Medical Genius Unspeakable Marriage Chapter 3988

A shaking of the ground followed.

Jomu got up from the ground upside down.

Although he could not see it, he himself knew clearly that his back had been blown up.

Turning around, he looked at the scene of the explosion.

As the five warehouses exploded one after another, all those around them were killed.

Some were pierced by the building debris that erupted.

Some were burnt to ashes.

In an instant, countless deaths occurred.

In the air, the smell of blood, gunpowder and roasted meat was mixed.

The wailing sounds that rose and fell all around were even more frightening.

The armoury, which was still heavily equipped with firepower, had now been transformed into a hell on earth.

The rubble from the explosion also blocked the path of his men’s pursuit.

Looking at all this, Qiao Mu’s heart felt like death.

It was over! It was all over!

At that very moment, Lawrence’s reinforcements finally arrived.

Seeing the scene before him, one of the half-step Patriarchs at the head of the group, Hector, was stunned.

The first time he saw the news, he rushed to this place with two Half-step Patriarchs.

What he did not expect to see was such a tragic scene of explosion.

“What’s going on here?”

By the time he finished asking, no one in front of him could even answer him.

Hector glanced at Qiao Mu, who was kneeling on the ground, and twisted his brow.

“Punk, I ask you, what’s going on here?”

“How did the hall of 100,000 people guarding the gun store become like this!”

He said with a kick, directly kicking Qiao Mu to the ground.

“My lord, we’ve been attacked!”

“Where did they people go?”

With Qiao Mu soulfully pointing in one direction.

The three Half-step Patriarchs, with a few leaps and bounds, directly crossed the ruins.

They disappeared into thin air!

At this moment.

Black Rose and the others, however, were already satisfied and began to arrange for their men to return to the underground pa*sage in an orderly manner.

Almost all the members of Black Garden had all kinds of gun supplies hanging from their bodies.

Even the swordsmen at the back had rifles hanging from them to a greater or lesser extent.

This wave of attacks was a great harvest.

Not only did they wipe out over 10,000 local gun units, but they also ransacked three of their gun depots.

With this supply, Black Garden could also play a greater role in the war later on.

Death Island was not like other places where supplies were plentiful.

In terms of firearms alone, the entire District 2 could only equip 80,000 men with firearms armament.

With this and the other, the originally disparate gun combat troops had now been brought a huge step closer.

However, just as Black Rose was preparing to withdraw with joy.

There was a sudden commotion from behind them.

“Dog thief, where are you running?”

The crowd turned their heads to look, and directly three figures swept through the ruins and chased them directly in front of them.

However, from the aura of the opponents, they could tell that these three were half-step Zong Shi experts.

For a moment, the entire team could not help but tense up.

On their side, there were only two half-step Zong Shi, Ma Bangde and Director Qiu.

In addition, there was a Lin Mo who could not fight.

With two against three, the gap was not large but not small either.

Compared to the nervousness of his men, Director Qiu was a little excited instead.

“Old Ma, I’ll deal with two, you deal with one!”

“Is there a problem?”

The corners of Ma Bangde’s mouth tilted, his face full of defiance.

“On what basis?”

Director Qiu smiled faintly, “On the basis that I’m better than you!”

“Cut it out, who knows until you’ve had a go at it?” Ma Bangde disliked back unconvincingly.

A great enemy was at hand, yet the two of them were arguing.

This made Hector’s anger flare up, the two men who were arguing had no regard for themselves!

“Get rid of them!”

With a soft shout, the three were about to make their move.

But then they saw a young figure slowly walking out from the crowd.

“Not bad talent, if you’re lucky, you still have a chance of stepping through the sect master!”

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