Always Been Yours Chapter 1175

Soon, though, anticipation rose up in his heart.

It was always the gift Daddy had promised, and sooner or later, he would get it.

Thinking, he was all alone in his place and excited.

As the family was laughing and joking in the living room, Uncle Chen came over and informed them from outside, “Young Master, Young Madam, Young Master Jing Chen and Second Young Master are here.”

Just as these words fell, Feng Shenjin and Wen Jingchen appeared in the living room in an upright posture.

“How did you guys get together?”

Wen Shiyu was a little surprised to see the two.

Wen Jingchen smiled and explained, “When we were talking about business in the afternoon, we met up with Second Younger, so we arranged to have a drink together in the evening, but as a result, Second Younger said that Brother-in-law had a collection of good wine here, and brought me over to rob it.”

“Robbing my wine, you have itchy skin?”

Feng Shenye threw an eye slash at Feng Shenjin.

Feng Shen Jin was instantly cowed and called out to Wen Shiyu for help, “Sister-in-law, help.”

Wen Shiyu was amused by him.

After a few moments of fooling around, the conversation turned to the matter of Xiao Bao’er winning the award.

“A competition with thousands of people, and Bao’er actually got the first place, that’s too impressive.”

Feng Shen Jin looked at Little Bao’er in shock.

Wen Jingchen was also surprised and nodded his head in praise, “It’s indeed very impressive, and broke the record for the smallest award.”

Hearing these compliments, Xiao Bao’er was a little embarra*sed by the compliments.

At this time, Feng Shenye suddenly spoke, “This is Bao’er’s first time participating in a competition, do you all, as uncles and aunts, have no indication?”

For these two guys who beat themselves up with good wine, he was justified in asking for a gift for Bao’er.

It was also at this time that Feng Shenjin and Wen Jingchen thought of the gift.

“It is indeed time to prepare a gift, but this time when I came over, I didn’t know about it yet, so Bao’er, uncle will make up the gift for you next time, okay?”

Wen Jingchen looked tenderly at little Bao’er.

Feng Shenjin also followed suit and echoed, “Yes, yes, Little Uncle’s will also make it up for you next time.”

Little Bao’er naturally agreed.

The group then sat in the living room and chatted about family matters.

Wen Shiyu was concerned, “Jing Chen, you said this morning that you came back with an important project, is it going well?”

“This project is still under negotiation, although the client is a bit difficult, but I will solve it, sister don’t worry.”

Wen Jingchen roughly said the situation.

Feng Shenye’s voice was also gentle at this time as he stated, “I will watch over this matter from the side, I won’t let Jing Chen suffer.”

Wen Shiyu listened and was grateful.

Then Wen Jingchen asked about the special performance, “How is the preparation for sister’s performance, do you need any help?”

“It’s all ready, no need to help.”

Wen Shiyu picked out some good ones to say.

The topic unknowingly came up to the old lady at the hospital.

Wen Jingchen then explained, “Now that I’m back, from now on, sister doesn’t need to go to the hospital to take care of that old lady, when I have time I will go over to visit, then I will find someone to go over and take care of her, sister just prepare for the special performance at ease.”

“Okay, then it will be hard for you back there.”

Knowing that her brother did not want to go and suffer himself, so Wen Shiyu smiled and nodded her head in agreement.

Listening to his sister’s words, Wen Jingchen didn’t feel that there was any hard work.

Then again, being able to spend money to get that old lady cured was already his last bottom line, and as for feelings, that was definitely not there.

After all, that old lady had never treated herself and her sister as her grandchildren, so who was he to treat her as a grandmother.

If it weren’t for that poor-to-the-point college, Wen Jingchen wouldn’t have bothered with this old lady at all!

Moreover, taking over that old lady, he was also trying to keep his sister from being bullied.

That evening, the family was having a good time talking and laughing in the living room.

When the atmosphere was just right, Feng Shenjin began to think about his brother’s good wine.

“Brother, since today is a good day for Bao’er to win an award, shouldn’t we open a bottle of good wine to celebrate.”

As a result, after saying this, he was demolished by Little Treasure, “Little Uncle, you don’t need to covet my daddy’s good wine in my name, it’s useless.”

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