Always Been Yours Chapter 1114

“You’re right, so there’s no need for us to let other people’s mistakes punish us, listen, don’t cry, it hurts my heart when you’re like this.”

Feng Shenye continued to patiently coax Wen Shiyu.

Wen Shiyu also felt that this was reasonable.

She shouldn’t punish herself with other people’s mistakes now, instead, she should be good and not be affected by this incident.

Seeing that Wen Shiyu had gradually calmed down, Feng Shenye breathed a sigh of relief and continued, “I have already asked Xu Yan to investigate this matter, I believe there will be news soon, so I will handle it when the time comes.”

Wen Shiyu nodded her head.

But for some reason, she always felt that things would not be so simple.

In fact, it was indeed as Wen Shiyu had thought.

That afternoon, the news on the internet had a new revelation.

[BREAKING! The woman who arrogantly beat up the man was the sister of the general manager of this year’s dark horse company, Wen’s, and also the prospective daughter-in-law of the Feng family, the richest man in South City, with a family that is worth millions of dollars!

When this news came out, netizens were shaken.

“D*mn, this b*tch is so rich that she won’t even treat the old grandmother, is she still human?”

“No wonder she’s so hoity-toity, so she’s the Feng family’s prospective daughter-in-law.”

“It’s true that the richer the person, the more petty they are.”

“Doesn’t anyone wonder how such a woman of corrupt moral character became the prospective daughter-in-law of the Feng family?”

“It’s because the mother has a son.”

“I didn’t expect the Feng family to accept such a beastly woman, it’s simply too disappointing to me.”

“As the saying goes, if you’re not from a family, you don’t enter a family, the Feng family has a big family, yet they found this one woman, obviously not a good thing either.”

For a while, the netizens were also unimpressed with the Feng Group.

Wen Jingchen’s company wasn’t much better.

Both companies were negatively affected.

Wen Shiyu’s reputation was even slandered by netizens who couldn’t look at it.

There were even radical netizens who demanded online that the police be allowed to intervene.

“Is it great just because you have money? Does having money mean you can be lawless? I seriously suspect that this woman is suspected of abusing the elderly for a long time.”

“Strongly demand that the police arrest this woman, such scum should be locked up in a labour camp for hard rehabilitation.”

The matter got bigger and bigger, and it all spread to the music scene abroad.

And Wen Shiyu’s fans from the circle some time ago have all run away for a large part of the time, leaving the hardcore fans behind to struggle for support and argue with the netizens at home.

Sofia and a few other brothers and sisters also knew about it.

That day, Sofia called Wen Shiyu with concern on behalf of the others.

“Shiyu, are you alright?”

“I’m fine.”

When Wen Shiyu heard her teacher’s worried voice, a warm current crossed her heart.

Sofia sighed in relief, “It’s good that you’re fine, your senior brother and I were worried about you… What’s going on online?”

“It’s all just old stuff.”

Wen Shiyu pursed her lips and roughly described her past experiences.

Although it was said that family shame should not be disclosed, but the teacher was not an outsider, and besides, all these things, the teacher would know sooner or later.

After hearing this, Sofia was furious, “How can there be such a vicious person in the world!”

At the same time, she also felt even more heartbroken for Wen Shiyu.

Wen Shiyu’s heart warmed as she listened to her teacher’s angry tone.

“Teacher doesn’t need to be angry, these things are already in the past for me.”

She persuaded her teacher.

Even so, Sofia treated her with pain, “Now that things have spread abroad, do you need anything from my side to help you? Like sending out an announcement?”

“No, there’s no need to make any response from the teacher’s side of this matter, I’ll settle it at home.”

Wen Shiyu refused her teacher’s kind offer.

This was supposed to be her personal matter, and she didn’t want to involve her teacher in it.

Seeing her resolute refusal, Sofia did not force her, but only urged, “If there is anything you need me and your senior brother and sister to do, just let us know.”

Wen Shiyu was grateful, thanked her and hung up the phone.

Putting down her phone, she checked the online news again, but found that there was more and more negative news about Feng’s Group, and her mood was seriously affected at once.

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