Always Been Yours Chapter 1166

It was hard to wait until it was time for the game to end, and children finally came out of the school entrance one after another.

When Wen Shiyu and Feng Shenye saw this, they immediately got out of the car and stood at the entrance of the school, just like other parents, looking at the school.

They had waited for most of the day, but when they saw that most of the children who had come to take part in the competition had left, but Xiao Bao’er was still missing, Wen Shiyu couldn’t help but feel worried.

Feng Shenye also frowned, a little uneasy.

Just as they were about to look for someone to ask, the sound of voices coming from their ears stopped them in their tracks.

“Daddy, let me tell you, when I came out just now, I saw a child beating someone up, that child is younger than me, five years old, but he is so fierce, even those older than him are no match.”

It turned out that little Bao’er had intended to leave after the game was over.

But instead, he was blocked in the corridor by the older kids from earlier.

“Little brat, you’re quite arrogant, you didn’t even pay attention when we spoke to you before.”

One of them, a sturdy little chubby pier with a bad face, stood in front of Xiao Bao’er.

While he was talking, he poked Little Treasure’s chest with his hand.

Xiao Bao’er took two steps backwards as he poked him, his beautiful brow furrowed tightly.

On the contrary, when Little Chubby Tun saw this soft and cute look of his, he found it amusing and demanded at once, “Of course, if you give us a little brother to play with, we won’t bother with you about what happened just now.”

Little Bao’er looked at the childish little chubby pier in front of him with disdain in his eyes.

“Boring, you guys get out of the way.”

He scolded at the little chubby dun with a taut face and an imposing manner.

Although he was not as tall as the little fat pier, his inherent noble aura was not to be underestimated.

At least the little chubby boy and the other older children were intimidated by him.

When he reacted, Fatty was furious.

He had actually been intimidated by a little kid smaller than himself, which would make him play the fool in front of the other little brothers in the future.

“Brat, you’re toasting the wine and not eating the punishment.”

With those words, he reached out his hand and shoved Little Treasure.

Seeing this, several other older kids standing next to him even coaxed, “Big brother, give this little brat a little look.”

“That’s right, that’s right, I’ve never seen such a bratty little kid.”

“Big brother, beat him up until he cries out and begs for mercy on his knees.”

Hearing these voices, Little Fatty raised his chin in triumph.

He shook his fist in front of Little Treasure and threatened, “If you kneel down and call me big brother now, I won’t beat you up, otherwise I’ll beat you until you agree.”

Who knew that as soon as his words left his mouth, Xiao Bao’er yanked his wobbling arm, and then with an over-the-shoulder drop, he directly knocked the man to the ground.

The little chubby dun fell to the ground, grimacing in pain and becoming even more furious.

At once he shouted to the few older kids next to him, “What are you all standing around for, can’t you see I’m being beaten up, beat this brat up for me.”

The other older kids reacted and immediately lunged at Xiao Bao’er with their fists clenched and without any rules.

Xiao Bao’er was not afraid at all.

After all, for as long as he could remember, his daddy had hired special trainers to teach him some self-defence stances.

Moreover, these coaches were not ordinary people, they were all of international weight.

The result was, naturally, no surprise, those few older kids simply couldn’t beat Little Treasure and were all knocked to the ground.

Some of them even cried out.

Little Boy, on the other hand, was cool as can be, except for his little suit, which was a little wrinkled.

When the others saw this, they were furious.

Especially the little chubby dun, who was shameless to the extreme.

“You guys go and get the teacher to come over and tell him there’s a fight, I’ll stay here and watch the brat.”

He instructed to the other older kids.

The older kids responded, turned around and went to find the teacher.

Not long after, a female teacher came over.

She saw tiny little Bao’er and her brow furrowed, “Who got into a fight?”

“It’s him, he hit us.”

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