Always Been Yours Chapter 1012

She had been reborn and was chasing her dream again, and her career was finally about to take off, only to have it ruined by Wen Shiyu!

Moreover, if she couldn’t play the piano, the chief position she had worked so hard for would have to change hands.

Thinking of this, she broke down a little emotionally.

“I don’t care, I want you to have to heal my hand!”

She snapped at the doctor, “If you can’t cure my hand, you won’t even want to be a doctor in the future!”

At these words, the doctor’s face was very unpleasant, but he also understood Susan’s feelings at the moment.

“Miss Su, calm down first, your hand is not incurable, as long as you cooperate with the treatment, the chances of recovering intact are still very high.”

He patiently persuaded Susan.

But Susan was now so invaded by the fear of not being able to play the piano in the future that she couldn’t listen to anything she said.

Next to her, Lauryn’s face was also hard.

He felt very reserved about what the doctor said and warned, “I don’t care what you do, you must cure my daughter’s hand and make sure she is back to her old self! Otherwise, not to mention that you can’t stay in the medical profession, I will keep this hospital open!”

Hearing this, the doctor was furious, but the two men were in a position that he could not afford to mess with, so he could only leave with the words that he would do his best and leave.

Later in the afternoon, Susan was resting in bed when she received a call from Hathaway.

It turned out that Hathaway had come back from out of town and had seen the internet about her injury and was planning to come and visit.

Later in the evening, Hathaway walked into the ward in a blue lady’s suit.

Susan was the only one in the ward.

It was because Laurine had learned that Hathaway was coming and had left early.

Hathaway saw that Susan was the only one in the ward and frowned, “Why are you alone, where is your family? Where’s the caretaker?”

“My daddy’s gone to work, the caretaker is coming in the evening.”

Susan finished and greeted Hathaway with a good face as she took her seat.

Hathaway nodded and moved a chair to sit down by the hospital bed.

She looked at Susan’s arm, which was in a cast, and said with concern, “What did the doctor say? How long will it take to recover?”

“The doctor said it would take at least three months to recover, and after that, I’ll have to do rehab, and I won’t be able to play the violin during that time.”

At the last words, Susan was lost in thought, “The orchestra will probably remove me from my position.”

At this moment, she wasn’t acting, but was really sad.

Apart from wanting to get back at Wen Shiyu, she had a real love for the violin.

Seeing this, Hathaway was a little intolerant, “If the Sophia Orchestra doesn’t want you anymore, you can go to the Hathaway Orchestra, I’d be more than happy to welcome you.”

“Thank you senior Hathaway.”

Susan didn’t explicitly refuse, it wasn’t a denial that it was a way back.

Seeing that she was in a better mood, Hathaway rea*sured her again, “Don’t think about it so much, just rest in the meantime, you can still perform when you recover.”

Susan nodded.

They then spoke for a while and Hathaway left.

Not long after she had left, Lauryn entered the ward on her heels.

“What did your mummy say to you?”

He inquired curiously.

Susan said lightly, “Nothing much, just that I could go over to Sophia’s side if I couldn’t stay in her band.”

To this Laurieen still agreed.

But Susan’s mind wasn’t on that.

After half a day of calming down, she had calmed down and had already made up her mind.

She wanted that b*tch Wen Shiyu to die for good, and Eunice too.

If this woman didn’t get her into this mess, if she didn’t become Chief, this woman wouldn’t be able to stay in her position as Head in peace!

“Daddy, you now have someone focus on investigating someone in our band called Eunice, this woman is the one responsible for my broken hand!”

The next two days were calm, but it was more like the calm before the storm.

Wen Shiyu recuperated at home for two days and her allergies had completely cleared up.

But the orchestra was still not making much progress with this incident.

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