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The Real Dragon Chapter 6532

…Take this as a warning, in this way, your reputation of being fiery-eyed and professionally much better than Zhou Japheth can go unnoticed, and if this matter reaches Miss Moore’s ears, your position will be secure!”

Cameron Jason said excitedly, “Brother Ermao, you are doing me a great favour, I don’t know how to thank you, don’t worry, I will definitely give you a big red packet after this is done!”

Ermao smiled and casually said, “It’s good that you have this heart.”

Finished, Ermao heart secretly think: “Your so-called big red packet, hold up the death is also one or two million, today this thing if I did not let Zhou Japheth fooled, Jacob Wilson side I have to ride in at least 100,000 yuan.”


When it was almost six o’clock, Elaine called Jacob Wilson and asked him intimately, “Hey, hubby ah, what do you want to eat tonight? I’ll make it for you in advance.”

Jacob Wilson hemmed and hawed, “Wife, my friend has some things to do tonight, so I won’t be home for dinner.”

Elaine casually asked, “What is it, listen to your voice as if you are quite happy?”

Jacob Wilson said with a smile, “If this thing is done well, we may be able to earn 300,000 to 400,000, and if it’s really done, when we get to Dubai, I’ll buy you a big diamond ring.”

When Elaine heard that she could earn hundreds of thousands of dollars, she asked excitedly, “Really? What kind of business can you do to earn so much money?”

Jacob Wilson laughed, “Heaven’s opportunity cannot be divulged, we’ll tell you after it’s done.”

Elaine asked, “Have you decided when we will go to Dubai?”

Jacob Wilson said: “You can not achieve to see tonight, regardless of whether he can not be, we will go tomorrow morning for a while, I will first book the two of us to go to the air ticket, the hotel will be set before I told you that the seven-star sailing hotel, every day to see other people bragging on the Internet, said that the seven-star hotel has more luxury, I have to go to see how powerful it really is. “

When Elaine heard this, she immediately danced happily, “OMG that’s great! I was just thinking about hurrying up and going! Then you’ll be busy tonight first, I’ll hurry up and pack my things!”

Jacob Wilson said in an overbearing manner, “Bring less luggage ah, only the essentials, apart from the essentials, we’ll buy the rest when we get there!”

“OK!” Elaine was excited and said, “Then you hurry up and get busy with your business, I’ll go pack up my things!”

Hanging up the phone, Elaine immediately called Charlie wade.

Charlie wade was in the mid-level villa of Champs Elysees at this time, Grandpa and two uncles were still in Eastcliff to talk about investment cooperation, and specially explained that Charlie wade had come to accompany the old lady more often, it just so happened that Nai Nai Zi was still practising controlling her aura in another set of villa, so Charlie wade came directly to this side.

Originally, he was planning to go back to the city in a while, first go to Claire Wilson’s company to pick her up,and then go home together for dinner, he didn’t expect Elaine to call over,and opened his mouth, “Good son-in-law, tonight your father has something to donot go home for dinner, he said he will go to Dubai tomorrow morning, mum has to pack up and pack up, how about you and Claire want to eat what to order ahead of time to send it to the house?

…I’d like you and Claire to order what you want to eat in advance and send it home.

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