Always Been Yours Chapter 1151

The staff member wasn’t going to say much.

Song Ling Lan, however, misunderstood, thinking that the staff did not count the details, and that the other party must be less curious than herself, but did not know what means were used to snatch the separate lounge belonging to her.

But all this, Wen Shiyu did not know.

She was sitting at the make-up table, with the make-up artist behind her, fixing her make-up.

At this time, the mobile phone she had placed next to her rang, and it was a message from Feng Shenye.

“I’m already on my way, I’ll be there in a moment.”

It turned out to be Feng Shenye who knew that Wen Shiyu was going to record a show tonight, so he planned to come over to accompany her.

Seeing this message, the corners of Wen Shiyu’s mouth smiled sweetly.

She held her phone, her green and jade-like fingers typing on the screen, “Okay, I’ll wait for you.”

Unexpectedly, just as the message was sent, the door of the room behind her was suddenly pushed open from the outside.

Wen Shiyu and the others subconsciously looked over and found that the person who barged in was a heavily made-up woman.

This woman was none other than Song Ling Lan and her team who had caused trouble in the corridor earlier.

They were followed by staff from the TV station’s side.

Wen Shiyu immediately frowned in displeasure.

Alice’s face also showed some dissatisfaction.

She let Wen Shiyu continue to apply her make-up, and then went up to the staff herself and said, “What’s going on here?”

“Sorry to interrupt, it was this Miss Song who insisted on barging in to take a look.”

The TV staff hurriedly apologised to Alice and gave the general reason.

Alice’s face instantly went cold.

Seeing that her face was not right, the staff member quickly turned to Song Linglan and persuaded her, “Miss Song, now that you have seen it, hurry up and follow me out, you can’t barge in this place.”

After all, the people in this lounge were not people he could offend.

Song Ling Lan did not know the fear in the staff’s heart and disliked them with arrogance, “Why can’t I barge in? What kind of person is this Wen Shiyu, I’ve never even heard of her, why does she have a separate dressing room and I don’t?”

Especially when she saw the luxurious setup in the lounge, she became even more furious.

This should be her treatment, and now it was being hijacked by a nobody.

The staff member was stunned.

He didn’t expect Song Ling Lan to not recognize Wen Shiyu.

“Have you not even watched the news? Miss Wen has been so hot recently and the news was buzzing a while ago, you actually don’t know Miss Wen’s identity?”

In fact, not only was the staff surprised, Wen Shiyu and Alice were also surprised.

Although Wen Shiyu didn’t think she was necessarily to the point where everyone knew about it, but as someone in the entertainment industry, shouldn’t she always be aware of the trends on the internet.

Since this Song Suzuran was an obvious one, there was no reason why she wouldn’t know herself.

Unbeknownst to her, Song Suzu Lan had been on the set of a drama some time ago, and her news was closed until today, when she came out of the film city.

That’s why she didn’t know about Wen Shiyu’s rise to fame.

Song Ling Lan sensed the looks coming from all around her and raised her eyebrows arrogantly, “What, is she very hot?”

After saying that, she looked towards Wen Shiyu and a touch of jealousy rose in her eyes.

The woman in front of her, with her exquisite appearance like a ceramic doll and snow-white skin, was something she could only hope for.

After all, all these years, she had been filming day and night, and the skin on her face still had blemishes no matter how much she took care of it.

It was just for a moment that Song Ling Lan decided that Wen Shiyu should be the kind of new actress who relied on her good looks to catch fire by speculating on scandals.

At that moment, she snorted coldly, “No matter if you are hot or not, according to the rules of the entertainment industry, you, a newcomer, should also give way to me at this time.”

When the staff member next to him heard this, he really had one head and two heads.

He felt that this Song Ling Lan was really becoming more and more unaware of the sky, not even knowing what the person’s status was before she dared to make such a big statement.

“Miss Song, don’t be a nuisance here, the recording of the programme will start soon, you should hurry back to your make-up now.”

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