Super Son-In-Law Chapter 2841-2842

Chapter 2841

Nan Ge was a little dazed, obviously not back to her senses, and shook her head, “I feel like something’s happened too, I’m even tougher than you are with that one, the agent, the a*sistant, and the phone calls from friends in the circle.”

“I thought you guys did something, I’m going to go wash my face and make dinner.” Lin Hao thought something had happened to the two of them, since it was something in the circle, it wasn’t a big deal, he turned around and took his daughter back.

Chen’s side rushed to call his friends, Nan Ge’s side was still a bit confused, so many calls and he didn’t know who to talk to first.

After half a day’s thought, she decided to call her a*sistant, Flora, because there was definitely something big going on, and if she talked to her manager, she would probably be scolded first.

When she found out the circumstances from Sul’er, Nan Ge was dumbfounded, how could the sky really collapse after waking up?

She knew that the concert last night would cause a bit of a stir, but she didn’t expect the stir to be so big, and what she didn’t expect was that the backlash, which had been going on for so long, was suddenly resolved in a flash.

With Qingya screwed, the heat on her side was all whooshing down and the impact of the incident was diminishing, too much like a cold-turkey, then pull someone in to block the gun operation.

Although there were quite a few of these similar conspiracy theories, Nan Ge was sure that she had done nothing, her company even less, and without her authorisation, their company didn’t have the guts to pull off such a big job, and crucially, didn’t have that kind of power either.

“f*ck me, I know, it must have been Sister Jubilee who knew and she did it.” Nan Ge, who came back to her senses, sighed in relief and picked up her phone to open her scarf. Nan Ge, who opened her scarf, didn’t think about it that much and directly opened the live stream, she wanted to explain the matter.

Nowadays, Nan Ge’s fan base, coupled with the heat of today’s incident, even though Qing Ya is now on top of the hot search, once she started her broadcast, tens of thousands of fans and visitors poured in like crazy.

It didn’t take long for hundreds of thousands of viewers to flood in, and this figure was still skyrocketing like crazy.

“Holy sh*t, who is this pig?”

“Uh …… who is this crazy lady? Why does it look like she just came back from a refugee camp?”

“Is Da Gezi crazy? This look on the air?”

The live broadcast room was instantly flooded with similar pop-ups. Dagoko, on the other hand, was a term of endearment for Nan Ge from her fans.

Nan Ge froze, took a closer look, and ah shrieked in shock, “Ma yea, I, I …… I go.”

Nan Ge was also dumbfounded, she was not just veiled ah, she was crazy.

Nan Ge scratched her hair frantically, but did not react the first time she should go to close the live broadcast, Nan Ge scratched her hair frantically: “Sleep daze, completely sleep daze, oooh, finished ah, my image for so many years, not by today’s hot search, by my own.”

The audience that poured in was first confused, then when they heard Nan Ge’s words, both fans and audience all burst out laughing.

“Pfft hahahaha, Da Gezi is crazy, identification complete! Dye Wu Xi Yi loves to close Lu Lu?”

“Obviously the big song is so pathetic, but why do I want to laugh so much, haha, the key how to look a little cute?”

“What to do, pure pa*serby a, and cute, vegan also so can fight the goddess, love ah, powder powder.”

“Although I don’t know what the hell is the hot search today, is it true or not, but now I want to say, what the hell is it true or not, I just like Nan Ge what’s up!”

“Big Songzi, don’t worry, we’ll support you if you really can’t make it anymore.”

Seeing these gloating pop-ups, Nan Ge’s face turned green: “Do you guys not love me anymore? If you don’t love me, please don’t hurt me, okay?”

Nan Ge realized that she had to turn off the live stream first, but by the time she realized that she had to turn off the live stream, it was already too late, and with millions of viewers online, there was no point in turning off the live stream now.

Nan Ge sort of completely gave up on herself and broke the pot, pouting, “Forget it, do whatever you like, I don’t have much of an image anyway, no more TV or movies, that’s it.”


As a result, Nan Ge’s self-indulgent look is frostily cute, especially? The first thing you need to do is to get rid of it. The helplessness after the freak out is rather more popular because it makes people feel that this is the real Nan Ge ah.

“Forget it, that’s it, I started the broadcast just to explain, the reason why I’m just now coming out, as you can see, last night because with director Chen, Lin Hao and their chat about the new variety show gave a chat all night, just woke up, what happened today I only now know, the company did not get my authorization, they simply do not have the power to respond to this unexpected situation, not the company does not act. Rather, I …… woohoo, but I overslept ah!”

The crowd was going crazy with laughter watching Nan Ge’s helpless and frantic look, the live stream was all drawing a sudden change, obviously something so pathetic, but it just made people want to laugh.

The reason for this is that, in the end, it’s not about the fact that Nan Ge has quit her job, it’s about the fact that she has gone back on her word. Her fans would love to see her not quit.

As for the matter of bringing friends into the circle to make bad money, it’s not really a big deal, not to mention the fact that the melon is not necessarily ripe.

“Can you guys stop laughing, I’m almost crying, okay.” Nan Ge saw the pop-ups in the live stream were even more good and funny.

However at this time a banner suddenly appeared, instantly petrifying Nan Ge: “Haha deserved!

“Haha deserved! What’s wrong with laughing at you, I told you not to answer the phone, you didn’t even answer the phone after I called all day!”

Because the one who posted this banner was none other than her company’s certification number, and apart from the fact that she could control this number, it was her manager, Sister Lan, who basically took care of it, which meant that her own manager was laughing at herself along with her fans.

Seeing her manager come along for the ride and laugh unmercifully, the live stream audience was laughing like crazy, directly reaching its peak.

It wasn’t even a clarifying live stream anymore, it was like a funny live stream.

Nan Ge cried and laughed, and quickly said, “They bullied me, and you bullied me too, Sister Lan, humph, you all bullied me, I won’t play with you anymore!”

“I’m opening the broadcast to clarify two things, firstly, I made it clear that my main occupation from now on is singing, because of my hobby, I will not participate in any of the shows except for the ones my friend Lin Hao gets.”

“Secondly, those who say that I brought my friends into the circle to make money, I feel ridiculous, are they considered to be in the circle? I don’t know if it’s money or not, but I just want to say that if they want to enter the circle to make money, I have to stand aside, and their resources won’t be worse than mine. After all is said and done, humph, each one of them bullies me, I leave, don’t even know how to coax me, don’t want me to start the show in the future.” Nan Ge huffed and turned off the live stream, but was still indignant: “What the hell is going on! I only had to take a nap, and all the fans who used to coax me are now bullying me!”

After Nan Ge turned off the live broadcast, her manager acted quickly, issuing an announcement and a lawyer’s letter to those who had spread the rumours.

It was also teased that Nan Ge would be participating in another variety show.

After receiving confirmation from Lin Hao, director Chen even released the accurate news: the new variety show will be a lifestyle variety show, the tentative resident MCs are Lin Hao, Shen Xiyan and Nan Ge, the other resident MCs are to be decided, the guests are to be decided …… In addition, the special statement, all the resident MCs and guests have no appearance fees, and other financial expenses of the variety show The first thing you need to do is to pay for it out of your own pocket. The actual fact is that if the show is really profitable, they will not be able to share the money, the money will all be donated to the Tianhai Charity Foundation.

When this announcement came out, many people were dumbfounded, and when combined with Nan Ge’s previous clarification of the opening of the show, not only were people in the circle dumbfounded, but even the audience was equally dumbfounded.

The bottom of the announcement was even more hilarious.

“Pfft, Nan Ge isn’t kidding, he’s really playing the show himself, even if he’s playing it out of his own pocket, he can’t even share the money he makes, he’s donating it directly to the Tianhai Charity Foundation, which is the most famous foundation.”

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