Always Been Yours Chapter 1138

Seeing that his teacher was thinking of himself in every way, Wen Shiyu was touched in his heart, “Thank you, teacher.”

The two of them talked for a while longer before hanging up the phone.

Feng Shenye looked at the smile on Wen Shiyu’s face and came closer to ask, “What did you say to your teacher, you were smiling so happily.”

“My teacher has a friend who wants me to do an interview with her, and thinks that this interview will be useful to me, so she told me.”

Wen Shiyu gave a general account of the conversation they had just had.

Feng Shenye did know about this magazine and praised it from the bottom of his heart, “This teacher of yours is very considerate of you.”

“That’s right, this is my teacher.”

Wen Shiyu raised her chin with an arrogant face.

Feng Shenye looked at it and only found it cute, smiling as he took her into his arms, “Since that’s the case, then I’ll have Xu arrange it for you tomorrow.”

Wen Shiyu nodded her head.


The next morning, Xu set the time and place for the interview.

The time was that afternoon, and the place for the interview was at Dijing Lan Yuan.

In Feng Shenye’s words, since it was now public, there was no need to hide it.

In the afternoon of the same day, Qiao Yue brought her staff to Di Jing Lan Yuan.

As soon as they entered, they were surprised by the magnificent architecture around them.

However, several people were very steady and met with Wen Shiyu without any difference on their faces.

Because of Wen Shiyu’s pregnancy, they didn’t exchange too many pleasantries.

After almost greeting and introducing themselves, they went straight to the topic of the interview.

“From the previous news blast on the internet, we can see that Miss Wen used to live in very difficult conditions, but under those circumstances, you also persisted with your dream, we can see that you really love this violin, can you tell me how you persisted with it?”

Qi Yue smiled lightly as she asked Wen Shiyu a question.

Obviously, she had prepared well before coming here and had learned all about Wen Shiyu’s past life.

Wen Shiyu was in a trance, recalling back to the past, “When I say perseverance, it is actually more apt to say urging, as everyone knows my brother had a bad leg at that time and the medical bills were very high, originally I wanted to give up my dream to work with all my might, but he said that if I gave up, he would also give up the treatment, so that’s how I persevered.”

Although she said it plainly, it still gave people a feeling that it was not easy.

Compa*sion rose in Qi Yue’s heart, and she gently asked a few other questions.

Wen Shiyu also answered them all.

Finally, Qi Yue asked about Wen Shiyu’s relationship.

Wen Shiyu looked at the camera with a happy face, “If I had to describe my life in any way, I think it’s like chocolate because it’s bitter before it’s sweet, and my life is like that, the first half of my life was hard, but the second half of my life is only sweet because of my husband’s appearance.”

The interview was broadcasted online that night.

Netizens were raving about Wen Shiyu then.

Mu Wanxian also saw the interview and hated Wen Shiyu with all her heart.

“How can this b*tch have a better life than me?

She was unwilling to give up, and the anger in her heart had nowhere to go.

In contrast to Wen Shiyu’s positive reviews, her online reviews were almost all curses!

And she, the titled Miss of the Mu family, was even described by those netizens as someone with a snake’s heart.

Not only that, Feng Shenye even stopped all cooperation with her company and the Mu family!

The next day, Mu Wanxian arrived at the company.

When Liu Yuan learned of the news, she immediately knocked on the door and entered the office, “General Manager, this morning the Feng Group had someone send over the termination letter.”

As she spoke, she handed over the contract in her hand.

Mu Wanxian looked at the termination letter on the table, and her already not-so-good face became even more ugly.

She gritted her teeth and questioned, “Apart from this, did Feng’s group say anything else?”

“Nothing, the person who came put the termination letter down and left.”

Liu Yuan answered truthfully and also said with some anger, “Feng’s group has taken things so far, is it planning to cut off relations with us directly?”

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