Always Been Yours Chapter 1148

Alice was a little distracted, “It feels like I’m being force fed a mouthful of dog food by you here.”

Wen Shiyu smiled.

Later in the evening, after talking about work, Alice left.

The next time, Alice did give Wen Shiyu a few exclusive interviews.

Wen Shiyu also cooperated with each of them.

It was just that for several days in a row, she was dealing with different interviews, which made her mentally exhausted.

After all, it was impossible for an interview to go smoothly, and many hosts preferred to make things happen and dig holes for their guests in order to raise the topic of the interview.

It’s safe to say that if the guest can’t focus mentally, they will be pitted by the host.

But there are two sides to the story.

Although the interviews were tiring, the results were still good.

At least during this period of time, Wen Shiyu’s popularity remained intact.

The most obvious place is that the number of followers on her Weibo has exceeded two million.

And today was Wen Shiyu’s last interview, and it was also an interview column with a very controversial topic in China.

During it, the host prepared very sharp and pointed questions.

“We all know that when Miss Wen first went abroad to further her studies, it didn’t go well at first, she even changed two bands in a row in a short period of time, and one of the bands was even involved in a criminal case, as far as we know Miss Wen was also implicated in this and was silent for a while, what is Miss Wen’s opinion on this?”

Hearing these words, Wen Shiyu frowned slightly.

She knew that this host was talking about her departure from Hathaway’s band.

“I don’t have an opinion, I can only say that everyone has to take responsibility for their own actions, then again, I think we should think about the future now, instead of just pursuing what has become the past.”

This was said with great tact by Wen Shiyu, so that the host could not mention the past again.

So the interview that followed was finally much gentler.

Later in the evening, the interview ended and Wen Shiyu was very tired.

She felt that running around to various interviews like this was not the way to go, so she went back and discussed it with Alice.

“I think it’s still too slow to build up popularity just from interviews, and it’s simply not enough, and it hurts.”

“So what’s your best idea?”

Alice looked over towards Wen Shiyu.

Wen Shiyu pondered for a moment and suggested, “Why don’t we take part in the show ‘I’m a Musician’, which is star-studded and extremely influential in China, if we use this to promote the special, I think it will have a better effect than an interview, and it will also show people my ability in a more visual way.”

After hearing Wen Shiyu’s words, Alice thought it was a good idea.

She nodded her head and agreed, “I remember that this show has sent you an invitation before, I’ll go back and look for my email address later, and then I’ll answer the invitation for you.”

Wen Shiyu nodded her head.

The two of them chatted about work matters for a while before Feng Shenye returned.

“Mr. Feng.”

Alice took the initiative to greet him, then very tactfully offered to leave.

In a short while, only Wen Shiyu and Feng Shenye were left in the living room.

Feng Shenye knew that Wen Shiyu had an interview today and was concerned, “Did the interview go well this afternoon? Was it difficult?”

“It went very well, and no one dares to make things difficult for me now.”

As she said that, Wen Shiyu couldn’t help but smile.

Of course, she was not joking.

After what had happened to Mu, her identity had been exposed, the Feng family’s prospective daughter-in-law.

Because of this identity, no matter where she went these days, others were all respectful and reasonable.

Although she was a little uncomfortable, she felt that this was good, as it would save her a lot of trouble.

Feng Shenye looked at the smile on his wife’s face, as if it was infected, and the corners of his mouth also wore a light smile.

The two of them just snuggled up on the sofa and chatted away.

“I remember today is your last interview, what do you have planned for the time after that?”

“I was just discussing this with Alice just now, I’m planning to join the show ‘I’m a Musician’.”

Wen Shiyu spoke out what she had discussed with Alice earlier.

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