Always Been Yours Chapter 1082

She looked at Feng Shenye in confusion.

Wen Jingchen had actually noticed this and had some suspicions in his heart, but he still looked at his brother-in-law curiously.

Feng Shenye, who rarely saw his little wife’s confused look, pinched his nose affectionately and laughed: “This beach belongs to our villa, it’s a private place, outsiders are not allowed to enter it privately.”

After Wen Shiyu was surprised, she was more joyful.

This way she could take the child to play on the beach in the future without worrying about being disturbed by others.

Little Bao’er didn’t understand what a private venue was, but he saw the waves washing up on the shore and was instantly playful.

“Mummy, I want to go and play in the water.”

He raised his head and looked blearily at Wen Shiyu, matching his delicate features, which were simply cute to the point of being a crime.

How could Wen Shiyu stand such foul play from him.

Then again, when she saw such a view, she also kind of wanted to go play.

So, she looked towards Feng Shenye again, her meaning was self-explanatory.

Seeing this, Feng Shenye naturally condoned it, but still forgot to dictate, “Only play on the shore, you can’t go too deep.”

In the first sentence, he was speaking to Wen Shiyu, and in the latter sentence, he was speaking to Bao’er.

When the little one got a response, he pulled Wen Shiyu and urged, “Mommy, let’s go to the beach quickly, I’ll collect shells for you.”


Wen Shiyu let little Bao’er pull her towards the beach as she doted on her.

Wen Jingchen and Feng Shenye looked at the two’s backs and only felt that such a day was plain and warm.

Not long after, the beach resounded with the sound of Xiao Bao’er and Wen Shiyu’s laughter.

There was also the sound of teasing the water, which also made Wen Jingchen leap to his feet.

Coupled with the fact that the weather was also a bit hot to the eyes, he couldn’t help but launch a challenge at that moment, “Brother-in-law, do you want to go down and compete for two laps?”

Since his brother-in-law was interested, Feng Shenye naturally welcomed the fight.

Not long after, two beautiful men with extremely eye-catching bodies appeared on the beach.

Although Wen Jingchen was busy with work, he also usually paid attention to exercise, so his skin was very white, but it was firm and strong, with clear lines.

Feng Shenye, perhaps because of his military service some years ago, has a healthy wheat skin tone and eight pieces of abs, two more than Wen Jingchen, not to mention how eye-catching it is.

Little Bao’er noticed that daddy and little uncle had changed into swimsuits and came over and said innocently, “Daddy, little uncle, are you going to play in the water too?”

“Yes, little uncle wants to have a competition with your daddy, who do you think will win between me and your daddy?”

Wen Jingchen teased the little one with a smile.

Who knew that the little one would not even think about it and shouted, “Of course it’s my daddy, my daddy is the best.”

“Why not your brother-in-law?”

Wen Jingchen expressed his heartbreak and turned his head to look at his sister, “Sister, you tell me, who will win between me and brother-in-law?”

Seeing this, how could Wen Shiyu not know what her younger brother was thinking, winking, “Jing Chen, you know my sister, the one who won’t lie the most.”

The implication was that she was also optimistic about Feng Shenye.

This time Wen Jingchen was completely rooted.

“Since you guys don’t think so highly of me, today I must win against brother-in-law.”

Wen Jingchen was aroused into battle and even looked at Feng Shenye in a deliberately provocative manner.

Feng Shenye ignored it and looked down at Wen Shiyu and said with a light smile, “I will win.”

The simple four words made Wen Jingchen jump in anger.

“Brother-in-law, don’t say your words so full, if you lose later, you’ll lose face in front of my sister.”

“I won’t lose.”

Feng Shenye was firm to.

And indeed it was so.

The two of them went into the water to race, and in the end it was Wen Jingchen who lost slightly.

Seeing this, Little Bao’er trotted over and said joyfully, “Little uncle, I told you that my daddy was the best.”

Seeing this, Wen Jingchen was even more heartbroken.

It was Wen Shiyu who was next to him who couldn’t look away and comforted him, “It’s normal for you to lose, don’t forget, your brother-in-law was a soldier.”

Hearing these words, Wen Jingchen’s heart was finally better.

However, he was still unwilling to pull Feng Shenye to compete two more times.

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