Always Been Yours Chapter 1121

It turned out to be the family of the journalist who, having learned that the journalist had been kidnapped and might even be in danger at any moment, ran to the police station to report the incident and ask for help.

The police were already investigating the matter and questioned the family.

They were not expecting to find any clues.

First of all, the culprit who kidnapped the journalist was not the Feng Group. The family suspected that the journalist was someone who had done something wrong and wanted to kill the journalist and plant the evidence on the Feng Group.

The second is about the Wen Shiyu beating incident, it was the journalist who received a benefit from someone else to deliberately slander Wen Shiyu!

After reading this news report, the whole internet was shocked.

“I told you there was something fishy about this incident, and no one believed it yet.”

“Now the reporter’s family has personally come forward to prove it, barristers, what else can you say?”

No one expected that it would be the journalist’s wife who would come forward to testify as things had developed.

And not only did she explain everything to the police, she also made a special live broadcast to explain it online for netizens.

Netizens got the news and flocked to the live stream, posting pop-up questions.

That journalist’s wife also juggled every question possible.

“You guys are asking me why I’m so sure it wasn’t Feng’s group that kidnapped him, because I think if it was Feng’s group that did it, they should have been the first to clarify what happened online when they caught my husband, instead of posting a smear video of themselves online like that.”

“Ask my husband how many days he’s been missing? He hasn’t been back since it came to light.”

“What is your opinion on this incident? All I can say is that my husband has done something wrong and can redeem himself, but he is in a perilous situation, I don’t know if he is in danger, and I hope the police can get the man out as soon as possible.”

“Is it true that someone is behind this incident to instruct your husband? My husband was indeed instructed by someone to frame Miss Wen, and the truth of the video is not what you saw on the internet.”

“Is there any evidence? Of course there is, my husband has the full video in his hand, this is the evidence, as for this video I have already handed it over to the media, I believe the truth will be restored soon, now I just hope my husband will come back safely.”

The reporter’s wife answered the netizens’ questions as she read them out.

The netizens sighed when they saw this, and at the same time were even more curious about the truth of the matter.

So as soon as the full video was released that afternoon, it immediately gained the attention of the majority of netizens.

Just by the time netizens finished watching the video, all of them were furious.

“F*ck, this dead old woman is so vicious, why is she still alive, why not just die!”

“A tiger’s poison doesn’t eat its child, that’s her own great-grandson, how dare she curse and curse like that, who did the child P*ss off.”

“It’s so hateful, I want to beat someone up.”

“I want to punch someone too, this is using me as a gun!”

In the full video, the old lady pointed at the child in Wen Shiyu’s stomach and cursed and cursed, all of which were captured on camera.

And when Wen Shiyu hit someone, it was obvious that she did it only when she could not bear it anymore.

At that moment, netizens were very heartbroken for Wen Shiyu.

There were even quite a few netizens who had abusively scolded Wen Shiyu before and started to apologise.

“I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have followed the trend of abusing you at that time after seeing only one-sided words.”

“In a situation like this, if it were me, a slap on the wrist would be light.”

“Yes, the more you become a mother, the more you can’t accept people bullying your own child.”

“To be honest, this matter, I think Wen Shiyu handled it more atmospherically than any of us. This old lady kicked Wen Shiyu’s siblings out of the house when they were young, and by definition, they are now people with no relationship, yet Wen Shiyu was willing to go back home and pay for the old lady’s care when she was suffering from cancer, and even after such a scandal, he didn’t abandon the old lady and leave her alone. I think it’s already benevolent.”

“This is a very good point upstairs, ordinary people just can’t do what Wen Shiyu is doing.”


In Di Jinglan Garden, Wen Shi Yu saw that the matter on the Internet finally came to the bottom, and the hanging heart was completely put down.


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