Medical Genius Unspeakable Marriage Chapter 4012

Lin Mo is discussing the battlefield plan with Wang Changxing.

Considering the unstable factor of Ma Bangde.

Lin Mo had decided to change his previous approach to battle.

Once transferred away from the Black Garden, considering the time constraint.

At most, he could only slaughter most of Lawrence’s gun units.

The rest of the battlefield was still needed for Wang Changxing and the others to wrap up.

“During this time, recall all guerrillas for now.”

Wang Changxing was naturally a million times more puzzled by this arrangement of Lin Mo’s.

Right now, the guerrilla teams formed by various forces were blossoming everywhere by virtue of their crushing strength.

And they had also achieved considerable results.

There was no need to recall those guerrillas at this time.

“Mr. Lin, what is the meaning of this? Is it hard to say that they are planning to activate the half-step clansmen?”

Lin Mo shook his head.

“That way no, it’s just that the situation might change in the next day or two.”

The exact reason Lin Mo did not say.

“I will keep you informed of the specific results, and let the brothers on the front line come back and rest for a few days.”

Wang Changxing was perplexed, but since you Lin Mo had given the order and was resolute.

He also did not pursue the matter any further: “I understand!”

Since this matter had been resolved, Lin Mo did not linger any longer.

“During this period of time, you guys should just get your strength back!”

“There are still tough battles waiting for you guys behind you!”

With that, he directly left the Combat Command Centre.

And when Lin Mo was halfway down the road, an impatient figure suddenly darted towards him on his face.

“Lin …… Mr. Lin.”

Ma Bangde panted as he looked at Lin Mo.

The look of anxiety was written all over his face.

Even the large knife that the district was inseparable from its form, Ma Bangde didn’t even have it with him.

“What you said to Old Qiu, is it true?”

Lin Mo’s brows knitted, “What the hell?”

He had said more than enough to Old Qiu.

“It’s just, that, Peiran, Peiran thing.”

Anxiously, Ma Bangde had begun to speak a little incoherently.

His expression remembered that he was like an ant on a hot pot.

Only then did Lin Mo understand what he meant.

“That’s right, I went to see Black Rose earlier.”

“And also saw your wife’s spirit tablet as well as the casket.”

At these words, Ma Bangde’s eyes instantly turned red.

Trembling, tears streamed down his body.

It had been nearly twenty years!

At first, after learning of his wife’s death, it was not that he had not gone to the door to find Black Garden, his mother-in-law.

To ask for his wife’s remains.

Only, at that time, there was only one reply.

Peiran’s remains had been thrown out to sea by theirs.

Not only had he not been able to see his wife one last time since her death.

He had not even had the chance to pay his respects with incense.

This matter has always been a matter of regret for Ma Bangde.

Of course it was one of the reasons why Ma he hated the Black Garden so much.

Now that his wife’s coffin was actually still alive, how could he not cry tears of joy.

“Mr. Lin, I will go and fetch my wife back immediately!”

Lin Mo saw his fiery appearance and hurriedly reached out and grabbed his back collar with one hand.

“People Black Rose, she doesn’t know anything about your previous generation’s feud.”

“I’m the one who told her these things!”

“And it was also her who came up with the idea of letting you pick up your wife.”

When he said this, Lin Mo’s expression also became serious.

“I’m warning you, after you come to the door, give me a better attitude.”

“If you give me any more trouble, I’ll throw you straight into the sea to feed the fish.”

Ma Bond wiped a handful of eyes and grinned at the corners of his mouth.

“Don’t worry!”

“I know the score, Old Ma!”

By the time Lin Mo had released his fingers, he had already impatiently darted out.

Looking at that back, Lin Mo faintly sighed.

Hopefully, through this matter, the relationship between this niece and her aunt’s husband would ease up a bit.

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