Medical Genius Unspeakable Marriage Chapter 4032

It was accompanied by a crisp slap sound.

The merchant who was still shouting at the members of the Sea Wolf Hall was directly slapped out several metres away.

After he landed heavily on the ground, the big teeth in his mouth were already missing several pieces.

The pa*sers-by who had been accusing the Seawolf Temple in droves were instantly stunned into speechlessness.

“Anyone else who has a problem with this, step forward!”

By the time the captain in charge of this area had turned his head around.

There was no one behind him.

The only things above the street were a few fallen leaves floating by and ornaments that had fallen east and west ……

“Humph! Give your faces!”

After the captain coldly snorted, he led his men to immediately rush to the next street.

Such scenes were staged in countless places in the three districts at the same time.

By the time Lin Mo rushed back from the front line, the streets were already empty.

“It seems that the people of this Sea Wolf Gang are still quite efficient!”

Seeing such a scene, he nodded his head in satisfaction.

And just as he was about to continue on, the window of the short house beside him was suddenly pushed open.

Inside, an old man with a ruffled face looked around warily before he shouted.

“Hey, that lad!”

“Calling for me?” Lin Mo pointed at himself curiously.

When the old man saw how cloudy he looked, his face instantly became anxious.

“Young man, you can just skulk around outside!”

“That group of people from the Sea Wolf Temple, they don’t know what kind of madness they have, they are beating up people on the streets!”

“I advise you to run home quickly, or you’ll be in for a beating!”

At the old man’s kindness, Lin Mo smiled and nodded his head.

“Thank you old man, I’ll go back now!”

The old man behind him looked at his still slow appearance and his face was anxious.

Just when he wanted to say something.

The afterglow suddenly caught a glimpse of a figure in the distance, darting towards him.

“Take care of yourself lad!”

After muttering a word, he hurriedly closed the window.

Above the street.

Lin Mo had just taken a few steps out.


A group of fierce and fierce Sea Wave Gang members rushed straight in front of him.

“Kid, hurry up and get the hell back home.”

“It’s forbidden to go out without an order from our Sea Wolf Temple, do you hear me?”

After saying that, several people stood away without moving their bodies.

As soon as they heard a single word of no, they were about to make a direct move.

Lin Mo raised an eyebrow, “Don’t you know who I am?”

The leader’s face turned black.

It wasn’t as if they didn’t know the big names in the three districts that had faces.

This kid in front of them definitely did not belong among them.

“Who do I care who you are?”

“Don’t know how to cooperate, do you? I’ll teach you!”

In the next second, a ca*serole-sized fist was hammered towards Lin Mo’s face, directly.

It looked like he was about to get his hands on him.

Lin Mo slightly turned his body sideways.

He raised his hand and gave it a gentle squeeze.

In the next second, heart-breaking screams resounded throughout the street.

“D*mn it, kid you f*cking let go!”

“I’m from the Sea Wolf Temple, and I’m under the instructions of Director Qiu, you dare to touch me for fear that you don’t want to live!”

Faced with this man’s ruthless words, Lin Mo smiled faintly. The five fingers used a slight force.

A miserable scream rang out once again.

As for the other few companions, they were scared for a moment at the sight.

They didn’t dare to make a move at all!

The residents in the surrounding houses, through the gaps in the windows, took in everything.

“This young man is finished, I’ve reminded him to hurry back.”

“Even if he doesn’t listen, he still dares to make a move with someone.”

The style of action of the Sea Wolf Temple was obvious to everyone.

How many pricks have been beaten to death.

Not a moment later!

The captain who heard the commotion nearby immediately arrived at the scene with a group of fierce and vicious men.

“You’re dead, hahaha, our captain is here.”

After seeing the visitor, the beaten men who had been subdued by Lin Mo, once again shouted.

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