Am I A Gigolo Chapter 2245

“Everything is prepared ……,” Hua Xiaofo had already seen it, “But why did they have to disguise my identity?”

“It should be considered that you have saved many people, including some big shots, if these people know that you are trapped in E, I am afraid that they will take action, in order to avoid causing trouble, that’s why they disguised your identity.”

William speculated, “So well thought out, indeed it was premeditated.”

“What now?” Mena asked anxiously, “They’re not going to break in and arrest anyone, are they?”

As soon as the words left her mouth, an attendant knocked on the door to report, “Miss Hua, Brother Shu, the military ministry is here!”

“What?” Shu’s face changed dramatically, “The Ministry of Military Affairs has actually come out personally, it seems that this time it’s for real.”

“Little Buddha, hurry up and get your backpack, let’s retreat.” Auntie hurriedly urged Hua Xiaofo.

“Yes, yes, yes, I’ll go pack and pack too.” Mena immediately stood up.

“It won’t work.” Hua Xiaofo was very calm, “The military department has come to arrest them personally, how can we escape? Even if we escape from the castle, we can’t escape from Snow City ……”

“That’s right.” William nodded, “There was no crime, but now that she’s gone, instead, she’s become an absconder, and the E country can then blatantly issue a wanted notice to hunt her down.”

“What then?” Auntie asked anxiously, “Should we just let them take the person away?”

William didn’t say anything, just looked at Hua Xiaofo in a complicated way.

“Since it’s alerted the Supreme Police and the military department, it’s impossible not to comply.” Hua Xiaofo said calmly, “I forgive them for not daring to do anything to me, the big deal is to be locked up for a few days.”

“Hmm.” William nodded, “It’s safer to have people in their hands instead.”

“But have you thought about it? Why do they have to make such a big show? It’s not to lure Leng Di Feng out?” Auntie was anxious, “Maybe he is injured now and is hiding from the chase, he could have waited until he recovers before coming out to turn the situation around, if at this time, if he saw the news of your arrest, would he still be able to sulk?”

“But if I arrest, I will have implemented the charges.” Hua Xiaofo was very torn, “When they then publicize to the public that I was instructed by Leng Di Feng to poison He Zhiming, wouldn’t that also be adding to his mess?”

“That’s true ……” Auntie’s brow furrowed, “Maybe this incident is a trigger, once you escape, they will have a hundred charges to place on Leng Di Feng, he can’t even return to E. ”

“I can’t even run away, I can’t even not run away, what can I do then?” Mena’s heart was burning with anxiety.

“You can’t run away.” Hua Xiaofo quickly made a decision, “Since they follow the normal procedure, they have to go through a trial and investigation, at least in this part, they don’t dare to do anything to me, but ……”

Hua Xiaofo looked out the window, a little uneasy, “Will those dogs come in and steal the seal if I’m not there? I’ll have to get some bodyguards ……”

“Miss Hua, you should leave us alone at this time, protect yourself first.” Shu said heartily, “I’ve already asked someone to contact Brother Steel, let’s wait for him to come back and think of something.”

“He’s looking for Leng Di Feng, don’t disturb him.”

Hua Xiaofo said back, then hurriedly left.

“Miss Hua, where are you going? Miss Hua ……”

Ah Shu hurriedly followed.

Auntie also hurriedly chased out.

“Your Highness.” Mina asked in a low voice, “Should we leave here first? This matter has nothing to do with us anyway, the military and the Supreme Police Department shouldn’t give us a hard time ……”

“Leaving at this time, are you trying to set me up?” William frowned at Mena, “Little Buddha has saved my life so many times, how can I stay out of this at this critical moment?”

“But there is nothing you can do now.” Mena was anxious, “Staying here will get you involved, what will happen to Robin and the people in the castle if something happens to you?”

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