Super Son-In-Law Chapter 2847-2848

Chapter 2847

“There’s something wrong with you.” Lin Hao cried and laughed, “That’s not what the proverb says.”

Ao Dog shrugged his shoulders, saying that he could not know? What it said was that it was not good to offend the people below the office, but it was not true that this little kid was difficult to deal with.

“Forget it, I’ll try it out!” Ao Dog gritted his teeth, not caring so much, took out the road guide and opened it, shouting, “The underworld is in order, the Yellow Springs can be crossed! Collect it for me!”

The pa*sage glowed with a green light, and a huge bright red tongue poked out, like a blood-red red carpet, and rolled towards the brat!

As soon as the tongue was thrown out, an angry voice came from the green light: “Holy sh*t! You’re f*cking with me ……”

The tongue, which was halfway out, rolled back, but it was still too slow and was pulled by the little thing, which pulled it hard and with a poof, the tongue was pulled off.

“Ow howl howl …… mother’s!” The big tongue shrank back with a miserable scream, even the green light disappeared, and the road lure returned to its original form and crashed to the ground with a snap.


Ao Dog shuddered and spurted out a mouthful of blood.

And that thing on the opposite side, directly shoved that half of its tongue into its mouth, chewing it with a large mouthful, making that sound that made the scalp tingle.

Lin Hao opened his mouth, unable to utter a single word for half a day.

Chen Haobei, on the other hand, was a bit more direct, cursing, “Such a vegetable? It’s too lame down there, isn’t it?”

Ao Dog wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth, “Bullsh*t, this thing was only supposed to send general stuff, this D*mn thing even sent down, I guess they can throw you back, hand it over to you guys, slipped slipped slipped.”

Ao Dog was wounded in a single shot, and he couldn’t even open the road guide, so he knew that staying behind would be a drag, so he hurriedly slipped away.

Lin Hao’s right hand started to deduce quickly, after the deduction Lin Hao’s brow locked up, how did he deduce a strange woman?

This was strange, he deduced a bit and found that he didn’t know this woman, but this little thing was clearly meant to deal with them.

The little thing swallowed half of its tongue slowly and methodically, and the Yin Qi around it surged again, and all of a sudden the Yin wind howled around them, and the sounds of ghosts and wolves cried out.

“Pretending to be a ghost!” Chen Haobei shouted angrily, his aura surging wildly, emitting a compelling cold aura.


Chen Haobei coalesced a sharp sharp edge and ruthlessly chopped at Little Boy.


The little thing dared to take Chen Haobei’s blow with its bare hands, and then there was a roar and a great display of light, as the little thing’s surrounding Yin Qi abruptly shattered a lot, and it was likewise viciously shaken to burst back a few meters.

“How can this be!” Although Chen Haobei stood in place without moving a bit, but the tiger’s mouth was tingling, this small thing was not hurt a bit, but was only knocked back a few? The actual fact is that the actual people are not only the most effective, but also the most effective.

Lin Hao frowned up, he actually saw it, this sword of Chen Haobei, did not even leave a mark on its body.

“Roar! ~Kill you all, kill you all!” The little thing wasn’t hurt, but was enraged by the blow, roaring hoarsely as it charged towards Chen Haobei and the others once more like a monster.

“I don’t believe it! Sword come!” Chen Haobei was equally upset in his heart, when had a sixth-grade Illusionary Spirit Master attacked so weakly?

A sword light surrounded his body, and the sword light even illuminated the entire Lin family compound, “Give me a chop!”

A sharp and unparalleled sword light shot towards the little kid, one after another, one after the other!

Dang dang dang!

Each sword light caused the little creature to retreat a few meters, and as the dense clashing sounds continued to strike, the ghost’s Yin Qi was continuously dispersed and its breath began to weaken as it retreated further and further.

But through the thing’s angry hissing, it was enough to find that it was still uninjured, only that the hit hurt it and it became even more furious.


“What’s going on outside? Why are you spitting blood, Uncle Ao Dog?” Ao Inu went back, the others came up to help Ao Inu, while anxiously asking about the situation outside, only Ling Yun didn’t get together, just by listening to the commotion outside, he already knew that there was a vicious battle going on outside.

Chapter 2848

The others didn’t know, ah, they all panicked, the ghosts outside were crying as if they were fighting some monster, and the sword light that Chen Haobei had induced, they could faintly see the blinding light outside with the door closed.

Especially Chen, in decades, when had he ever encountered such a bizarre situation? What kind of people were they?

Ao Dog wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth and shook his head, “I’m fine, your Uncle Xiao Bei and your father can take care of this.”

“What the hell is going on out there?” Lin En was so anxious that he was sweating profusely, his eyes staring deadly outside, but unfortunately the doors were closed and the windows had the curtains down, so he could only hear the roar and ghostly cries outside, as well as the flashing light and violent booms.

Ao Dog didn’t say anything and Shen Xiyan took Ao Dog’s hand, “Ao Dog tell me, what exactly are they fighting against outside?”

Ao Dog huffed and shook his head with a bitter smile, “Don’t ask, and don’t ever go out, lest the worldview you’ve clung to for so many years shatter to pieces. Really, it’s all for your own good.”

This time everyone shut up, listening to the commotion outside, and combined with Ao Dog’s words, everyone instantly felt bad about the whole thing, the less Ao Dog said, the more outrageous the thoughts in their heads became!

Especially Director Chen, his face changed so much that he almost didn’t shout that word out straight away.

At the same time, Director Chen was even more shocked, who the hell were Lin Hao and the others? What kind of people are Lin Hao and the others? Can they even deal with that thing?

By now the battle outside had reached a white-hot state, Chen Hao Bei’s aura was nearly depleted, but the other side was no better, their Yin Qi had been mostly dispersed and they were already starting to get hurt, with visible wounds on their bodies.

“No, brother Lin Hao, you are trying to tire me out, isn’t it your specialty to deal with this thing now?” Chen Haobei almost didn’t vomit blood as he watched Lin Hao lean against the door panel with his arms clasped over his chest watching the show.

Do you want to be like this, so obvious to rest here and watch the show is it?

“No, I’m just trying to figure out what to do, you said I didn’t offend her, why would she mess with me to death? The point is I don’t even know her!” Lin Hao shook his head, what a strange thing to do.

Chen Haobei cursed: “I D*mn …… you should be thinking about how to fix this thing right now, not thinking about these things, okay?”

“Is that so? Why do I feel like it’s still more important to figure out why things are happening, besides, what’s so hard about this thing to deal with?” Lin Hao raised his eyebrows.

His words infuriated Chen Haobei half to death, and he directly dropped the ball and quit: “Mud, talking so easily, you do it, you do him!”

After saying that, Chen Haobei took several steps back, his aura quickly converging off his sword intent, completely putting on a ‘you do it, you do it’ look.

“Kill all of you! Kill them all!” The little ghost hissed, his expression all the more hideous because of the scars on his body.

“Ruined, completely berserk, and I don’t know if I can still transcend.” Lin Hao shook his head and took out the Heaven Shaking Hammer, violently flinging it out.

When the Heaven Shaking Hammer came out, the wind and clouds thundered.

As if sensing the terror of this thing, the little thing squealed in fear and twisted its head to run.

“Still want to run! Give me the chop!” Lin Hao shouted, and with the power of thunder, all of a sudden there was a thunderclap on the flat ground, and several blinding silver lightning thunderbolts descended from the sky, blasting violently around the little ghost.

“Roar~!” The little ghost was struck by the thunder and rolled on the ground screaming in agony, evil things are most afraid of thunder!

Several thunderbolts struck down and the little ghost was seriously injured again, and because of this pause, the Heaven-Shaking Hammer struck the ghost violently.

Lin Hao withdrew the Heaven-shaking Hammer, if he hadn’t withdrawn his momentum at the last moment, this? Dyeing Wu Lu Yi Lu Zero Yi Lu? The little devil head would have gone up in smoke on the spot.

Lin Hao looked indifferently at the little thing lying on the ground twitching: “Little ghost, come here.”

The little ghost had already dispersed its Yin Qi, and its face was not so hideous, instead it looked quite normal, but the marks from the lightning strikes and the sword marks from Chen Haobei’s previous strikes were still there, still somewhat terrifying.

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