I Will Get My Divorce Chapter 1262

Then, when they looked at the woman in the wheelchair, their gazes became subtle, contemptuous, all contemptuous and disdainful, etc. These eyes were full of negativity.

After all, in their eyes, the woman in the wheelchair was a gold-digging woman with a heart higher than the sky, trying to marry into a wealthy family.

They naturally despised such a woman.

The most ridiculous thing was that it was also a disabled woman who could not stand up on both legs and was confined to a wheelchair. Of course, it was not that they could not see the disabled.

Rather, they despise such disabled people who have no self-awareness.

With both legs crippled and unable to stand up, she still wanted to marry into a wealthy family, and did not see if she was worthy of it.

From their point of view, this woman was not as good as Rongshu.

At least Rongshu was an able-bodied person.

And what does this woman have?

She has nothing, and she has a crippled leg, so she has no right to want Mr. Fu.

They would rather see Mr. Fu and Rongshu together than let this woman pester Mr. Fu.

As she thought about it, one of the ladies suddenly asked, “Which one of you has Rong Shu’s phone number, hurry up and give her a call and tell her that a shameless woman has gone to hit on Mr. Fu.”

“How can we have her contact information, we don’t know her well.”

“Yeah, might as well just ask the waiter to shout. ”

“Then call the waiter.”

With that, the waiter was called over.

Then a burst of these thousand ladies added fuel to the fire and told this waiter to go to Rong Shu and tell her off.

The waiter nodded, glanced over towards Fu Jingting and went to do as he was told.

Of course, Rong Shu didn’t know that during the time she was befriending the host couple, a woman was trying to cheat on her man, not to mention that a group of ladies who were jealous of her getting Fu Jingting had suddenly become supportive of her being with Fu Jingting, and were bent on fighting for her.

Not to mention she didn’t know, Fu Jingting didn’t know either.

Fu Jingting had been sipping his wine alone with his eyes closed, enjoying the rare tranquillity of the banquet hall, when he suddenly heard the sound of a wheelchair rolling.

He paused for a moment as he shook his wine gla*s, obviously the sound of the wheelchair disturbed his mood.

But he still didn’t open his eyes, thinking that it was probably just pa*sing in front of him.

After all, it wasn’t like this was his turf, and just because the people at the party automatically made it his turf and didn’t come to him, didn’t mean that, really, no one couldn’t come here anymore.

As long as they didn’t come to bother him, those people just pa*sing by he didn’t care.

So he thought that the owner of this wheelchair, presumably, would just pa*s by him and wouldn’t stay, then naturally he didn’t have the need to open his eyes to take a look.

However, very quickly, Fu Jingting realised that his thoughts were wrong.

This person was not pa*sing by, but was coming right at him.

Instead of getting further away, the sound of the wheelchair was getting closer and closer, and he could even smell the scent of the person coming.

It was a woman!

Fu Jingting’s face instantly sank.

Clearly the arrival of this woman had put him in a bad mood all of a sudden.

Perhaps, this was another young lady from some family, presuming to climb up to him, so she had come in spite of the words he had put down in the past and had the guts to do so.

It wasn’t that he, Fu Jingting, was being presumptuous, thinking that all women wanted to climb on his coattails.

At least, as long as his status remained the same, then he had enough confidence to prove that all these women wanted to be his woman.

Of course, they do not necessarily love him as a person, but his status and position can make them as crazy as they are.

For example, this time, the Wang family is not playing with the idea of taking a risk for once, wanting their daughters to climb up to him, and if they succeed, then the Wang family can soar to great heights.

All the many families, who would rather pretend not to know the words he had put out in the past, wanted to take a risk.

After all, success would be a path to wealth and prosperity.

So the woman who is here at this moment is from the Wang family?

Only, I hadn’t heard that the daughter of the Wang family was in a wheelchair.

Fu Jingting opened his eyes, ready to see who the person coming was, but what he didn’t expect to see was a face that looked somewhat familiar.

“Mr. Fu, what a coincidence.” The woman in the wheelchair, also did not expect Fu Jingting to suddenly open his eyes, after first being stunned, then revealed a warm and generous smile.

It was only that the woman had a plastic face, even if it was very natural and could not be seen to be plastic, but a surgical face is a surgical face, no matter how natural it is, it can never be compared to a natural face.

So the woman’s smile, even if it is very pretty, falls in Fu Jingting’s eyes, it looks very fake, very stiff and has a kind of puppet feeling.

Fu Jingting’s eyebrows tightened, and a trace of disgust even flashed in his eyes, even in his voice, with undisguised disgust, “It’s you!”

“It’s me.” The woman lifted the curls around her ears and smiled even brighter.

The person who came was none other than Su Man.

Fu Jingting narrowed his eyes and gazed at her, “There is nothing coincidental, everyone knows that I will come to the banquet tonight, but the invitation list at the banquet, there is no one from the capital, so the fact that you will appear here is not a coincidence in itself, but a special appearance, so it was Su Cheng who sent you here?”

Although Su Cheng’s power was all in the capital, for the banquet host couple, they were also big people who could not afford to offend.

Then even if this banquet, only the powerful people from Hai City were invited and not from other cities, as long as the powerful people from these cities wanted to come, they could just say hello to the banquet hosts.

This was probably the case with Su Man.

As expected, as soon as Fu Jingting’s words fell, Su Man nodded her head, “It was dad who asked me to come, she said that now that I’ve returned to the Su family, it’s time for me to integrate into the circle, and as the Su family’s thousand girl, it’s impossible for me to stay out of the limelight all the time, so she specially asked me to come to tonight’s banquet and get to know the people in the circle, originally dad wanted to accompany me, but unfortunately Dad is still injured and can’t leave the hospital yet, so I’ll have to come by myself tonight.”

Saying that, she sighed with a regretful face.

Fu Jingting looked at her coldly as she performed, “You’re wrong, the Su family is a family in the capital, the circle you should integrate into is the capital circle, not the circle in Haicheng, so there’s no point for you to come to tonight’s banquet, and tonight’s banquet is not a platform or springboard for you to debut as the Su family’s thousand daughter, not to mention, are you the Su family’s thousand daughter?”

As soon as these words came out, the smile on Su Man’s face instantly froze, and a huge sense of panic struck her all of a sudden, making her fall into an ice cellar, and a cold chill ran down her back.

Not far away, the group of thousand ladies who had been watching this side, seeing the scene of Fu Jingting talking to that wheelchair woman, each of them were jealous and biting their handkerchiefs straight.

“sh*t, that woman actually knows Mr. Fu.”

This was what surprised and overwhelmed them the most.

If the woman alone knew Mr. Fu, they thought it was nothing, after all, Mr. Fu’s fame was there, it was normal to know Mr. Fu.

But the fact that Mr. Fu knew that woman made people feel surprised.

Apart from Rong Shu and that Gu Manyin, when had Mr. Fu been so familiar with a third woman?

So who was this woman?

What virtue could she have to know and talk to General Manager Fu?

“sh*t, did that waiter find Rong Shu or not?”

“That’s right, Mr. Fu is talking to that woman and she still hasn’t shown up, and she doesn’t know where she’s gone.”

“No, if it were me, I wouldn’t be able to leave Mr. Fu for a second, I’d be afraid that some other woman would stick up for me, but she’s good, she’s disappeared and let us worry about her all the time, I’m P*ssed off.”

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