Always Been Yours Chapter 1055

“My parents and I think they want to see Bao’er, after all, they haven’t seen her for so long.”

He defended his parents, and sure enough, he saw his grandfather’s face soften a little.

The old man grunted lightly, dissatisfied, “I don’t know what your brother was thinking, that woman is pregnant with a child, she can’t even take care of herself, and she brought Bao’er there.”

“At this age now, Bao’er is in need of a mother’s love, and then again Bao’er is willing to follow his sister-in-law.”

Feng Shenjin carefully spoke up for his elder brother.

Although the old man glared at him unhappily, he didn’t say anything.

When Feng Shenjin saw that the old man showed no sign of anger and the topic had come up, he felt that this was an opportunity to continue lobbying.

“In fact, I think it’s good for you to go see your sister-in-law’s performance, she’s not as bad as you think.”

“How much did you take from her to run to me as a lobbyist?”

The old man immediately disliked him with displeasure.

I remember that you had seen her play before, at Bao’er’s birthday party, and at that time you asked us not to be prejudiced, why are you still prejudiced now?”

At these words, the old man remembered that there seemed to be such a thing.

He was silent for a moment and grunted, “This time and that time, can it be the same?”

“How is it different? Besides, as you can see, now that my brother is also married, if you keep on being so screwed up, although you won’t turn against me, your relationship will only become more and more distant.

Hearing Feng Shenjin’s words, the old man’s face became even more unpleasant.

It was true that he hadn’t received any phone calls from Feng Shenye for some time.

Although this person would usually have people send tea and other things so that one could not pick out any problems, it was a lot more detached in real terms.

Thinking of this, the old man became even more exasperated and did not know what to say.

Of course Feng Shenjin could also see the old man’s sulking, and knowing that the fire was almost ready, he stopped lobbying and continued with his meal.

The dining room became quiet and the atmosphere became a little depressing.

Feng Shenjin did not like such an atmosphere, so he planned to leave after eating.

“Grandpa, the company still has some unfinished business, so I’ll leave first.”

“Wait!” The old man called him back and said coldly, “Leave me the invitation that the girl sent back earlier.”

Feng Shenjin froze for a moment before nodding with a smile, “I know, I’ll have someone send it over later.”

Although grandpa hadn’t explicitly said he was going over, it now looked at least somewhat hopeful.


Meanwhile, the Mu family villa.

Mu Wanxian had been in a bad mood for the past two days.

Previously she had promised to work with Eunice, but lately she didn’t know what was going on, how this woman couldn’t get in touch.

Of course, her main concern is what has happened to their plans.

Although Mu Wanxian had contacted Eunice once before, she had been cut off in the middle of speaking that time.

After that, she hadn’t received any feedback from Eunice.

In theory, no news was good news.

But when Mu Wanxian thought about the tone of Eunice’s words on the phone before and the information she had revealed, it always made her feel uneasy.

And even if the plan failed, she felt that that woman Eunice would never give up that quickly.

“What the hell is going on, could it be that this woman is deliberately avoiding herself and trying to break the contract?”

Puzzled, Mu Wanxian muttered to herself, intending to go to the company first thing in the morning and ask her a*sistant to enquire about the situation.

Unbeknownst to her, all she had to do was look up the matter on the internet abroad and she would get the answer.

Unfortunately, I don’t know if she was busy and confused this time or what, she didn’t think of this at all.


The next day, Mu Wanxian packed up early and came to the office.

Just as she was about to call her a*sistant in, that a*sistant also knocked on the door and walked in.

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