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The Real Dragon Chapter 6535

The man immediately said: “Our old man things more, this is just one of them, and my big brother does not understand antiques, he simply does not know that there is such a thing, do not know how much it is worth, and again, if this thing is open and aboveboard, I can not be as long as five hundred thousand, you do this line of acquaintance with the rich, if you can find a rich man to spend more than one million to it, then you do not make a lot of money! If you can find a rich man to spend more than a million to take it away, then won’t you earn a few dozen or even a million?”

Said, he said with a face of meat pain: “The situation I told you very clearly, so I do not with you to dilly-dally, I’ll drop 100,000, 400,000 you can take you take, can not take, I’ll look for someone else to see!”

Cameron Jason contemptuous snort, said: “aiya brother, you this acting is really good, story well also made up quite good, just you choose the wrong object! Do you think I, Cameron, can be the general manager of Jiqing Hall, and still can’t see this trick of yours?”

The man’s expression flashed with a hint of panic, and he hurriedly said, “What trick? I’m selling things in good faith what tricks can there be, if you want it you want it, if you don’t want it then give it back to me, big deal, I won’t sell it to you anymore.”

Cameron Jason contemptuously laughed: “You this Buddha statue is indeed good, ware type workmanship are very good, but this crust looks to be artificial do old, in my opinion this thing is not a modern crafts, but the age will not be too long, the earliest is the late Qing Dynasty to the head of the thing, maybe still a Republic of China in the early years of the thing;”

“But there is a say a, you this base, really Ming Xuande years of the big open door old things, but unfortunately, it is just a base, no honours, this base is not worth what money, small tens of thousands of dollars is almost, so you this thing I see ah, at most worth a 70,000 or 80,000, you bring to sell me five hundred thousand, but also make it seem as if put a big leakage to me, it’s not You’re selling me half a million, and you’re making it look like you’re giving me a big break, isn’t that like taking me for a fool?”

The man suddenly panicked, quickly said: “This …… this …… you …… how do you see this?”

“Joke.” Cameron Jason arrogantly said, “I’ve been crawling and fighting and hanging out for so many years, if I can’t even see this kind of little trick of yours, then wouldn’t all these years be in vain?”

With that, he threw the item back to the other party and said in a cold voice, “Brother, if you want to pit me, you’re still too young, go back and practice for a few more years!”

The man took the thing, nervous and scared, said, “I’m sorry ah boss, it’s the little one who has the eyes not to recognise the mountain, in front of you to show off, but also please don’t talk to me this kind of yakuza who is mingling with the mouth to eat a meal to be general knowledge ……”

Cameron Jason waved his hand in disgust, “Alright, take your stuff and get lost.”

“Eh eh eh!” The man scrambled to put his things into his arms and fled through the door without looking back.

Cameron Jason turned his own back to the camera, his face full of dark pleasure, sighing in his heart, “Damn, so this is what it feels like to rely on technology to pretend to be a bully, even though you know it’s staged, but it’s also really cool!”

Thinking of this, he theatre spirit on, looking at the direction of the man fleeing sneered: “Under the sky than my Cameron Jason clever antique crooks have not yet born!”

Saying that, he directly closed the door of the VIP lounge and reentered the lobby.

And that person from the Jiqing Hall “bump into the wall” after escaping, then carry things in the antique street around.

At this time, Zhou Japheth just ready to close for business, intends to go to the supermarket to purchase some daily necessities, a good return to their own used to live on the first floor, the man also happened to sneak to the door of his shop, looked up to see Zhou Japheth, the four eyes relative, he lowered his voice, mysteriously asked: “Boss, you here to accept things?”

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