Always Been Yours Chapter 1038

Marjorie, who helped Sofia cope with the police away, was utterly moved to anger.

So when the press came to interview him, he scolded Eunice in a direct and fiery temper.

“The teacher didn’t want to make a scene with you out of old friendship, but I didn’t want you to be shameless, so I’ve put up with you for a long time, and I’m going to have to have a go at you today.”

“Not to mention that the teacher’s personal income is hundreds of millions of dollars per year, the independent operation of the band alone, the annual income is also several hundred million up and down, there is no need for external finance or even selling out members to support, Eunice you are just talking nonsense, rumour mongering also say a more reliable.”

Seeing such a furious Marjorie, the media reporters were frozen.

After all, they had never seen this man angry before, and every time they had met in the past, he had always been a polite and gentlemanly man.

At that moment, a number of media reporters smelled something fishy and continued to pursue the question, “So there is a real problem with Ms Eunice’s person?”

If the reporters had asked that before, Marjorie would have covered up for Eunice, but now he was asking and telling.

“Someone who wants to be a mistress and destroy other people’s families every day, do you think there’s something wrong with her character?”

Marjorie laughed sarcastically, then stopped paying attention to these media reporters and turned to leave to go about her business.

But these media reporters, as if they had discovered some new land, interviewed the band.

Perhaps because Marjorie had started it, the rest of the band also broke the story of Eunice’s flawed character at that moment.

“You mean Eunice? This person is selfish and self-interested, and her heart is still higher than the sky.”

“Everyone used to say nothing for the sake of senior Sofia, but in fact, this person’s character is really bad, she thinks about other people’s husbands every day.”

“Capricious, Missy’s temper, I remember once, because she had a rendezvous with a man, it caused a delay in the orchestra’s performance, and in the end, the orchestra side had to pay the extra venue fee out of their own pockets.”

“My friend was in the second orchestra and I heard her say that Eunice used to scold them in the orchestra and used to physically punish them.”

“See the scar on my forehead here? It’s from Eunice smashing it with her instrument, and just because I made a small mistake, people in the orchestra were often knocked out and put in hospital by her with her instrument.”

A female musician pointed to her forehead and angrily accused Eunice of evil behaviour to the press reporters.

A reporter then asked, “And did you denounce Eunice?”

“I’m a small musician, I wouldn’t dare to report her, she threatened to ban me from the industry if I made a big deal out of it.”

The interview that followed also opened the eyes of the journalists and refreshed their perception of Eunice.

After all, if one person had said that about Eunice, it wouldn’t mean anything.

But when so many people say it, it’s obvious that something is wrong.

Soon, these interviews were broadcast online and once again caused a stir.

“My God, is this really the Eunice I know, the person it’s talking about?”

“What I hate the most is a mistress, and this Eunice even took it upon herself to be a mistress and destroy other people’s family relationships.”

“If all these things are true, I think Sofia did the right thing by getting rid of the person.”

“Keeping such a vicious person in the orchestra will only be an untimely bomb, and it’s possible that one day there will be a scandal that will implicate the whole orchestra.”

“Am I the only one who is curious if Twelve Zaian knew about all this when he invited Eunice into the band, or if he didn’t.”

“It’s okay if they don’t know, but if they know the true nature of Eunice and still invite Eunice, things will be fun.”

There were even a number of Eunice fans who felt cheated and turned from fans to black, and were in fierce emotions as they crusaded against Eunice online.

There were also people who ran to the official website of Twelve Zephyrs to question why they had taken on Eunice, who had questionable character.

Hedges didn’t expect to see so many negative comments right after they signed Eunice and was furious.

She immediately called Eunice to the band for a meeting.

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