Always Been Yours Chapter 1159

That evening, the show ended.

Little Bao’er followed Feng Shenjin back one step ahead.

Wen Shiyu finished removing her make-up and also let Alice off work.

She then followed Feng Shenye back by car.

On the way back, Wen Shiyu thought about what the host had announced on stage earlier and sweetly hugged Feng Shenye around the waist, “How come I didn’t know anything about you using my name to create an aid fund?”

She knew that the reason Feng Shenye did this was undoubtedly to create an image for himself.

Feng Shenye looked down at Wen Shiyu and said with a light smile, “Since you want to do something like this, then I also want to do it for you.”

Hearing these words, Wen Shiyu felt like she was soaking in a honey pot, even the air she breathed was sweet.

“Why are you so nice!”

She couldn’t help but rub Feng Shenye’s chest affectionately.

Feng Shenye let out a low laugh, his voice was pleasant, “Because it’s you, so it’s worth being so nice.”

The smile on Wen Shiyu’s lips became even sweeter as the man’s nice voice rang in her ears once again.

“Again, being able to help those children is also what the Feng Clan has been doing all these years.”

Feng Shenye wrapped his arm around Wen Shiyu and spoke in detail about the company’s past arrangements, “In fact, Feng’s invests a large amount of money every year to do public welfare, this is a well-known thing, now since you also have this awareness, then I naturally have to help my own wife.”

Listening to Feng Shenye’s words, Wen Shiyu nodded, the smile at the corner of her mouth becoming even sweeter.

It didn’t take long for the two of them to go back, and the incident made the news.


Early the next morning, Wen Shiyu had just woken up when she received a call from Alice.

“Little sister, your popularity has risen again, now your Weibo followers have broken through five million, according to this trend, it will be just a matter of two days before you break through ten million followers.”

On the phone, Alice’s voice sounded a little excited.

Wen Shiyu sniffed and was also overjoyed.

When Feng Shenye saw her hang up the phone, he immediately went over to her and asked, “What’s going on that you’re laughing so happily?”

“Just now Alice called me and said that last night’s performance made the news and even made the hot search, my fans have already exceeded five million.”

Wen Shiyu joyfully shared with Feng Shenye.

At the end, she hugged Feng Shenye and said sweetly, “Half of this is due to you, husband, thank you.”

After she finished, she couldn’t help but kiss Feng Shenye.

And the news on the internet, as it fermented over the night, also made more and more people like Wen Shiyu.

“Miss is really too inspirational and outstanding.”

“Such a large sum of money, taking it out just by saying so, ordinary people simply can’t do it.”

“All in all, I’m sure I’m a fan of Miss Sister.”

Of course, some people praised and some said sour words.

Some keyboard warriors who hate the rich are also sour in all kinds of ways online.

“She’s the young lady of the Feng Group, she doesn’t need this kind of money at all, right?”

“What’s there to praise, it’s just spending money to buy a good reputation, it’s not a rich man’s routine.”

“And if we talk about it now, we can’t say if there will be any a*sistance when the time comes.”

“Since she’s so rich, why didn’t she take money to treat her grandmother before, I think this Wen Shiyu is just like what was said upstairs, she’s trying to make a name for herself.”

Seeing these vitriolic comments, Wen Shiyu’s fans immediately quit.

“I believe our young lady is definitely true to her word.”

“Not bad how, not bad and willing to go to aid or not are two concepts.”

“Miss Sister is such a big-hearted person, and even now there are still people who smear people who refuse to treat their grandmother, I don’t know what the hell you guys think.”

“And the president of the Feng Group has already said that he will create an aid fund in our Miss Sister’s name and invest 100 million a year, you don’t believe our Miss Sister’s words, the president of the Feng Group’s words will always be unbelievable, right?”

Some people circled the matter, and the image of the Feng Group was raised another notch.

But there are still some barbarians who continue to stir up trouble under the news.

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