I Will Get My Divorce Chapter 1236

Putting down her phone, Rong Shu waved towards the people at the door, “Come in.”

The few people at the door nodded with a smile and walked in with restraint.

The one at the head was the a*sistant that Rong Shu had spoken to, the same one that had acted as a translator for her and Sofia the last time they were in the shop, and also one of the head of her and Fu Jingting’s cp powder.

Rong Shu still had a very good feeling about her.

“Miss Rong, the teacher asked me to bring a team over to help you with your make-up and styling.” After coming across Rong Shu’s desk, the a*sistant pointed to the few people behind her and introduced herself to Rong Shu: “Originally, the teacher wanted to come over personally, but before she came, she suddenly received a phone call saying that the material for the wedding dress she ordered some time ago had arrived, so she has now hurriedly bought a ticket to go abroad to see the material, so I had to lead the team over. Even without the teacher, we will still give you the best look.”

“You were arranged by Miss Sophia, of course I won’t doubt you, so next, I’ll be counting on you.” Rongshu stood up and gave a slight nod towards the few people.

The a*sistant waved her hand, “You’re welcome Miss Rong, so we’ll start now?”

“Go to my rest is it, there’s a dressing table there, it’s a bit more convenient.” Rong Shu pointed to the door of a room opposite, then led the way directly.

The a*sistant a few people followed closely behind.

On the way to the lounge, Rong Shu suddenly asked, “You just said that Miss Sofia went to look at wedding dress materials, and that she also designed wedding dresses?”

The a*sistant smiled and explained, “Teacher Sofia was originally a wedding dress designer, and this time, she took on a very big order.”

“Oh?” Rongshu raised her eyebrows.

The a*sistant smiled mysteriously, “There is a very big gentleman who has custom-made a wedding dress for our teacher. The design has been approved by the employer, so we have to start working on the material for the wedding dress, and when the material is chosen, we have to start gathering people to sew the dress together by hand.

“Oh?” Rongshu became interested, “The most beautiful and gorgeous wedding dress in the world? Then such a wedding dress, I guess the price is not simple, maybe it’s also the most expensive in the world, otherwise how can it be the most beautiful and gorgeous.”

After all, the most beautiful and gorgeous all require money to pile up.

Not spending money and wanting the most gorgeous?

What a dream!

Sure enough, the a*sistant nodded repeatedly, “That’s right, the teacher has done some preliminary calculations and it will cost at least that much.”

She opened a hand.

Rongshu guessed, “Fifty million?”

The a*sistant shook her head, “More than that.”

Rongshu’s eyes widened, “Five hundred million?”

The a*sistant smiled, “Dollars.”

Hiss ……

Rongshu sucked in a breath of cold air, “That is indeed the most expensive in the world, this gentleman is really generous, he really loves his wife, otherwise how could he be willing to spend such a large amount of money on a custom-made wedding dress that will only be worn for a while.”

The a*sistant looked at her, “Yes, I envy this lady, her husband really loves her and she will be the happiest, most dazzling bride in the world.”

Without reading the look the a*sistant gave her, Rongshu nodded approvingly, “But then again, isn’t it too much to ask for this gentleman to get his wedding dress in six months? A handmade wedding dress can take at least a year to complete, longer ones take years, he wants it in six months, a bit too much to force.”

“It is a bit, but this gentleman said that he did something wrong in the past and broke his wife’s heart, so he wanted to make up for it with a big wedding, he wanted to have the wedding sooner and tie his wife to him, and for that reason he asked us to finish it in six months because he wanted to remarry his wife in six months.”

“So that’s how it is.” Rongshu nodded in a dazed manner and didn’t ask any more questions.

Seeing this, the a*sistant did not continue.

What if he didn’t get excited about it later and expose Mr. Fu?

When the lounge arrived, a group of people walked in and started to do Rong Shu’s makeup and hair.

These people were all very professional and advanced make-up artists and stylists, and they were also a team.

And they were a very well-known team in the fashion industry. Many luxury girls and entertainment stars wanted to hire them to do their own make-up, but they were almost always turned down.

It was because their status was there and they were not something ordinary people could hire, not even if they had money.

Of course, to Fu Jingting it would be nothing.

It was only because of Fu Jingting that she was able to be served by these people. Otherwise, given her status, she wouldn’t even have the means to contact them, let alone invite them.

Not to mention, the greats of the industry are indeed the greats of the industry.

There was no need to mention the make-up technique, there was no trace of powder at all.

Rong Shu looked at herself in the mirror and took a closer look.

The a*sistant asked, “Miss Rong, what do you think?”

The other make-up artists also looked at Rong Shu nervously.

If it were any other guest, they wouldn’t be so nervous just to wait for the guest’s comment.

They were very confident in their skills and had never had a problem with their techniques that had left a guest unsatisfied.

To put it proudly, it is instead the guests who are afraid that they will not be satisfied and that they will offend them and never take another order again.

Of course, that is only true for other customers.

But for this woman in front of them, they dare not be so proud.

It was because she had a great Buddha behind her, a great Buddha who dared them not to disrespect her.

So her preference was naturally very important to them.

If the other party did not like it, they did not even dare to say a word and could only correct it immediately.

After all, this is the make-up they have worked so hard to put on, so naturally they don’t want to be overruled, especially if they don’t dare to disobey after being overruled.

So, of course, they were now nervous.

Although Rong Shu did not turn her head, she saw the expressions of all the people behind her through the mirror and understood in her heart what they were nervous and worried about, so she smiled and said back, “Satisfied, you have painted so well, of course I am satisfied.”

Seeing that Rong Shu was not joking, a few people breathed a huge sigh of relief and a big stone fell from their hearts.

The a*sistant also exhaled slightly and smiled, “It’s good that Miss Rong is satisfied, so now change the dress? ”

“Mm.” Rong Shu nodded her head and pointed to the gift box she had just brought in, “It’s inside.”

A make-up artist close by followed the direction Rong Shu pointed and opened the gift box.

The bright red gift was thus exposed to everyone’s eyes.

Apart from the a*sistant, everyone else was seeing the gown for the first time and couldn’t help but let out an exclamation of surprise.

“It’s so beautiful.”

“Miss Sophia’s design is truly extraordinary.”

“I can already imagine how beautiful Miss Rong will look when she wears it.”

With that, everyone looked towards Rong Shu, expecting her to wear it.

Seeing this, Rong Shu couldn’t help but smile, then picked up the gown and went into the restroom of the lounge to change her clothes.

Since they wanted to see it, she would satisfy them.

What’s more, she was going to wear it in the first place.

Soon, Rong Shu changed into her dress and came out.

The moment she came out, everyone was stunned and their mouths grew wide.

Even the a*sistant couldn’t stop staring at Rong Shu, her eyes were full of amazement and she couldn’t look back for a long time.

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