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The Real Dragon Chapter 6556

After the account was registered, he then planned to post the photo and information of the bronze Buddha, and then offer 20 million yuan.

This price was not high in his opinion, if the gilt of this bronze Buddha was still there, its valuation could probably be around 100 million, and now that the gilt was gone, a 30% discount was considered reasonable.

On top of the 30% discount, he himself reduced the price by another 10 million, 20 million, which should be said to be a very good deal.

Moreover, bronze Buddhas from the Northern Song Dynasty were already rare, sometimes a new one wouldn’t come out for a year, and collectors who really wanted them would even be willing to pay a premium, so he believed that as long as the item was sent out, it should be booked tonight.

Just as he was composing his introduction, there was suddenly a knock on the door.

He lifted his head to look out and saw Jacob Wilson standing outside the door, looking in through the glass window.

Zhou Japheth naturally recognised Jacob Wilson, in order to attract Charlie wade to Jiqing Hall, he had been making every effort to get close to Jacob Wilson, and now that he saw that Jacob Wilson had suddenly appeared outside the shop door, he immediately figured out everything that had happened today.

At this moment, he could not help but laugh dumbly in his heart, secretly thinking, “So that person was instructed by Jacob Wilson ……”

Thinking of this, he put down his mobile phone and shook his head while laughing as he walked to the door and opened it.

After opening the door, Zhou Japheth looked at the smug-looking Jacob Wilson outside the door and smiled politely, “Aiya, so it’s Mr Wilson, long time no see.”

Jacob Wilson issued a disdainful shameful laugh between his nostrils, smacked his lips and said, “Ouch Manager Zhou, when did you come back, why didn’t you say hello on WeChat, you have my WeChat ah.”

Zhou Japheth arched his hand, “I’m sorry Mr Wilson, this time I came back to be more low-key, no one knew.”

Jacob Wilson said with a smile, “You guy, so low-key, bent on making a fortune in a muffled voice, right?”

Zhou Japheth laughed: “Dare not dare not dare, I just want to go back to Aurous Hill to do some small business, do not dare to hope to make a big fortune.”

“Cut.” Jacob Wilson bristled, pointing his finger at Zhou Japheth in the air, lamenting, “Old Zhou, old Zhou, you’re not honest! Obviously just picked up a big leak, but also told me what do not have the luxury to make a fortune, you pull this egg, who believe it?”

Zhou Japheth slightly stunned, then smiled and said, “Aiya, Mr Wilson’s information is so good ah, I just received something, you heard the wind here.”

Saying that, he said with some humility, “I am also lucky, I received a pretty good thing, to be honest, this is completely unplanned, I also didn’t think that I could pick up a leak just after opening.”

Jacob Wilson said contemptuously, “Aigoo, you’re not awake from this dream?”

“Me?” Zhou Japheth asked in surprise, “What does Mr Wilson mean by that?”

Jacob Wilson sneered, “Take a quick look at the short video website, you have made a big name for yourself in the Aurous Hill antique circle! Now people in the circle are sending you a nickname, called ‘Antique Street Scattered Wealth Old Boy’, you Zhou manager this time is really a big bull!”

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