Always Been Yours Chapter 1109

“Nothing, the caretaker called and said the hospital had arranged for the old lady to have chemotherapy first thing tomorrow morning and the hospital side wanted a family member there.”

Wen Shiyu did not hide and told the truth.

Feng Shenye also wrinkled his brow, but in the end he didn’t say anything, he just said with concern, “Do you want me to accompany you?”

“No, you have to go to the office tomorrow, I can do it myself, and there is a caretaker at the hospital, it’s fine.”

Wen Shiyu shook her head and refused.

This matter ShenYe has already helped a lot, how can I feel good about letting him do everything.

Feng Shenye thought about it, but agreed.

The company’s business tomorrow did require him to handle it.

However, he was not comfortable letting Wen Shiyu face the old lady alone.

“Then I’ll have Xu Yan accompany you.”


Knowing that he was worried about himself, Wen Shiyu nodded her head and agreed.


Early the next morning, Wen Shiyu had just finished breakfast when Xu Yan came over.

“President, Young Madam.”

He greeted as he stood respectfully in the living room.

Feng Shenye nodded his head and admonished, “Protect young madam well.”

“I will.”

Xu Yan nodded and took orders.

When they arrived at the hospital, the old lady saw Wen Shiyu, her eyes were not her eyes and her nose was not her nose.

“Why are you only here now, did you come late on purpose so that you could delay my treatment?”

Looking at the unreasonable old lady, Wen Shiyu didn’t want to pay attention to her at all.

She turned her head to look at the caretaker and asked, “What time is the chemotherapy scheduled for?”

“At ten o’clock.”

The nurse answered truthfully.

Wen Shiyu nodded her head and looked down at her phone, there were still ten minutes or so before ten o’clock, so she could go there first.

Just as she was about to instruct the caretaker, the old lady was dissatisfied with being ignored and reprimanded, “Wen Shiyu, I’m talking to you, do you still have me as an elder in your eyes?”

“First of all, you have to look like an elder, unfortunately, you don’t have one with me, so don’t waste everyone’s time.”

Wen Shiyu looked at the old lady with cold eyes, her voice clear and cold, “It’s not long now until your chemotherapy treatment, are you sure you want to delay with me here?”

The old lady was exasperated by her attitude, but was extraordinarily squeamish and turned her head to scold the caretaker.

“Don’t you hear that time is running out, and don’t come and help me out of bed!”

The nurse didn’t care, and went forward to help the old lady out of bed.

After all, when she was sent here, she knew that this old lady had a bad temper.

The group left the ward and headed to the chemotherapy room.

Xu Yan carefully guarded Wen Shiyu so that she would not be bumped into by pa*sers-by.

The old lady looked at Wen Shiyu, who was walking elegantly and nobly in front of her, and hated her with a pa*sion.

Now she was living in poverty, but this b*tch had become a young lady of a luxurious family and was being served every day!

Wen Shiyu naturally noticed the malicious looks behind her, but she didn’t care.

When she arrived at the chemotherapy room, the old lady was picked up by the doctor.

When she came out, her whole body was in a very bad state, all kinds of nausea, vomiting, and her face was even more pale.

Seeing how uncomfortable the old lady was, the nurse got a gla*s of water and walked over to her, “Old lady, take a sip of water to slow down.”

“Get out of my way!”

The old lady swept the gla*s of water in front of her to the floor.

With a ‘clatter’, the gla*s fell to pieces and the water spilled all over the floor.

The caretaker looked startled.

Wen Shiyu looked at her wet hands and said with concern, “Are you alright, did you get burnt?”

“I’m fine, the water is warm.”

The nurse shook her head while wiping her hands with the tissue next to her.

Wen Shiyu nodded and turned her head to stare at the old lady unhappily, “What are you making a fuss about again?”

“Why am I making a scene, it’s clearly you b*tch who wants to harm me, do you not want to see me get better, that’s why you ordered this painful treatment for me.”

The old lady pointed at Wen Shiyu and scolded angrily.

Wen Shiyu was outright exasperated and laughed.

What a dog biting Lü Dongbin, not knowing the goodness of her heart.

Of course she would not be accustomed to this old lady’s stinky temper and sneered back with dislike.


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