Super Son-In-Law Chapter 2839-2840

Chapter 2839

It wasn’t until this news reached Zhuque’s ears.

It was only when Zhao Chen called Zhuque that Zhuque learned that it just so happened that Zhao Chen’s idol was Nan Ge ……

“What did you say? You’re not kidding?” After hearing what Zhao Chen said, Zhuque jerked up, “What the hell is going on here? Not to mention the fact that this matter is so big, there should be relevant regulatory authorities coming out to intervene, not to mention what is Brother Lin Hao’s status, what do they want?”

Zhao Chen said awkwardly, “I think, ahem, forget it, I don’t think anything.”

“I know.” Zhuque hung up the phone coldly and then called Liu.

“Dragon Master! I don’t understand what you mean! Why did you do this on purpose?” As soon as the phone call was answered, Zhu Que could not help but question Liu Mou, this was clearly the intention of the higher-ups, did Liu Mou want to make this matter more and more serious?

Liu Mou smiled and spoke, “Little Bird, this is not the right attitude, why are you questioning me like this? Since the God of War wants to return to the public eye, we should support him.”

“I don’t think it’s the War God who wants to return to the public eye, it’s your Dragon Master who wants him to return to the public eye, don’t you think the War God would not understand if you act so obviously? Have you considered the consequences of this! Also, if the War God’s information leaked out, what kind of impact would it have? Even if we quell the repercussions, how much of an impact would it have on the current military ministry if his identity leaked out?” Zhuque questioned word for word.

That little thought of Liu’s, could Zhu Quo not understand?

Lin Hao had pushed off the post of Supreme General, and although this had always been reserved for him and had always acknowledged his position, Lin Hao had gone about his life of leisurely salty fish.

Liu and Qin Lao’s thoughts are actually the same, nothing more than wanting Lin Hao to come forward again, China Xia even has such an existence, why not come forward and use it up?

They knew that China was in crisis Lin Hao couldn’t possibly ignore it, but they wanted Lin Hao to stand up and shelter China, to say so himself!

Liu on the other end of the phone fell silent, he did have this idea, to take advantage of this opportunity to make Lin Hao’s message known to the public, and with such a general trend, even if Lin Hao didn’t want to come back, he had to return!

But Vermilion Bird was equally right, an existence like Lin Hao was not something they could sway, something so obvious that Lin Hao would definitely see it, and it would then backfire and only push Lin Hao further and further away.

Lin Hao’s anger was more than they could afford, plus really doing so would have a huge impact on the soldiers as well, the consequences would be too serious.

Liu was only concerned with trying to get Lin Hao back, even if he hung around the military ministry in a current position, it didn’t matter if he didn’t come for a trip for ten days and half a month.

“Alas, I’m the one who’s too eager, Little Bird, you have a point, in fact those people have advised me, I just don’t want to listen, forget it, just do as you say.” Liu Mou sighed and hung up the phone.

“Little captain! You come with me!” Zhuque spoke coldly, and the departments were given the relevant orders one after another, all running at top speed almost instantly!

This was even more fierce than the withdrawal of the hot search, not even the slightest trace could be found directly, any information and media accounts related to Lin Hao’s family of three, all accounts were cancelled, and the team under Qing Ya’s hand, without exception, were all killed in action!

All the forum companies, as well as the opposing families involved in this matter, and their teams, were all interviewed, and even given red-headed documents directly.

Qing Ya was even given special attention and was personally received by Little Bird!

Qing Ya, along with her a*sistant, saw a heavily armed Zhu Quo and his men, as well as two of the first and second in command of the Jinling Film a*sociation.

It was already dumbfounding for them to be surprised by these two bigwigs, how come they were now involved with the army?

How could the army be involved now? They were only informed a few minutes ago that their team had all been killed in action, their company had been interviewed, and many of the capital behind her had even called to yell at her, asking who she had offended. They were being screwed along with them!

Chapter 2840

“Long, sir, you have some water.” The a*sistant poured a gla*s of water for Zhuque, but Zhuque didn’t even look at it, instead she frowned and glanced towards the northwest corner of the room, she could see with her naked eyes that there was Yin Qi there, but she didn’t see Little Boy.

When she saw Vermilion Bird’s gaze, Qingya’s heart was disturbed, it was impossible, no one but her should be able to see Little Boy.

After looking for a while and not finding anything unusual, Zhuque withdrew his gaze and threw the document on the table with a snap: “This is the punishment document, your team or individual behaviour has denigrated and made false statements about important people who have made outstanding contributions to our department.”

Jubilee turned and left after dumping the document, not willing to stay here for one more second.

The two remaining people didn’t linger much either, and similarly just dumped the document while warning each other that any local resources about Jinling would no longer be allowed to work with Qingya, and all works that Qingya was involved in would not be broadcast in Jinling.

It was directly tantamount to banning her from this part of Jinling!

Soon, countless phone calls also came in, going up to radio stations all over the world, also unilaterally issued notices to block Qing Ya’s related works, while many endors*ments have announced the unilateral cancellation of the contract, even if it is to compensate her for breach of contract.

It was only at this point that Qingya really realised that there was a big problem and that they had touched a red line that they shouldn’t have touched.

“Who the hell is it! Who the hell is he! Ahhhhhhh~! Why is this happening, what the hell have I done!” Qingya grabbed her hair like crazy, shouting like a female lunatic, but it was no use for her to be mad any more.

Although she hadn’t been completely banned, she had lost countless endors*ments and resources, and her status had naturally fallen to the ground, collapsing faster than a house!

Many of her former ‘friends’ have cleared their relationship with Qingya, and all the news and hot searches related to Lin Hao have disappeared without a trace, and many people even found that the word Lin Hao could not be displayed, let alone sent out, and if you try a few more times, your account will be directly dried up.

Now these pairs of families have also reacted, hurried to close, they offended the wrong people, even Nan Ge’s idea they do not dare to play, but now happens to have a Qing Ya also finished?

They have started to shift their targets and started to set fire to fight for the cake that Qingya left behind, anyway, whose is it to rob? They also understood that Nan Ge’s side of the cake was not easy to chew, and everyone had seen what happened to Qing Ya, so it was easier and safer to chew the cake that Qing Ya had left behind.

The good thing is that the people behind Qingya are still? I dye dye closed steak land steak Yi? Not planning to give up on her completely, otherwise she would have ended up even worse.

The hot searches related to Nan Ge however were not taken down, they were going to let Lin Hao or Nan Ge deal with these matters themselves, after all it was no longer a big deal, the battle had been diverted.

The big hits that had been raging fast all day turned out to have all but disappeared in less than an hour’s time, with Qing Ya’s scandal being topped instead, and desperately trying to get down the hotness couldn’t get down.

Even ordinary netizens feel that something is wrong. It is clear that this is a two-day battle, and Qing Ya is deliberately joining hands to mess with Nan Ge, but in the end, she failed to do so and was messed with by the people behind Nan Ge.

Although the real person hasn’t shown up yet, and there’s no word from him, the die-hard fans of Nan Ge are still happy.

In the evening, there was a sudden shout from the Lin family residence.

“Holy sh*t!” As soon as director Chen woke up, he glanced at his phone and was dumbfounded, dozens of missed calls, holy sh*t, is this the sky falling outside?

“Holy sh*t, what the hell oh.” Nan Ge woke up and habitually picked up her phone to take a look, and was equally frightened.

Hearing the commotion, Lin Hao and the others rushed in, and Director Chen walked out.

“Something big might have happened, I have dozens of missed calls from my side, all from friends in the circle.” Director Chen looked at Nan Ge who had messy hair and was still in her pajamas and hadn’t woken up, and said.

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