Always Been Yours Chapter 1085

In the photo, Feng Shenye and Wen Shiyu are gazing at each other with deep emotion.

The rich emotion was almost spilling out of the photo.

In particular, the delicate features of the two men added lustre to the photo.

“Look guys, didn’t I take a good picture, Mr. Feng is even more handsome, and of course Mrs. Feng is also beautiful.”

Qu Shan handed the camera to Wen Shiyu and Feng Shenye, praising them in various ways.

Wen Shiyu looked at the photos, they were indeed perfect and had a mood, and nodded her head in satisfaction at that moment.

They then took a few more photos at the cafe and started moving on to other places.

The first place was the sea of flowers on the island recommended by Qu Shan.

Because she felt that with their stunning faces, it would be a waste not to go to a fairyland like the sea of flowers to take a picture.

“Mr Feng, gaze down at Madam Feng, yes, that’s it.”

Qu Shan instructed Feng Shenye to pose for the photo.

Feng Shenye didn’t care either, wrapping his arm around Wen Shiyu and taking all sorts of beautiful photos that were comparable to fashion blockbusters.

After taking pictures of the sea of flowers, the three of them went to the beach.

With the sea at their backs, Feng Shenye put his arm around Wen Shiyu and also had their foreheads against each other, looking at each other with deep love in their eyes.

At the back, there was no need for Qu Shan’s guidance, Feng Shenye had already started to know how to pose for photos.

Here they came to a park full of fairy tales.

Before Wen Shiyu could react, she suddenly saw the man in front of her kneeling on one knee and kissing her stomach with a tender face.

“Shen Ye ……”

She was stunned and looked down at Feng Shenye in astonishment.

Feng Shenye looked back at Wen Shiyu, the tenderness in his black eyes almost drowning one in it, “This is our crystallization, I am very much looking forward to him and hope that he is born peacefully.”

Wen Shiyu was moved to cover her lips, and her eyes were even a little hot.

It was Qu Shan who saw this scene and did not stop the shutter in her hand.

In her heart, she even exclaimed, “What kind of divine love is this, it is simply envious of others.

In the afternoon, the three of them went to a lot of places of interest, and before they knew it, they had taken a hundred or so photos.

At the end of the day, Wen Shiyu was a bit tired, but Qu Shan was still not satisfied.

She hadn’t had such a good time taking pictures in a long time.

“Madam Feng, there is also a water orchestra on the island, let’s go over there and take some more big shots in the water.”

She compelled Wen Shiyu.

All this way down, she had seen that this Mr. Feng didn’t look cold and icy, but he was actually a wife controller.

As long as Madam Feng agreed, this Mr. Feng would definitely not have any problem with it.

Unfortunately, even though she had played her little game well, she was still caught out by Feng Shenye.

“That’s almost enough, my wife is tired.”

Hearing these words, Qu Shan was a little vain and raised her eyes towards Wen Shiyu.

At this moment, Wen Shiyu was indeed a little tired, after all, her stomach was so big and she had walked a lot today.

She met Qu Shan’s gaze and smiled, “That’s all for today, and there were quite a few pictures taken, I think that should be enough.”

“Quite a few indeed, I just had a cursory look and there were over a hundred of them.”

Qu Shan smiled and nodded, feeling a bit sad but happy nonetheless.

And she couldn’t let people’s pregnant women get tired for the sake of her own selfish desires.

Thinking of this, she a*sured again and again, “When these photos are washed out, we will make sure you are satisfied.”

“Okay, then we’ll wait to see the results.”

Wen Shiyu smiled and nodded her head.

Seeing this, Feng Shenye inquired smoothly, “How much do these photos cost in total?”

“There’s no rush on the money, wait until this time tomorrow when you come here to get the photos and we’ll settle the bill.”

Qu Shan unexpectedly refused to settle with Feng Shenye.

Wen Shiyu was a little surprised, “Aren’t you afraid that we won’t come?”

“Not afraid, I believe the two of you are not such people.”

Qu Shan looked at Wen Shiyu with certainty and smiled, “Well, it’s late, I’ll leave the two of you alone and go back to develop the photos first, bye.”

She waved, after which she ran off with gusto.

Looking at the girl who left in a blaze of glory, Wen Shiyu found it quite pleasing.

Feng Shenye could see that although Wen Shiyu was tired, she was in an extremely good mood, and a smile appeared at the corners of her mouth.

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