Always Been Yours Chapter 1040

The netizens, who were originally hesitant, instantly felt that Wen Shiyu was a calamity to anyone who touched her.

Just as they were about to boycott Wen Shiyu, Hathaway herself spoke out.

“Here to reiterate, separated from Wen Shiyu, only because of the past I do not heart of that hurdle, actually no one is qualified to blame Wen Shiyu, including me as a mother, also hope that people do not be malicious comments to lure the road, Wen Shiyu is a very well-behaved, understanding, polite girl, and very upwardly mobile, eat hard.”

Hathaway was very complimentary of Wen Shiyu online, but kept her mouth shut about her own daughter’s death.

Even so, her attitude was enough to prove that she didn’t blame Wen Shiyu and that it was Kathleen’s fault that all those things had happened.

As a result, the netizens who had been led astray regained their wits.

“I believe there is no mother who doesn’t love her child, and since Head Hathaway herself came down to speak for Wen Shiyu and said so objectively, it at least shows that there is really nothing wrong with this girl.”

“And from the tone of Head Hathaway’s voice, I still heard her appreciation for Wen Shiyu.”

“So Wen Shiyu isn’t as bad as Eunice said, on the contrary, she’s very good.”

“Speaking of which, the more outstanding a person is, the more likely they are to attract jealousy, do you think it could be because of this that so many people are targeting Wen Shiyu?”

As if the netizens had spied what they really wanted, one by one they ran back to mock Eunice.

“At least you’re a senior, where’s your face when you’re so jealous to slander an outstanding junior?”

“Almost believed your bullsh*t.”

“It feels like the people in Sofia’s band were right, Eunice is not at all as kind and harmless as she usually appears.”

At this moment, Eunice’s persona was completely and utterly collapsed.

In fact, she had come to this point because she was in a hurry to clear her reputation, but she didn’t want to end up lifting a stone and smashing her own feet.

When Wen Shiyu’s fans saw this, they also fought for her.

Originally, Eunice wanted to struggle, saying that Wen Shiyu was not at all as polite as Hathaway had said.

It was because Wen Shiyu had once slapped her in front of the band’s crowd.

Unexpectedly, as soon as her words came out, she was disliked by the orchestra.

“Why did you get slapped, don’t you have any points in your heart?”

“You’ve seduced someone’s husband three or four times. You’ve seduced someone’s husband three times and you’re still not allowed to get mad at him?”

“Even if you have a good temper, who can bear it when you encounter such things.”

Eunice was so disliked that she dared not speak out again.

On the contrary, it was the netizens who seemed to have spied the real thought, and one by one, it dawned on them.

“No wonder they are so targeting Wen Shiyu, it turns out that they are in love but can’t stand it.”

“This person is really abominable, he wants to ruin others when he can’t destroy their happiness.”

“I’ve never seen such a brazen person, being a mistress and being so arrogant and domineering, it’s simply disgusting.”

This time, Eunice really became a target.

Even netizens began to boycott her newly signed band, bashing and ridiculing it in various ways.

“What kind of vision does Twelve Zaian have to sign such a thing.”

“Now that I’m watching the high-profile welcome ceremony before, I feel spicy.”

“Just such a deceitful and destructive piece of goods, they Twelve Zaian even treat it as a treasure, it seems that this Twelve Zaian has been left behind by the Sophia Orchestra over the years not without reason.”

“No, even people like Eunice are accepted, so it’s clear that the internal character of the Twelve Zerans is not good either!”

“With the likes of Eunice and the restless people in Twelve Zion, it won’t be long before this band goes through the roof.”

“I’m really looking forward to it.”

When Twelve Zaian’s fans saw this, they were furious and went head-to-head with the netizens.

For a while, the internet was in an uproar.

“Keep your mouths shut, even if Sofia’s band is glued, we Twelve Zaian won’t be.”

“What a big mouth, how dare you compare yourself to Sofia’s band?”

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