My Dreamy Doctor Chapter 1885-1886

Chapter 1885

Without saying a word, Xu Haoran was nodding and nodding to Li Liu’er to a*sure her repeatedly.

When Xu Muqing and the girls returned, Xu Haoran had already taken the initiative to vacate the room.

“Hey, brother-in-law, you’re blessed with a lot of sex, so get some rest!”

After saying that, Xu Haoran slipped his feet and went inside the cave where he and Li Liu’er were staying, and the two of them went off to their world of love and affection.

Li Hang now sat upright inside the cave, his forehead jutting out, grinding his back teeth and squeezing out a few words between his teeth: “Xu Haoran, you’re very good!”

The four girls, Xu Muqing, Tifa, Gu Yanxi and Raven, were occupying one corner of the cave by themselves, and the situation looked awkward at the moment.

Li Hang had never been as nervous as he was now, “Cough cough cough, so what, I’ll sleep on the floor at night, you guys sleep on the bed.”

As he spoke, Li Hang had already stood up from the stone bed covered with dry straw.

As he stretched his back, he pretended to walk out as if nothing was wrong.

Behind him came Xu Muqing’s voice: “Husband, wait a moment.”

Without waiting for Li Hang to react, Xu Mu Qing stuffed him a thick quilt, squinted at him and said with a smile, “Honey, the ground is cold, cover up thicker yo.”

“Wife, you are so kind to me.” The corner of Li Hang’s forehead jumped twice, looking at Xu Muqing’s smiling fox eyes, why did he feel cautious in his heart?

Li Hang took care of himself and laid down on the floor, and then lay down on the floor with his clothes on.

Xu Muqing and the other girls were also snuggled up to each other, lying on the hard stone bed, each with their own thoughts.

No one spoke, and before they knew it, they fell into a deep sleep.

Meanwhile, the Governor’s office.

The guttering Governor was furiously fuming at a group of his subordinates.

“A bunch of losers! They can’t even catch two people with such a large group of men, and they let them blend in disguised! What are you all made of!”

The Governor’s face was terribly gloomy, and now he wanted to destroy the world.

After losing again and again, what was a great plan had all been messed up after Li Hang had messed it up so much.

“Governor, the people we sent to track them down will be back soon, Li Hang and the others left with so many people, they definitely won’t get far.”

“When that time comes, we will attack in the night, we can definitely catch them off guard!”

Just as Marshall’s words fell, someone outside rushed up, only to see the subordinate in a mess, falling straight to the ground due to running too fast.

The Governor asked in a condescending manner, “Is there any sign of Li Hang and the others?”

“Governor, our men followed Li Hang all the way and everything was going well, but to our great surprise, our men were halfway through the trail when they were attacked by a brown bear, and our men were killed and injured!”

“How could this happen? Where did the brown bears come from when this area is not near the depths of the dense forest?” Marshall asked with an incredulous look on his face.

“How did Li Hang and the others get into the dense forest? How dare they?” The governor was also gritting his teeth.

The subordinate faltered as he returned, “We followed their escape track all the way there, but halfway through the chase, there was no trace of anything left on the road, and we saw a brown bear charging towards us in a frenzy.”

“The bear’s claws were so powerful that we couldn’t outrun it, and it was only when the men were dead and injured that we really did our best, Governor!”

Chapter 1886

When you do things underground at the Governor, if you have no value, you will be cleaned out.

Now this subordinate was incomparably scared, he was afraid that he would be cleaned out like rubbish.

The Governor’s eyes had a grim gleam inside, but in the end he said nothing and just waved his hand at his subordinate who was kneeling on the ground.

The subordinate, as if he had been pardoned, hastily and gratefully exited the office.

“Marshall, you stay behind.”

“Governor, what are your orders?”

“Li Hang’s group is very cunning, they will probably wait for an opportunity to sneak into our town again, starting tomorrow, you take your men out during the day to search the carpet and make sure to find out where they have landed.”

“Yes, Governor!”

A cold smile had appeared on Marshall’s face the moment he stepped out of his office and closed the door behind him.

At this time, one of the men stepped forward gingerly and said to Marshall, “Boss, we are suffocating here, should we take advantage of the Governor’s emotional instability and vitality to do him in?”

As he spoke, his men made a motion to wipe their necks.

Marshall’s face sank, “Not for now, that man called Li Hang is not easy to deal with, the Governor seems to hate that Li Hang man with a pa*sion, we’ll just follow behind him and wait for the opportunity.”

After doing things under the Governor for a long time, Marshall’s ambition had gradually grown.

Especially after the experience of being swollen in the face by the Governor in public, Marshall already had a murderous desire for the Governor.

However, he maintained his loyalty to the Governor on the surface, but in reality, he was waiting for the best time to usurp power.

In the blink of an eye, it was already early the next morning.

Deep in the dense forest, Li Hang’s camp was already in full swing with its construction stage.

When Li Hang woke up and walked out of the cave, he saw Xu Muqing directing everyone in the construction of the fortifications.

It had to be admitted that Xu Muqing’s learning talent was very strong, but whatever she had seen, Xu Muqing was able to transform it into her own use at the first time.

She had been with Li Hang for a long time and had seen him act in many ways, so she was more or less clear about what she should do in this situation now.

“Honey, you’re awake, hurry up and go eat breakfast.”

Xu Muqing noticed that Li Hang had been silently watching her from behind, so she couldn’t help but turn around and speak to him.

Gu Yanxi was carrying a bowl of steaming millet porridge and came to Li Hang: “Drink it while it’s hot, Sister Mu Qing got up early this morning and made it especially for you.”

Li Hang looked at the bowl of steaming millet congee that was glistening with rice oil, to boil it to such a texture, it had to be boiled for at least three hours.

“Why is she up so early? You didn’t stop her either.” Li Hang hooted at the porridge while muttering to Gu Yanxi in a somewhat distressed manner.

Gu Yanxi looked at Li Hang and a tear appeared in her eyes, looking at Li Hang and froze, “Hey, I didn’t say anything, don’t cry, if Mu Qing sees it, she’ll think I’m bullying you.”

“You didn’t bully me? You not only bullied me, but you also bullied Tifa, Raven and the others.”

When these words came out, Li Hang’s whole body was baffled, when did he bully them?

“If you married us, you should be responsible for us, why are you deliberately avoiding us and ignoring us?”

Although following Li Hang’s side would surely give her the best protection, she had had enough of having to find ways to hide her true feelings every day.

Gu Yanxi tossed and turned last night, thinking for a long time before she decided to tell Li Hang the truest thoughts in her heart.

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