Always Been Yours Chapter 1070

Arriving at the orchestra, Wen Shiyu had just gotten off the bus and was greeted inside by Karen who had been sent by her teacher to meet her at the door.

“The place for the interview was arranged by the teacher in the training room where you usually practice, and now that everyone has almost arrived, the teacher is inside to greet those media.”

He gave Wen Shiyu a brief account of the situation inside.

Wen Shiyu was touched in her heart as she listened, “It’s hard on her old teacher again.”

During this period of time, for the sake of her special show, the teacher was busy almost every day.

Looking at such a grateful little sister, the smile on Karen’s face softened, “After all, this is your first special performance in your life, it is normal for your teacher to pay attention to it.”

As they spoke, the two had already walked to the practice room.

Karen stopped and had no intention of going in, gesturing to Wen Shiyu, “Go on, it’s your home turf now, and your teacher is waiting for you inside.”

Wen Shiyu nodded her head and pushed the door straight in.

Once inside, she noticed that there were quite a few media reporters present.

She gave a cursory glance around, greeted the crowd and then showed, and headed towards Sofia.

After some official courtesies, the interview began in earnest.

At the beginning, the few media asked gentle questions, mostly about Wen Shiyu’s usual daily routine.

But as time pa*sed, some people couldn’t be patient anymore.

After all, these questions were not impressive, nothing gimmicky.

Some reporters couldn’t help themselves and began to ask pointed questions.

“Miss Wen, there are many people out there comparing you to Eunice, do you have any opinion on this?”

As soon as this question was asked, many media reporters lit up and their eyes burned into Wen Shiyu.

After all, when Wen Shiyu wasn’t here yet, Eunice was one of Sofia’s more outstanding students, otherwise she wouldn’t have been ranked second.

There were even people who didn’t mind asking, “Miss Wen, who do you think has better piano skills between you and Eunice?”

Hearing these mean-spirited questions, Sofia’s face instantly sank.

Just without waiting for her to say anything, Wen Shiyu had already responded to these media reporters facetiously.

“Eunice’s achievements are undeniable and she is also a disciple trained by her teacher, so she is bound to be no worse, then again, I am a late entrant to the discipline in the end and still have a lot to learn and improve.”

“Even if it’s not bad, there’s still a difference between good and bad, does Miss Wen think she’s good or bad?”

The reporter who had picked a fight before once again threw out a sharp question and dug a hole for Wen Shiyu.

If Wen Shiyu answered good, then she could question whether Wen Shiyu was saying that Eunice’s ability was inferior, or even slap Wen Shiyu in the face for what she had just said.

As for if Wen Shiyu answered that he was inferior, she could also say that Wen Shiyu lacked confidence, in short, she could say both good and bad.

Wen Shiyu is such a smart person, naturally she immediately heard the trap in these words.

Although she was a bit unhappy in her heart, she did not show it on the surface, still smiling lightly and said, “As I said earlier, I am a late entrant, even if I have talent, I still have a lot to learn, of course, in the future, I will definitely be on par with other senior brothers and sisters.”

These words, she said very beautifully, so that people could not catch any mistakes.

That reporter was very dissatisfied.

Just before she could say anything else, she was snatched up by Sofia who was sitting at the side, “Today’s interview is about the special field, all of you are elites in the workplace, all of you should not forget the main business.”

Although the words were spoken in a gentle manner, all those present were human beings and knew that this was a warning to them.

At that moment, all of them collected themselves and returned to normal issues.

Soon the morning pa*sed and the interview was over.

After sending the media away, Sofia turned to look at Wen Shiyu with concern, “Are you all right? Are you tired?”

Wen Shiyu’s heart warmed as she met her teacher’s concerned eyes.

She shook her head and smiled, “I’m fine, I’ll be fine after I go back this afternoon to rest.


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