The Rockstar Chapter 440

Filming is a very boring job, so much so that when Li Tiezhu saw the coquettishly smiling Xu Jiazhen, he was slightly distracted, and it was immoral to think about it. People as a classmate without much friendship, she has already paid too much for Li Tiezhu and Song Zhu’er, has been too sorry for … Read more

The Rockstar Chapter 439

In fact, after two consecutive times of stepping on the legacy faction led by Yehnela and the southern system led by Luo Feiye, Li Tiezhu’s curiosity has been quite solid under the strong support and solidarity of the central mother. Together with Han Hong, Cheng Da Long, Hong Da Bao and Star Chow, etc., either … Read more

The Rockstar Chapter 438

Xu Sando repaired the road and tortured the three comrades to the point of madness, they loathed, despised, disliked and even hated. In fact, the squad leader Lao Ma is also very annoyed in his heart, Xu Sanduo is the person who can grin and give you 10,000 points of blitz, Li Tiezhu took it … Read more

The Rockstar Chapter 437

In fact, Li Tiezhu forgot to pay attention to the ratings of tonight’s “Soldier’s Assault”, saying that there are too many comic returns to busy forget. Moreover, he is not too concerned about the current ratings, because his system rewards, to wait until after all the broadcast will be given. Furthermore, the first day’s broadcast … Read more

The Rockstar Chapter 436

Qin Tao: “Am I tender or not my master?” Li Tiezhu: “You’re still tender, don’t turn around and give yourself away. You have this idea on the line! You don’t have to be tender donkey teacher. The main thing is that you have to improve yourself, know?” Qin Tao: “Improve what ah?” “The professional skills … Read more

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