Always Been Yours Chapter 1129

Hearing these words, Mu Wanxian’s face turned vaguely white.

Pei Xin Yi couple frowned and looked towards Feng Shen Jin questioningly, “What do you mean by this?”

Feng Shenjin smiled without saying a word, but stared at Mu Wanxian, his eyes sneering and despising.

Seeing this, the old man’s face sank like water.

He knew very well that Feng Shenjin could not have done this without meaning, the only possible thing was that …… these things were related to Mu Wanxian.

The Pei Xin Yi couple is not stupid.

The only thing that the old man can think of, they can naturally think of too, so they looked towards Mu Wanxian in disbelief.

Master Mu was also a smart person, he had already felt that something was wrong with Feng Shenjin calling them over today, and now that he heard these words, how could he not understand?

“Wanxian, you…”

He looked sideways at Mu Wanxian angrily, but did not know how to reprimand him.

Mu Wanxian met her grandfather’s annoyed eyes and her entire body froze.

She opened her mouth to argue.

But before she could say anything, Feng Shenjin interrupted, “Miss Mu is at least a young lady from a famous family, so courtesy, righteousness and integrity can be considered the most basic upbringing, don’t you know that my brother already has an owner, so it’s not good to take away someone’s love!”

These words could be said to be quite unkind, simply pulling down Mu Wanxian’s shame cloth.

Mu Wanxian was ashamed, but more than that, she was afraid.

She clenched her fist to death and forced herself to calm down.

Right now, Feng Shenjin was saying these things, and she absolutely could not admit them.

“Second young master, if I have offended you somewhere, I apologise to you here, and please don’t say anything else, lest you spoil the decades-long friendship between the two families.”

She did not mention a single word about the things Feng Shenjin had said, instead she deliberately misinterpreted Feng Shenjin’s words.

Feng Shenjin naturally saw through Mu Wanxian’s ploy and snorted coldly, “Miss Mu is indeed a clever person, but it’s a pity that she used her cleverness in the wrong place.”

Mu Wanxian heard the sarcasm in these words, and her face instantly fell.

Just as she was about to say something else, she was called to a halt by the not-so-good-looking Master Mu.

“You should stop interrupting and let Shen Jin finish his words!”

Elder Mu said, sweeping a glance between the two brothers, Feng Shenye and Feng Shenjin, and said in a deep voice: “Since Shenjin called us here today, he definitely won’t say anything without any reason, so finish your words and let me hear what’s going on.”

Seeing this, Feng Shenjin was quite satisfied with Elder Mu’s impartial attitude.

“Elder Mu is right, since I have made an appointment to meet the two of you today, I have indeed made sufficient preparations, and then again I do not intend to let the two families tear their faces apart and ruin their relationship, but ……”

He deliberately paused for a moment, then his words turned sharp and said, “What Miss Mu has done is really a shame for the Mu family, which makes my intention difficult to be at peace!”

Hearing these words, Mu Wanxian’s face completely tensed up.

Especially when she met Feng Shenjin’s anger-filled eyes, her heart was in turmoil.

As if Feng Shenjin didn’t see her panicked expression, he accused, “Miss Mu, in order to clang my brother back to China, you went out of your way to have me kidnapped, but you underestimated the ability of my Feng family. ”

“You found out that my sister-in-law and her grandmother didn’t get along, so you deliberately had people squatting on my sister-in-law, filmed video screens of my sister-in-law and her grandmother arguing, and then posted them out of context to smear my sister-in-law online, and even hired a water force to curse the child in my sister-in-law’s belly!”

Feng Shenjin pressed on Mu Wanxian step by step with an angry expression, “When you did these things, did you not think that in case my sister-in-law had anything, there might be an accident that you could not have predicted?”

At this moment, Mu Wanxian had been confronted by Feng Shenjin, her head was blank.

Looking at the woman who was unable to respond to herself, Feng Shen Jin sneered and mocked, “Oh, I thought wrong just now, you should be eager for my sister-in-law and them to have an accident, right?”

“No, it’s not like that.”


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