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The Real Dragon Chapter 6534

A few minutes later, a silhouette rushed in, and as soon as he entered, he couldn’t wait to ask: “Is the boss in? Do we take antiques in our shop?”

“Yes, yes, yes!” Cameron Jason immediately greeted him enthusiastically and asked, “I wonder what you are planning to offer?”

The man looked around, then pulled out a thing wrapped in a red silk cloth from his arms, he then carefully lifted one of the corners, revealing a slit, allowing Cameron Jason to see a small portion of it, and then hurriedly covered it up again, saying in a low voice, “This is a fine thing, I just don’t know if you guys have the strength to take it down.”

Cameron Jason smiled and said, “Look at what you said, in the whole of Aurous Hill, if there is still something that we, Jiqing Hall, can’t take down, then no one will be able to take down this thing of yours.”

Saying that, he said with a lofty face, “The thing you just showed me, I only saw a little bit of it, it seems to be a pedestal. If I’m not wrong, with my personal experience to judge, that should be a Ming Dynasty thing, so, please move to the VIP room, let’s go there to discuss in detail, you can also let me take a closer look at the thing, or to give you a real price.”

That person busy said: “OK! Hurry up!”

Cameron Jason invited him to the VIP room at the back and then closed the door, leaving only the two of them inside.

Originally, there was no surveillance inside this VIP room, but ever since Jacob Wilson had hit the Jade Pot Spring Vase, Song Wanting had someone install surveillance in obvious locations.

That person came in and saw that there was even a surveillance camera in the room, so he quickly asked: ”Why are you still recording here? What I came here for can’t be known by people outside.”

Cameron Jason was very clear in his heart, these dialogues are actually arranged scripts only, so he said with a smile, “This you don’t have to worry about, this is our internal security camera, mainly also in case we have any disputes or objections to something, there is a surveillance can keep a piece of evidence, do our line of work have to be careful, in case you take a itself has a defective In case you take a porcelain that is defective in itself, and deliberately drop it here and say that we broke it, and ask us to compensate for it according to the normal market price, if there is no surveillance, we have no place to reason to go ah, right?”

That person is helpless, waved his hand and said, “Okay okay, I am here to sell things, not to pit people, you first look at the things, if the line as soon as possible to give me a price.”

After saying that, he handed the red silk cloth wrapped thing to Cameron Jason’s hand.

Cameron Jason took the thing and looked carefully at the Buddha statue as well as the matching base, then said to the man with a smile, “Brother, is this thing in a hurry?”

“Right.” The man nodded and said, “As long as the price is right, it can be offered now.”

Cameron Jason smiled with a lofty smile and asked him, “What price are you going to quote for this thing?”

The man stretched out five fingers, “Five hundred thousand!”

“Half a million?” Cameron Jason grunted and laughed: “Look at this thing like the Ming Dynasty Xuande years of copper Buddha, craftsmanship and shape are very good, if on the auction, at least can be sold for one or two million, looking for a like Jiqing Hall such a strength of the antique line consignment, at least can also be sold to a million or so, how do you five hundred thousand to be sold?”

The man sighed: “I’m not hiding, this thing is our old man’s, the old man just died this afternoon, the family’s antiques are letting him make a will and leave it to my big brother, I was thinking that the old man is so biased, then I have to fight for my own something, so I quietly take it out, want to sell it quickly for cash, you don’t have to say to me that it is worth a million in the end! Or two million, or even three or five million, I am not greedy, you give me five hundred thousand, this thing is yours.”

Cameron Jason asked him in return, “Since your old man has made a will, leaving something to your elder brother, you quietly take it out, this can be theft, then this thing is also stolen property, do you think I dare to accept it?”

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