Always Been Yours Chapter 1136

“This one is?”

She naturally knew Wen Shiyu, but her identity was not clear, so she could not greet her directly.

Little Bao’er was probably familiar with this Madam Xiao, so she hugged Wen Shiyu’s lap and showed off, “Grandma Xiao, isn’t my mommy beautiful.”

Mrs. Xiao was a little surprised and looked towards Pei Xin Yi.

Naturally, Pei Xin Yi read her eyes and pointed at Wen Shiyu and introduced her in a big way, “This is my daughter-in-law Wen Shiyu.”

When Wen Shiyu heard Pei Xin Yi’s introduction, she froze for a moment.

After she reacted, she couldn’t stop being happy in her heart.

Her mother-in-law was acknowledging her!

Pei Xin Yi looked at the giggling Wen Shiyu, but she understood, and her eyes were gentle as she urged, “Why don’t you quickly greet your Auntie Xiao.”

“Good morning, Auntie Xiao.”

Wen Shiyu responded and immediately greeted Mrs. Xiao with good manners.

Mrs. Xiao was also surprised in her heart but did not show it on the surface, smiling and praising, “You are a well-behaved child.”

They chatted for a while and then left.

The next day, Wen Shiyu accompanied Pei Xin Yi to the mall and bought a lot of things.

When she returned home later in the evening, she was exhausted.

She looked at the man next to her who was still in high spirits and couldn’t help but pout, “Honey, my feet are sore.”

“Let me rub them for you.”

Feng Shenye was already distressed that she had walked for too long today, so he sat down directly on the sofa next to her and helped her with the ma*sage.

Seeing this, Little Bao’er also went around behind Wen Shiyu and said, “Mommy, I’ll rub your shoulders.”

Wen Shiyu enjoyed the care of both her father and son, feeling so happy.

After a while, Uncle Chen came over and reported, “Young Master, Special a*sistant Xu is here.”

Just as these words fell, Xu had already entered the living room.

Seeing this, Wen Shiyu immediately tried to take her legs back.

After all, this kind of conjugal lovemaking was fine in private, but in front of Feng Shenye’s men, she still had to restrain herself and not let Feng Shenye lose his image in front of his men.

The first time she made a move, Feng Shenye’s puzzled voice rang in her ears, “What’s wrong?”

Looking at the man’s puzzled expression, Wen Shiyu could only remind helplessly, “Special a*sistant Xu is here.”

Almost as soon as these words fell, Feng Shenye tasted the meaning of Wen Shiyu’s words.

“If he’s here, he’s here, you can sit at ease.”

He did not care about his image in front of his subordinates.

To him, nothing was as important as Wen Shiyu.

So when Xu came in, he saw such a scene.

His high and mighty, god-like president was now doing a ma*sage for someone.

Although he froze for a moment, he was used to seeing it.

After all, in front of the young lady, his president had always had little bottom line.


He stood respectfully a short distance away.

Feng Shenye swept a glance at him, the ma*sage in his hands did not stop, “What is it?”

On the contrary, Wen Shiyu, who was sitting next to him, was a little fidgety and embarra*sed.

Xu pretended not to see it, lowering his eyebrows and eyes as he reported his work.

At the end, he also talked about Wen Shiyu’s side of the situation, “Today there are many media wanting to invite young madam on an interview, calling the company, among them is also a TV station’s variety show, they hope young madam can go and participate.”

“Invite me?”

Wen Shiyu was surprised.

Xu nodded and smiled, “Young Madam’s popularity in China is not bad now.”

“How is that possible?”

Wen Shiyu did not believe it.

Xu explained, “It’s nothing impossible, two days ago you were slandered, and now after clarification, everyone has seen how good you are, and you have very much circled a group of supporters.”

Speaking at the end, he looked at Wen Shiyu admiringly, “Speaking of which, now Young Madam’s Weibo followers have risen to a million, and this is still the result of just two days.”

Hearing that, Wen Shiyu was even more stunned.

She had actually increased her fan base?

Thinking about it, she took out her phone and logged onto her Weibo, and really found that as Xu had said, her followers had already exceeded one million, and there were even countless fans staying to say hello below her dynamic.

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