The Poorest Rich Man Chapter 1287

At that moment, Chen Ge’s Fetal Transformation and Change of Form was used.

One could see Chen Ge transforming into a faint flash of light. He pa*sed straight out in the middle of this boundless underground sea.

By the time Chen Ge’s spiritual sense spread out again, he saw that he had indeed come out.

And had arrived in the middle of a huge mansion.

Large and small chests were laid out here.

It was as if it was a large storage space.

And the sea before had long since ceased to exist.

If I hadn’t been proficient in Transformation and Transformation. I’m afraid I would have been trapped in that sea for the rest of my life, right?

Now that I think about it. Chen Ge was still a bit scared.

“What is this place?”

Chen Ge settled his mind and frowned as he looked around.

Apart from the large and small boxes.

All that was left was a painting scroll hanging among the walls.

It was a painting of a landscape with high mountains and flowing water, and there was a huge clearing with a river running through it in front of it.

Surrounding it are peach groves.

It looks very pleasant. And there was a sense of fairyland.

What attracted Chen Ge most.

Apart from the fact that in this painting. Apart from the fact that there were several huge immortal cranes, that was in the pavilion above the clearing. It was as if there was an old man sitting there.

The scenery is beautiful. Poetic and picturesque.

And, above the pavilion. It is as if there is also a dragon and a phoenix hovering.

It was quite vivid.

Chen Ge looked at this painting a few times carefully, and then found that there was nothing else special about it. Then he moved his gaze to the boxes.

Apart from the big boxes. There were also seven or eight small boxes.

Chen Ge went over. He opened one of them.

When he opened it, a Yin Qi glowed with a dark red bead. It was lying on the ground.

“Yin Blood Pearl!”

Chen Ge was overjoyed when he looked at it, it was really a great achievement.

He had gone to all the trouble himself. Finally, he had found it.

At that moment, he hurriedly collected the Yin Blood Pearl first.

He opened the rest of the boxes.

Chen Ge smelled them, they looked like immortal pills.

And no matter what these elixirs did. It definitely looked like something good, so he collected it first.

He kept opening the last chest.

Chen Ge found it. This one was much different.

Inside were all golden beans. They were not immortal pills. Nor was it an elixir, it was clearly metal.

What was the use of this thing?

Chen Ge grabbed a handful and weighed it in his hand.


However, in the next moment, a strange change occurred abruptly.

He saw the golden beans suddenly leap out of his hand with a flash of golden light.

It landed on the ground in full.

At the same time as they leapt, they even flashed again, and in an instant, they actually turned into a dozen large living people, appearing in front of Chen Ge.

All of them were clad in golden armour, holding huge golden swords, with murderous auras on their faces.

Chen Ge counted roughly, there were eighteen of them.

“A few seniors, you are?”

Chen Ge was a little startled.

“Trespa*sing in the General’s tomb, kill!”

The leader of the group shouted, and a sword light slashed directly over.

Chen Ge used his Phaseless Sword Technique to block it, and there was a bang.

The Phaseless Sword Qi was instantly shattered to pieces.

Chen Ge even flew out towards the back and smashed heavily on top of the stone wall.

As for the eighteen people, only one person had been so strong just now, and now eighteen people were surging up in one piece.

“Should I, Chen Ge, be allowed to die in the hands of these golden beans like this?”

Chen Ge’s heart was unwilling, and at the same time a flash of panic flashed through him.

At that moment, he was not polite, and the Five Thunder Great Techniques, he directly cast out.

In an instant, lightning flashed and dark thunder densely covered the cave, filling it with a terrifying aura.


A five lightning bolt struck a golden-armored warrior, and its armour, which only emitted a hint of smoke, did not seriously injure him at all.

“The cultivation level of these Golden Armoured Warriors, is too terrifying!”

Chen Ge’s heart trembled ……

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