Always Been Yours Chapter 1036

“Oh my god, Hedith-senpai is actually going to play with Eunice.”

“Senior Hedith, you must treat our idol well, she won’t let you down.”

“Well done, since that old woman Sofia doesn’t cherish you, let’s change it up.”

Obviously these comments were all from Eunice’s fans.

Some of them even went to Sofia’s band’s official website as well as their personal socials to show off.

“Old woman, do you think there’s nowhere to go if you’ve driven our idol away? Our idol is always an excellent person everywhere we go.”

“Hedges seniors have already announced that they will play their first concert performance with our idol ensemble!”

“Our idol will only achieve more in the future, sooner or later, you will regret for driving our idol away.”

Seeing this, the press reporters, as if they had smelled the headlines for the next few days, ran to the Sofia Orchestra to do interviews.

Of course, they couldn’t meet Sofia herself, so they had to grab the rest of the band to do interviews.

“What do you think about Eunice joining the Twelve?”

“Has Eunice’s departure had any effect on your band?”

“What effect could it have, the band is still running just the same.”

“Although Eunice used to be the mainstay of the band, to put it arrogantly, if the band had two less mainstays, it would still be able to maintain its normalcy as long as Sophia is there.”

“The band is fine and stable now, thanks for asking.”

The members of the band who were interviewed, as if they had negotiated, said only good things about the band’s current situation, no matter how much the press reporters asked.

In fact, Eunice’s departure and turning into a deadly rival band still had an impact on their Sofia band.

In particular, Eunice’s fans, one after another, have been showing off under the band’s official website and making all sorts of digs, causing Sofia’s band to be pushed almost to the brink of fame.

Even Sofia made the news, being called out by Eunice’s fans who made the news.

“Old woman who doesn’t know any better, our idol has face, talent and works, do you think you can seal the deal by throwing our idol out?”

“Speaking of which, now that our idol has left the band, shouldn’t the works that belong to our idol be pulled from your Sofia band, that’s our idol’s work!”

“Sofia, you’ll regret it sooner or later!”

Sofia was aware of these comments.

Originally, she didn’t want to pay attention to them, but it seemed that the fans would not stop until she said something.

In the end, she gave an interview to a media outlet.

In the interview, the host asked, “Does Sophia-senpai have anything to say to Eunice about her leaving your group and joining Twelve Zephyrs?”

“As a former teacher, she has found a good place to go and I wish her well, but …… still says that she is successful in making music, but as a person, she needs to improve again.”

“So what Sophia-senpai is saying is that Eunice has a problem with her character?”

The host pursued without thinking too hard.

Sofia smiled, “I guess the kinder the better.”

Soon, the interview was broadcast online.

Eunice knew about it and looked online to see if Sofia regretted leaving.

What she didn’t expect to see online was such a painless attitude from Sofia.

The old woman even said that she was of questionable character, and she was furious.

“Who is this old woman to say that about me?!”

“I have bad character, hehe, it’s not forced by you guys!”

She glared viciously at the video of Sofia being interviewed and a vicious thought rose up in her heart.

That night, she had someone create a rumour on the internet.

Roughly, it was said that because Wen Shiyu had married into a wealthy family and wanted to make her debut, she had given countless benefits to Sofia, which caused Sofia to favour Wen Shiyu in every way.

When this news came out, netizens were in an uproar.

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