I Will Get My Divorce Chapter 1283

This is by no means an unreasonable statement. After all, men can betray, but not careers.

So as long as people are sober enough, they know which is more important.

Fu Jingting also knew that, but his heart was still upset, lifting up Rong Shu’s chin and looking at her with incomparable sorrow, “Want to be a female boss?”

Rongshu blinked her eyes.

Fu Jingting said again, “Don’t you want me as a man?”

She blinked again, not daring to open her mouth to say a word.

Just in case she accidentally subconsciously returned a yes, the dog man would absolutely have to clean her up.

However, this time Rong Shu had made a wrong move, and even if she played dumb, it was useless.

Fu Jingting’s eyes were gloomy as he coldly snorted, “Don’t want me as a man, I’m telling you, don’t even think about it, since you wanted it in the first place, you won’t be able to get rid of me in this life, I’ll remember what I just said too, I’ll punish you at night.”

After saying that, he let go of her chin.

Rongshu rubbed her chin and was helpless in her heart.

Come on, I should have known that I would not have been so brave with my mouth just now.

Now the dog man had caught an excuse again.

But since the two were whispering, Liu Linlin across the room couldn’t hear what they were saying, but seeing them kissing and being intimate next to each other, in her eyes, that jealousy was almost spewing out.

Especially when she looked at Rong Shu, it was as if several sharp swords were going to shoot out and pierce her fiercely.

Fu Jingting just happened to see her looking at Rong Shu again like this, and at that moment, he wanted to wring her neck directly.

“Jingting …… No, Uncle Fu, you ……” Liu Linlin felt the killing intent coming from Fu Jingting and shivered, meeting Fu Jingting’s gaze, cold sweat subconsciously came out.

The first time I saw her, I had to get back together with her because I loved her. I married her because I love her and got back together with her because I love her, nothing else, so put away those ridiculous a*sumptions of yours.”

The words ‘I love her’ completely shattered the faltering insistence in Liu Linlin’s heart.

She had actually had this suspicion in her heart for a long time, but she had never dared to believe it, nor could she accept it, so she could only keep using the reason that he was threatened by Rong Shu to hypnotize herself, telling herself that her suspicion was false and not true.

Only then would her heart feel a little better.

But now, Fu Jingting bluntly said that he and Rong Shu were together, not because he was threatened as she thought, but out of sincerity, that he loved Rong Shu, so he was willing to marry Rong Shu and get back together with her.

“I don’t believe it!” Liu Linlin suddenly broke down and shouted, “This is not true, how can you love her?”

She looked at Fu Jingting with tearful, heartbroken eyes, reaching out her finger to point at the woman behind him, protected by him.

“Brother Jingting, tell me, what you just said was all a lie, right? You don’t love her, you married her and got back together with her because you were threatened by her, tell me ah, tell me ah!”

At this moment, she didn’t care about anything else, she directly changed her name back to her previous name, and also went forward to grab Fu Jingting’s hand to force her to ask, to force her to ask that all this is not true.

But Fu Jingting would not give her the chance, wrinkling his brow in disgust and shielding Rong Shu as he stepped back, afraid of being tainted by Liu Linlin.

Liu Linlin saw him shunning her as if she was a piece of trash, and her heart became even sadder.

“It’s true, I love her.” Fu Jingting took Rong Shu’s hand and lowered his head to drop a kiss on her fingertips, his voice gentle, “If I didn’t love her, why would I marry her and get back together with her? On the basis of what you said about being threatened? Hehe, ridiculous to the extreme!”

Fu Jingting put down Rong Shu’s hand, and when he looked at Liu Linlin again, he changed back to that cold look, and the polarization of his attitude could be obvious.

“What kind of person am I, Fu Jingting, who can catch me in the act? Who can threaten me? Being in this position, there are indeed many people who have threatened me, but without exception, those people have either fallen into the dust or gone far away never to return, none of them can successfully threaten me unless I voluntarily, so why do you think I, Fu Jingting, am someone who can succumb to a small threat?”

“Because …… Because …….” Liu Linlin’s mouth opened and opened, half a day unable to say it.

Fu Jingting narrowed his eyes, “Because you just want to find a reason for me and Little Yezi to be together, just a reason for you to think that I don’t love Little Yezi, that me and Little Yezi together is not ten thousand feelings.”

The shade was lifted and Liu Linlin just felt the back of her head shiver.

But soon, her temper rose again, “Yes, I did try to find a reason, but it can’t be denied that this reason of mine is wrong, brother Jingting you said that you love Rong Shu, that’s why you married Rong Shu, that’s why you got back together with Rong Shu, I won’t say anything about getting back together, after all, you have known each other for six years, maybe there is some affection, but what about getting married? Does being married mean you have feelings? The fact that you didn’t even know each other six years ago and suddenly got married wasn’t because she forced you to, it couldn’t be that you fell in love with her at first sight, could it? At that time, you were in love with Gu Manyin!”

Liu Linlin stomped her foot.

When Rongshu heard the name Gu Manyin, she first rolled her eyes, then went straight up and twisted the soft flesh around the man’s waist.

The man grunted lightly, knowing that the little woman behind him was angry, and hurriedly grabbed her hand and gave it a gentle squeeze to show that he was appeased.

At the same time, he looked at Liu Linlin, which became even more disgusted.

It was all this woman’s fault, which pot to mention.

He didn’t love Gu Manyin at all, and had never loved Gu Manyin.

What he loved, all along, was Little Yezi, it was only because of the hypnosis that made him think that Gu Manyin was Little Yezi, while still being unable to recognise the real Little Yezi, that made outsiders think that he only loved Gu Manyin, instead of knowing who he really loved.

Nowadays, although the truth has long since been revealed, they are all silent about these matters back then, and will never mention them if they can.

Because they both knew that these things had made them miss each other for six years, and had made Xiao Yezi suffer a lot of grievances and bullying during those six years.

Bringing them up would only remind Little Leaf of the unpleasantness of the past, and also remind him of the outrageous things he had done in the past six years after being hypnotised.

So they hardly ever mentioned them.

But now that this Liu Linlin brought it up, wasn’t it just stepping on their bottom line?

“I’ve never loved Gu Manyin.” Fu Jingting held Rong Shu’s hand and said in a stern tone as he looked at Liu Linlin, “What I love, has always been Rong Shu.”

At this moment, he did not call Rong Shu by her nickname, but directly by her first name.

On important occasions and important confessions, a first name was more confronting than a nickname, and could also show the seriousness of the person making the confession.

Rongshu stood behind him, hearing his words, and although she glared at him arrogantly on the surface, her heart was indeed happy and sweet.

Liu Linlin on the other hand was not happy, her heart was not sweet in the slightest, she only felt irritation and disbelief.

“What? Never loved Gu Manyin?” Liu Linlin’s eyes widened, “How is this possible! How can you not love Gu Manyin? A few years ago you and Gu Manyin clearly seemed to have such a good relationship, how could you have never loved her?”

Liu Linlin expressed her complete inability to believe it.

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