Always Been Yours Chapter 1009

She tried to persuade Wen Shiyu to return to her country.

Wen Shiyu had a hard time knowing what to say.

She was on the verge of releasing an album and was on the rise. If she were to give up and go back to China at this time, all her efforts would be in vain.

Feng Shenye also saw her dilemma, embraced her and said to her mother in the video, “Didn’t I say before that it’s still early, we’ll go back when it’s time to give birth, and, with me around, all your worries won’t exist.”

When Pei Xin Yi heard this, she was furious.

But she couldn’t argue with Feng Shenye, so she could only bark out a few words and hang up.

Seeing this, Wen Shiyu was inwardly touched and somewhat guilty.

She turned around and hugged Feng Shenye, and a dull voice came out of Feng Shenye’s chest.

“Am I being too selfish and greedy?”

Everyone was worried about the child, but she didn’t want to give up her career which was on the rise.

Feng Shenye probably guessed what she was thinking and gently patted her back, soothingly saying, “Don’t think nonsense, you are the best.”

Meanwhile, the Feng family compound in China.

Looking at his wife who had hung up the phone in a huff, Feng Tianyi asked with concern, “What’s wrong?”

“It’s not your good son, no matter how much I say, I’m doing it for the girl’s own good.”

Pei Xin Yi gave a general account of what she had just called.

She was really worried about Wen Shiyu’s safety.

After such a long time of contact, she always felt that this girl could easily get into trouble.

Hearing her say this, Feng Tianyi also frowned, somewhat uneasy, “If that’s the case, then have Shen Ye send a few more bodyguards to keep an eye on her in the shadows.”

When Pei Xin Yi thought about it, this was the only way to go, so she nodded in agreement.


The next day, the allergies on Wen Shiyu’s face had gotten much better, those red bumps had disappeared and there were only shallow marks.

Even so, Feng Shenye took it very seriously, dropping everything he was doing to help her apply the medicine.

“Does it hurt?”

Feng Shenye lightly helped Wen Shiyu apply the ointment.

Wen Shiyu shook her head, a sweet smile at the corner of her mouth.

Little Bao’er was also lying on the side, staring at Feng Shenye’s movements, his mouth chanting, “Daddy, be gentle, be gentle.”

The sunlight poured in from outside, and the picture of the family talking and laughing was very warm.

After a while, just after applying the medicine, the tutor knocked on the door and came in, “Young master, young lady, two police officers have come downstairs.”

“Police officers? What are they doing here?”

Wen Shiyu was a little surprised.

Feng Shenye waved away the butler before informing Wen Shiyu of the situation, “In the cosmetics you used yesterday, Xu Yan found out that someone had put an allergy-causing drug in it.”

Wen Shiyu was shocked.

Little Bao’er was also furious beside her, “Who is so bad to deliberately frame Mommy? Daddy, you must catch the big bad guy who framed mummy.”

“Don’t worry, daddy won’t let go of the person who hurt your mommy.”

Feng Shenye rubbed the little one’s black hair, and then took Wen Shiyu downstairs.

In the living room, the two police officers were sitting on the sofa.

When they saw Feng Shenye coming down, they stood up and greeted each other respectfully.

“Mr. Feng, Madam Feng.”

Feng Shenye nodded his head and gestured for the two to take their seats, then asked about the case.

One of the somewhat chubby officers responded, “We interrogated the make-up artist overnight, but the other party refused to admit that he had tampered with the cosmetics, and we investigated the make-up artist’s identity and found that he was only hired temporarily and seemed to have no motive to do it.”

After hearing this, Feng Shenye half narrowed his eyes and inquired in a cold voice, “Did the accounts have those investigated? Were they not bribed by someone?”

“These have all been checked, the accounts are very clean and there are no unexpected a*sets.”

The other officer answered truthfully.

And having said that, the officer remembered something else and told know, “Because of the lack of evidence, we didn’t have the right to detain that make-up artist, all last night we let the person go.”

Hearing this, Wen Shiyu, who had not said anything, frowned somewhat disapprovingly.

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