Always Been Yours Chapter 1018

“Let’s put the stage matter aside for now, but the matter of drugging will be pursued to the end.”

He looked at Sofia with a cold and stern face, making his attitude clear.

Sofia also read it and nodded her head at once, “This matter was originally a case of Susan not doing the right thing, so don’t worry, Mr. Feng, I won’t cover up the band’s people and will also give her punishment.”

Hearing such fair words, Feng Shenye was very satisfied.

He turned his head to Xu Yan who was waiting beside him and ordered, “You go and contact a lawyer and charge this Susan with intentional a*sault.”


Xu Yan nodded his head and led the order to leave.

In response, Wen Shiyu didn’t say anything, pursing her lips and continuing to think about the person responsible for the stage accident.

It was just that she couldn’t think of anyone who would be so ruthless against herself even though she had thought her head through.

Looking at his preoccupied little wife, Feng Shenye took her hand and said comfortingly, “Don’t worry, I will a*sist your teacher in investigating this matter together, and will definitely find the person behind the curtain.”

In short, he would not let go of anyone who harmed his wife and son.

After discussing the business, Sofia was concerned about Wen Shiyu’s album.

“How’s the recording of the tunes going these days, is it going well?”

“It’s going well, just a bit slow, only two songs have been recorded so far.”

Wen Shiyu answered truthfully.

Sofia nodded her head, “Let me know when the recording is ready.”

Early the next morning, Susan had just woken up to see her father walk in with a bad face.

She inquired with concern, “Daddy, what happened, you look so bad?”

“I just received news that that b*tch Wen Shiyu has accused you again!”

Laurie En gritted her teeth.

Susan listened and her mood instantly worsened to, “That b*tch, how dare she?”

Seeing her bad face, Laurie En was a bit intolerant and persuaded, “Daddy will solve this matter for you, what’s important for you now is to recuperate well.”

Susan nodded, but was still resigned.

“Is there any word from my band on this matter?”

She asked after Laurieen, a scandal like this, the band side should not agree to make a big deal out of it.

Laurie En naturally understood what her daughter meant and coldly snorted, “From the time Wen Shiyu sent out the lawyer’s letter, no one from your orchestra has said anything, obviously it has been tacitly approved.”

Hearing this, Susan was outright furious.

More so, she felt that Sofia was covering up for one of her own.

Although she had drugged and framed Wen Shiyu, Wen Shiyu was not in any trouble now, instead it was her who broke her hand, even in terms of the severity of the matter, it should have been her to deal with beforehand.

But now this old woman is helping Wen Shiyu and not giving her an explanation, obviously trying to pa*s this matter off as perfunctory.

“Daddy, make a big deal out of this, I want to sue Sophia’s band!”

That afternoon, the Sofia Orchestra stage fall incident, which had already dissipated in popularity, was once again hyped up on the internet.

At the same time, there was also news of Susan suing Sofia.

It could be said that the news immediately drew the attention of countless netizens.

“What’s the deal, the Sofia Band stage wrestling from a while ago was an inside job?”

“It seems to be another industry blackmail.”

“I originally thought that Sofia Band was the most harmonious band, but I didn’t expect that there would be these shady battles as well.”

“Strongly support this young lady, even if there’s more fighting, it shouldn’t ruin people like this, it’s inexcusable.”

“Yes, the doctor even said there is a possibility that she won’t be able to play the piano.”

There were even media reporters who caught wind of Sofia’s band and wanted to interview Sofia.

When Sofia received the news from her a*sistant, her face was so ugly that she simply ordered the head of public relations to go down and deal with it.

It didn’t take long for a long-sleeved man to appear in front of the press.

This man was none other than the head of public relations for Sofia’s band.

After gesturing for all the media to be quiet, he began to speak, “I am aware of everyone’s intentions, now I will give a unified answer, this incident is an internal matter for our orchestra and involves some hidden secrets, so it is not convenient to disclose.”

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