Always Been Yours Chapter 1132

This was indeed the case.

Feng Shenye said, “The women you have found for me over the years are almost all such goods, and if you can’t get them, you have to destroy them.

When these words came out, the old man’s already unsightly face became even more unsightly.

Pei Xin Yi and her husband also frowned, but in the end they said nothing.

Feng Shenjin, on the other hand, looked at his brother with admiring eyes.

In their family, his brother was the only one who dared to openly shout at grandpa.

Seeing that Old Master had no intention of speaking up, Feng Shenye continued, “Do you know, when I saw Shiyu and the child in her belly being cursed by outsiders, my heart cut like a knife, you are also a person who has been a father, so I think you should know how unpleasant that feeling is.”

As the old man listened, a twinge of guilt did rise up, but he had never given in to anyone in his life, so even when he tried to speak properly, the words became harsh on his lips.

“I’m not doing this for your own good, if you didn’t have to have that girl, how would there be so much going on?”

Without surprise, Feng Shenye’s cold air turned into substance when he heard these words.

“In that case, there is no need for your old man to do me any good in the future. This time, for your sake, I have spared Mu Wanxian, but the Mu family is no longer the same as an enemy to me, in the future, but whenever there is someone from the Mu family, you should not ask me to get involved again.”

After finishing his words, he did not care how ugly the old man’s face was, he directly got up and left.

When the old man saw this, he was so angry that he blew out his beard and glared, “What does he mean, he’s grudging me too?”

Seeing that the situation was not right, Feng Shenjin hastily sold his good manners and walked to the old man’s side to appease him.

“Grandpa, don’t be angry, my brother didn’t mean that.”

“I think that’s what he meant, obviously I’m also doing it for his own good.

The old man was angry and aggrieved.

Feng Shenjin was helpless, and could only coax the old man with good words.

On the way back, Master Mu’s face was as black as ink, and his anger was so strong that it could not be ignored.

Mu Wanxian also knew that she had done something wrong and took the initiative to apologize with pursed lips, “I’m sorry grandpa, I made you lose face in front of grandpa Feng today.”

Don’t look at the two old masters as being on good terms, but in fact there was usually a secret rivalry.

At that moment, Elder Mu couldn’t help himself, sulking and reprimanding, “If you knew you would lose face, why did you still do it?!”

Mu Wanxian bit her lower lip with difficulty, tears welling up in her eyes.

The old man, seeing this, was a bit soft-hearted, but still reprimanded with an angry face: “In the past, I always said that you knew how to behave, but now it seems that this is only in your work, in personal matters, you are not at all sensible, and I have warned you several times about this matter, why are you still so rigid? Is Feng Shenye the only man in this world? The Mu family’s style has been corrupted by you!”

These words could be said to be quite heavy, almost rejecting all of Mu Wanxian’s previous efforts.

At that moment, Mu Wanxian was so aggrieved that tears were like broken beads, constantly spilling out of her eyes.

“I know I’m not doing this just now, but it’s rare that I like someone so much that I can’t give up.”

Looking at his sobbing granddaughter, Elder Mu was angry, yet helpless, “It is undeniable that Feng Shenye is indeed excellent, but in this world, there are not no people who are as good as him, why are you so dead set on him?”

“I also know that there are many good people in the world, but I just can’t help it, even though I know he’s about to get married, I still can’t help it, I just like him.”

Mu Wanxian choked back her sobs and revealed her heart.

Hearing this, Master Mu didn’t know what to say and sighed, “Now the relationship between the two families is awkward, I don’t even know how to get around in the future.”

“I’m sorry grandpa, I didn’t think it through.”

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