Always Been Yours Chapter 1042

Finally, he could only threaten, “You’d better take care of my son, or if anything happens to him, I’ll fight you to the death!”

Walter did not take these words to heart and soon left the prison.

Only when he got back to his car, he was still a little uneasy.

Now that Eunice’s reputation was in tatters, he couldn’t afford to lose his company again.

“Go over to the flat.”

After thinking about it, he still planned to go and see the boy.

Unbeknownst to him, just as he left on his first foot, he was followed by Xu Yan with his men on his second.

Soon, the group arrived at a very well-policed apartment complex in the city.

Xu Yan froze for a moment and then reacted that this was most likely the place where Master Operation’s son was being held.

“You get out of the car and follow them, see if he’s going to see Ivan’s son.”

Seeing Walter get out of the car, Xu Yan a*signed a bodyguard to get out and follow.

In a short while, the bodyguard returned and respectfully reported, “Special a*sistant Xu, this man really went to see Ivan’s son, I didn’t expect that the man we had been looking for for two days would be locked up here.”

Xu Yan hadn’t expected it either, and there was some chagrin in his eyes.

He had checked all the villas in Walter’s name in the past two days, so how come he hadn’t thought of coming up short on the other properties.

But it was good to find someone, and at that moment he asked about the situation inside.

“There are four bodyguards guarding the outside of the door, and the inside should also be guarded by the sound of voices.”

The bodyguard told the news he had scouted out.

After understanding, Xu Yan immediately went back to report to Feng Shenye.

Feng Shenye’s face was cold as he ordered, “Now that you’ve found the person, prepare to rescue him, and remember, when you rescue him, make sure the hostage is safe.”

Xu Yan nodded and took orders, then asked, “Do we need to inform the police about this?”

“Naturally, the police should be notified.”

Feng Shenye spoke with a cold expression.

This time, he wanted to see what else this Walter could do to get away with his crime, since he had captured all the stolen goods.

That night, Xu Yan followed the police because he had been instructed by his family to do so.

When Walter’s men saw the police, they did not dare to resist.

As a result, the rescue went very smoothly.

But Ivan’s son was still terrified and trusted Xu Yan more than the strange police officer, so he followed him every inch of the way.

Seeing this, Xu Yan said to the officer in charge of the operation, “The boy is terrified, I’ll take him back first and then go to the police station later to help take his statement.”

With those words, he took Ivan’s son and left.

Ivan was emotional when he saw that his son had returned safely.

“Were you hurt? Did they abuse you?”

She pulled her son up and down to examine him.

The boy shook his head, “They didn’t hit me or abuse me, they just locked me in a house and didn’t let me out.”

Even so, Ivan was annoyed as hell.

Then she saw that Xu Yan was still beside her and hastily wiped away her tears and thanked her a thousand times, “Thank you, Mr Xu, for getting my son back.”

“There’s no need to thank me, I didn’t save him for nothing, I want you to come forward and identify Votel as the one who kidnapped your son and threatened and intimidated you.”

Xu Yan waved his hand, then spelled out his purpose.

When Ivan smiled, he hesitated, “This ……”

It wasn’t that she didn’t want to help, it was really because this incident had scared her.

Xu Yan naturally saw it, and immediately promised, “If you are afraid that Walter will retaliate again afterwards, then you can rest a*sured that our president has said that he will protect your family from now on as long as you come forward with the accusation.”

Hearing this, Ivan instantly agreed without further hesitation.

Thus, later in the evening, after settling the children, Yifan followed Xu Yan to the police station.

Once inside, she took the initiative to confess to the police, “Because my husband had identified Eunice as the one who bought the murder, Eunice’s father kidnapped my son in order to save her, and threatened my husband to take all the blame if he wanted his son.”

Xu Yan was very satisfied with this performance of hers, and then also went forward to submit the incriminating evidence of Walter’s kidnapping.

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