Always Been Yours Chapter 1112

During the meal, Little Bao’er played his function as a living treasure, coaxing Wen Shiyu with all kinds of sweet talk.

Wen Shiyu was amused by his childish words and laughed out loud, the haze in her heart, too, gradually disappeared, and finally forgot about the morning’s unhappiness.

Little did he know that there was a conspiracy approaching.

That afternoon, the video about Wen Shiyu slapping the old lady was exposed on the internet by the media.

[It’s really a long time coming, how can there be such a vicious junior in the world, grandmother’s cancer, rich granddaughter not willing to pay for the medical expenses, and still inciting the old lady to slap in the hospital!

When this news came out, it immediately sparked the attention of netizens.

In a short while, the news was filled with abuses against Wen Shiyu.

“D*mn, how can there be such a vicious woman, it’s true that the richer you are, the darker your heart is.”

“This woman looks like a human being, but she is worse than an animal.”

“Such a woman is worthy of being a mother.”

“D*mn it, where are the police, this kind of woman should be taken to prison for rehabilitation.”

“She’s already caused elder abuse, right?”

“This kind of b*tch should be fleshed out.”

“With such a black heart, I’m afraid the child in her belly is only a bad one too.”

Many netizens crusaded against Wen Shiyu.

There were even keyboard warriors who didn’t even spare the child in Wen Shiyu’s belly, cursing harder and harder.

It was no wonder they were so angry.

Clipped in that news was a video of Wen Shiyu slapping in the hospital room.

Although in the video, Wen Shiyu only showed the side of her face, both the words she said and the aura on her body made people feel arrogant.

On the other hand, the old lady, who looked malnourished and thin, was in stark contrast to the brightly dressed Wen Shiyu, making people feel pitiful.

At first, many people didn’t know Wen Shiyu, they just thought she was a good-looking person, why was she so vicious?

But as the incident fermented and became more and more serious, the people who paid attention to this matter were no longer just netizens, but also many celebrities.

“Huh, isn’t this Wen Shiyu?”

Some people who were in the music industry pointed out Wen Shiyu’s identity online.

This person was also a musician who was famous in China, with three to four million fans.

Therefore, as soon as his comment came out, it was immediately noticed by the fans and they started to ask after him.

“Brother, do you know this vicious woman?”

“Brother, tell me who this b*tch is, I can’t help but go scold her.”

Without waiting for that musician to point out Wen Shiyu’s identity, others in the music circle, exposed Wen Shiyu’s identity online.

“I know this woman too, her name is Wen Shiyu, she’s a musician who has recently made a name for herself in Vienna.”

“I heard that this woman is also a student of Sophia’s predecessor and is touted as the next Sophia.”

Based on the information provided by these people in the music industry, netizens went over the net to flesh out Wen Shiyu’s profile abroad.

That afternoon, the information about Wen Shiyu was exposed on the internet.

Self-proclaimed righteous netizens flocked to Wen Shiyu’s social accounts to abuse and boycott.

“What a genius female musician, underneath her innocent appearance is a vicious heart!”

“Even a woman with a black heart like you is worthy of playing the violin, it feels like the violin has been tarnished by you!”

“b*tch, why don’t you go and die?”

“You’re about to become a mother, leave your children some virtue, be careful of what comes back to your children!”

“Heaven’s way is good, wait to see your miserable end.”

Wen Shiyu’s fans also noticed that many comments flooded in at once under their idol’s social media software.

Although most of her fans were from abroad, there were still some who knew the language of country X, and therefore knew what had happened to Wen Shiyu.

The fans simply did not believe that Wen Shiyu was such a person, and instantly argued with the netizens in the country.

“Our idol is definitely not such a person, someone must have set it up.”

“There are pictures and the truth, who would have nothing to set up.”

Netizens fought back and sent links to the news to these fans abroad to see, “Take a good look at what kind of person your idol is, hurry up and take off your fans before it’s too late.”

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