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The Real Dragon Chapter 6533

Charlie wade curiously asked, “Didn’t dad say that things on this side are not yet finished? Why are you leaving tomorrow?”

Elaine laughed, “I don’t know how he plans to do it, but he just called and said that he seems to have a single business to talk about tonight, whether or not it’s a success depends on tonight, no matter if it’s a success or not, he’ll have to leave tomorrow morning.”

As soon as Charlie wade heard this, he knew that his old husband was definitely going to make some small moves against Zhou Japheth tonight.

Although he didn’t know what tricks they were going to pull, Charlie wade was by and large not worried, after all, no matter whether it was Jacob Wilson or Ermao, they were just small shrimps in front of Zhou Japheth.

However, the only thing that Charlie wade was worried about was that they were not martial and gathered a bunch of people to find Zhou Japheth’s trouble.

Although Zhou Japheth has seen the world, but also through the big storm, but after all, just a weak middle-aged man, not much combat power, not to mention Ermao under so many road gangsters, even if it is just Ermao and Jacob Wilson two people, but also by Zhou Japheth to beat him up, so Charlie wade thought to think, intends to quietly go to antique street covertly to stare at a little, as long as the two of them do not do it, they do not intervene, and once they do it, that himself could also stop them.

When he thought of this, he said to Elaine, “Mum, I’m not going back to eat at night, I’ll give a word to Claire in a while, so the two of you can order a meal for dinner at night.”

Elaine did not matter, mainly because he could not care about cooking, afraid that Charlie wade came back without food to eat heart dissatisfaction, since Charlie wade did not come back to eat, then how can it be.

So she smiled and said, “Good son-in-law, since you also have to be busy, then you can busy yourself I’ll give Claire a call, let her order whatever she wants, we’ll eat at home as a mother!”

“Okay mum.”

Charlie wade hung up the phone, so he said goodbye to his grandmother and drove to Antique Street.

After arriving at the antique street, he wore a mask and turned around inside, and found Zhou Japheth’s “Zhen Baoxuan”.

“Zhen Baoxuan” is still no signboard, only Zhou Japheth a person in the inside of the clean up and set up, in addition to the old shelves and display cabinets, there is nothing to take out to sell the merchandise, estimates that want to get on the right track, at least a month or two of time to slowly prepare.

Charlie wade did not go in to disturb, but went diagonally across the street not far from a teahouse, on the first floor to find a good view of the location sat down, ordered a pot of Biluochun, will be in the seat while drinking, waiting, waiting to see their old man and Ermao this son of a b*tch in the end in the hold what bad ideas.

At 6.30pm it was getting dark.

A hurried figure jogged all the way into the antique street.

This person a curio street will go straight to the most central location of the curio street in the Jiqing Hall and go.

At this time the Jiqing Hall, the manager Cameron Jason is with a few fellows to watch the shop, the shop has a few loitering customers, Cameron Jason handed over to a few other fellows to cope with, their own is full of anxiety, waiting for Ermao sent to the little brother.

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