Always Been Yours Chapter 1066

When Feng Shen Jin saw this, he swept his eyes across the table at his parents and the old man, his eyes dripping, he immediately lifted his gla*s and agreed, “That’s right, we haven’t congratulated sister-in-law on the successful conclusion of her special recital tonight, come, let’s have a drink together.”

As his words fell, Feng Shenye cooperated by raising his gla*s.

Little Bao’er also held up his milk and said in a milky voice, “Congratulations to Mummy.”

How could Pei Xin Yi and his wife and the old man not see through Feng Shen Jin’s little tricks, but they did not reveal them and lifted their gla*ses.

Receiving so many congratulations, the smile on Wen Shiyu’s face became even brighter and broader.

Because she could feel that Shen Ye’s family, it seemed, was already accepting herself.

Feng Shenye took Wen Shiyu’s happy smile in his eyes and thoughtfully chucked over a piece of shrimp that had already been processed, “Eat more.”

Wen Shiyu nodded her head with a smile.

Pei Xin Yi, who was across the table, was still a bit sour.

At this time, there was an additional piece of fish in her bowl, and her husband’s gentle voice rang out in her ears.

“Eat it, the fish thorns are all picked out for you.”

Seeing this scene, Feng Shenjin instantly had a wounded expression and quirkyly said, “Am I eating a midnight snack? I’m clearly eating dog food, no, Jing Chen you quickly give me dishes, I need someone to give me dishes too.”

He said, and even handed the bowl in front of him to Wen Jing Chen.

Unfortunately, Wen Jing Chen ignored him at all.

And the others were also amused at this point.

Wen Shiyu looked at the old man in the upper seat, as if she thought of something, and put a dish suitable for the old man to eat over, “Grandpa you also eat more, you’ve been running around all day today.”

After finishing the meal, it was not too early.

When Feng Shenye saw the fatigue on Wen Shiyu’s face, he said, “Let me help you to rest.”

“I’m not very tired either, it’s fine.”

Wen Shiyu looked at Pei Xin Yi couple and the old man who were still not asleep and shook her head to refuse.

After all, it was a bit not good for her to go and rest early when the elders hadn’t even rested.

How could Feng Shenye not understand Wen Shiyu’s thoughts, he immediately persuaded, “Don’t hold on hard, Mom and Dad, they won’t care.”

“Miss Wen go and rest, we have Shenye and the two brothers to look after us here, it’s fine.”

Pei Xin Yi and Feng Tian Yi more or less guessed it and followed suit.

Even the old man spoke up, “Even if you’re not tired, the child in your belly is tired, hurry up and go rest.”

Wen Shiyu had no choice but to go back to her room and rest.

Feng Shenye naturally followed him around until Wen Shiyu fell asleep and then left.

After he went out, he learned that the old man had gone back to his room, so he searched for him.

In the room, as soon as the old man saw him push the door in, he grunted coldly and said in a not-so-good tone, “What are you doing here? Not going to guard the girl.”

“I came to see you.”

As he spoke, Feng Shenye walked across to the old man and sat down.

“What do I have to look at.”

The old man still did not give a good face.

Feng Shenye didn’t mind either, smiling and saying, “Since you can come, it means that you have now started to receive Shiyu.”

“I just came to see what she is capable of that makes you not have to have her.”

The old man glanced at him and retorted tongue-in-cheek.

Feng Shenye naturally heard it, and didn’t expose it, laughing in a low voice, “So now that you’ve seen it, is it not as bad as you thought?”

“It’s just like that.”

The old man once again commented against his will, in fact, he couldn’t bear to see his grandson’s smug look.

Feng Shenye looked at his grandfather, who was once again arrogant, and shook his head with a lost smile, “You, stop being obstinate, your actions have already betrayed you.”

The old man could not refute these words, and chagrin flashed across his eyes.

Feng Shenye, of course, also saw it in his eyes.

He didn’t wait for the old man to open his mouth again and took the initiative to enlighten him, “In fact, Shiyu is not inferior to those so-called famous girls, and she has even worked very hard and desperately tried to make herself eligible to stand by my side and to gain your approval.”


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