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The Real Dragon Chapter 6531

Because Ermao had also promised to send Cameron Jason of Jiqing Hall a favour, he agreed with Jacob Wilson that the two of them would meet at the car park outside the antique street at around seven o’clock in the evening.

Subsequently, Ermao first sent Jacob Wilson back to the Calligraphy and Painting Association, and then he picked a resourceful junior in his mind and asked him to find himself to familiarise himself with the lines and the plot first, and then with his things, make a trip to Jiqing Hall.

The little brother who was chosen by Ermao, met him at the office at the first time, and as soon as the two of them met, Ermao described to him in detail what he needed to do tonight, and helped him to run through every detail of it again.

And he does have a way of looking at people, although the little brother he chose has never done this kind of thing before, but it is really very fast to get started, a moment’s work, it has been the whole script is familiar with, and can be done without a drop of water.

After determining that this person did not have any problems, Ermao made a call to Cameron Jason.

When the call was made, Cameron Jason was the first to speak and asked, “Brother Ermao, how’s the progress of that thing we talked about?”

Ermao laughed, “It’s all been arranged, things and people have been found, in a little while, when it’s almost six thirty, I’ll let him take things to your shop first, you must receive it personally, and the things must be personally on hand.”

Cameron Jason busily said, “Brother Ermao you can rest assured, I have all been prepared, the monitoring has also been debugged, the camera, recording and exporting are all without any problems.”

After saying that, he hurriedly asked, “Right Brother Ermao, this script, you introduce me to the introduction, how do I say, how do I speak, in order to look like I’m twice as professional?”

Ermao then said, “I’ll introduce it to you now, take a pen and paper and note down the key points, don’t forget.”

“No problem!” Cameron Jason was excited and hurriedly brought a pen and paper, listening and taking notes at the same time.

After listening to half of it, the corners of his mouth were already like a ripe and fried watermelon, completely unable to close.

When he heard the second half, he even put down his pen and paper, holding the mobile phone with his face and shoulder, he couldn’t help but applaud, and said offhandedly, “Brother Ermao, you are really a god! This kind of method can let you think out, this surnamed Zhou he must die even if he doesn’t.”

Ermao grunted and smiled, after introducing the whole plan, he instructed him, “You must remember that this matter must not be told to anyone, even the fellows in your shop must not be allowed to know, when the antique street spreads out that Zhu Japheth has suffered a big loss and hit his eyes, you will pretend to be enlightened, and call up the surveillance and send it to those of your peers, so that they will see it clearly and be warned.

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