, bringing vegetarian friends into the circle cha rotten money.

Nan Ge’s fan base is huge and most of them are still holding out against the other side, but some of them are wavering and have expressed their hope that Nan Ge will love his feathers.

Even if they are friends and have a good relationship, they shouldn’t dirty their feathers to milk each other, right?

The matter intensified and exploded in a spurt, and even Lin Yan, who didn’t care much about showbiz gossip, heard the news.

Lin Yan cried and laughed: “This guy, making such a big fuss again, didn’t he want to keep a low profile? Why is he suddenly stirring up such a high-profile thing? It’s not like his style!”

However, Lin Yan was not worried at all, he believed that Lin Hao had a way to solve this matter.

However, things were getting more and more intense, and by noon it was almost known all over the internet, Nan Ge’s team had surprisingly not formed an effective counter-attack, not even the operation of withdrawing the hot search.

This confused even the opponents of the mess, what’s going on?

It shouldn’t be? Even if Nan Ge’s character of not fighting and not being in a hurry was understandable, her company, her manager, wouldn’t allow this to develop ah.

If this goes on, it would be like completely ruining Nan Ge’s image that she had built up over the years.

Even Qingya’s side was a bit suspicious, could this be a conspiracy?

In fact, they were all wrong. It wasn’t that they didn’t want to fight back, but they couldn’t even contact the right person.

Last night, they were all exhausted from discussing the matter all night long, and their agents couldn’t even contact the right person.

The manager’s power is too great, but he can’t move the financial power to pull the plug, there is an outsourced team to handle it, and now he just relies on his company’s crisis PR team to handle it, which is not an effective counter-attack.

This is suffering from more than a dozen pairs of family siege, as well as the entire network of wind dumping, coupled with the team’s inaction, the real owner does not speak out, more fans began to think that all of this is true.

The situation got so out of hand that even the relevant forums crashed, showing how much this matter has affected them.

At the same time, some people wondered why there was no movement at all, since the matter was so big and was getting worse.

In fact, the higher-ups had noticed it a long time ago, and they had all received orders not to interfere in the matter.

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